1. YES! At least THAT. So where are all the usual hooligans out here? Eerie how quiet it is……. ….. ….

  2. kidkenoma Says:

    Well, the LAPD sez they caught the carport torcher, and though I have to wonder in the wake of the Ronnie Chasen case, the fires do seem to have stopped.

    I think all of the Weinergate/Twittergate/Porn action is over at Qritiq’s, where a Meeting of the Minds is going on. A good place for it too. I don’t tweet, and I’m so lame as to not be in the Big Porn loop, so I tend to miss out on a lot. Oh well. There’s always my sewing circle, and growing wild honey in my walls.

    Not too much interest in Hermetic conjuration, artificial intelligence restoration, or alchemystic beekeeping in that lot I daresay, eh wot?

    Meanwhile, moderate moderators will moderate moderately for a moderately moderate moderation fee.

  3. Yeah, I smell what you’re stepping in, eh wot. I need an alternator for my Merkaba, the rotorateator’s off kilter and I keep ending up in the wrong quadrant. Almost got singed this morning by those meteors, dang! I have a twitter, but have yet to tweet. Twitting just isn’t for me I guess. Well, bee well ^¥^¥^¥^¥^¥^¥^¥^¥^¥^¥

    • kidkenoma Says:

      The rocker-arm is rattling the timing chain on my 2012 Zurvan-Arkana towncar, but the trancemission still works, and I can still shift into 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and Malkuth, so as long as the wheel behives, it can’t kill my buzz.

      Only the birds should tweet, and only in green language, and only wearing green genes.

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