[Attention Librarians: 1/10/12 the usual time–the usual place]


4 Responses to “CACHE CHAO COAST”

  1. I became startled at a wall of eyeballs rippling and staring at me. I took comfort under a blanket of the ocean, pulled a soft wave over myself and curled up on the shore. Sitting up, my chakras became activated, and then came a myriad of religious figures through time, followed by every iteration of brilliant flower in coloreidescope visions which brought me through another wall, even brighter colors beckoned me… finally a strange dancing guy with a burning device of some sort assured me I would burn, …and eventually, learn. That being said, I closed my eyes, and suddenly a giant lizard stomped up to me. He uncurled his goliath tongue, and like a wave it took me up in it’s fuzzy carpet, rolling forever it seemed, then I was swept swiftly up to the roof of the lizard’s mouth and ground up against it, pulverizing me to bits. Some time passed, seeming like an eternity, yet I was somehow able to carry the knowledge of the fire, the multicolor flowers, the godlike figures, the energy points flowing through the earth up our spines and into our pineal conglomerate unity energy spirit dance living and spinning in every subatomic particle forever into infinity then POOF! SPLAT! …The giant lizard spit me out on the floor and I was back here again, reading the KK blog and making up some wild story…*
    How was your day?
    *NO drink or drugs were consumed in the writing of this paragraph. No need. I just roll that way.

    • kidkenoma Says:

      Well, I went downtown to do a few hours volunteer work at the Identity Crisis Hotline Center answering questions like:

      “Am I really who I think I am?” and

      “Can you prove you’re not who I think you might be?”

      So I sez: “Have you ever seen me before?”

      “…uh, no…”

      “Then how do you know it’s not me now?”

      So I proscribed some meds, and wrote a letter of interdiction to a pair of docs. I shirley hope it helped. Also these two self-help vids.

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