[attn. Lunar Librarians: tonight anytime after 8:00 pm PST. All attendees are strongely urged to pack for stayover at clubhouse, or secure nearby lodging in view of the fact that negotiating the Pacific Coast Highway in the Fog, especially with a strong uptick in New Years Malibu drunk drivers, is definitely NOT recommended]


11 Responses to “BEE HERE NOW”

  1. How in the world did I miss Strange Days? I mean, besides the ones I’m living?

    • Maybe someone named NealRauhaulser with an L emailed me this video which allegedly shows the following incident:

      “People who can’t control their tempers can be pretty funny. My ex got frustrated with her inability to hit me with thrown plates and made the mistake of throwing a punch at me one time … forgetting for a moment that I’m nine inches taller, mostly muscle, and I studied Hapkido in my younger days. If someone my size or larger approaches me in anger they’re likely to get hurt very, very badly. Her particular consequence was discovering a posture that was momentarily quite painful yet left not a mark on her. She had the usual abuser’s rap – apologizing through tears and swearing she’d never do it again … I told her she could try it again whenever she felt lucky. I think that was in 2000, we didn’t split until 2002, but the lesson stuck; she has never raised a hand to me since.”

      • Hapkido, Ron. Joint locks and throws and stuff. It’s a simple thing to restrain an unskilled person – if they come at you their own momentum is used against them, a little grab, a little twist, and they’re quickly discouraged with no real harm done.

  2. Sorry I missed the coastal fog & foggy drivers! Hope the first quarter had fun..
    And now, something lighter, but NOT particularly fluffier, a porcupine who sounds like Cousin Itt, eating corn. Mmmm, corn……

    • Can I just take the last half of 2011 and tip it into the dumpster now, thank you. OK so the bees are finding the way back home. How they fly in this wind is miraculius in itself. So through so other miracle, I’m-a gonna hop right in to my Merkaba, waiting for me in the virtual carport, and take a spin on down to the other series, i will not tell a fib, o nacci, the bees know the sequence, the beez & the golden ratio monkeys, the divinity keepers, the nautilous shells dotting the shore of our limited dimension, as far as we can go…

    • kidkenoma Says:

      Oy! Just waking up now...

      It was quite a bash and we missed ya, but it was wise to sit this one out, what with the thickest fog I’ve seen around here in a while with a weird playdough type flavor to it, meanwhile some maniac(s) has set something like 50 carport fires in the LA area in two days, although mostly-so far-inland, but if this keeps up who knows?

      Having a virtual carport for ones Merkabah or Mazda would be a prime investment about now.

      On the wildlife front, I would much rather share corn with a clumsy porcupine, than swap snakeheads with some nasy-ass lavae-eating honey badger...

      I hope you were able to fire off some petite munitions last night, and maybe even have filmed the launch, but above all, hope you are having a good year! 🙂

  3. Did not light any munitions last night, the wind started up around noon and didn’t let up 😦 Could have, but it just didn’t seem worth it. They give us 5 hours, from 8 pm to 1 am to LEGALLY light stuff, twice a year, missed that window, oh well…. sort of wanted to launch a sky lantern, then read the “last 20 reports to MUFON” page & read about my lantern… but no go. I can only hope for a better New Year, but to you I do wish a Happy One, with no carport blazes or Playdoh fogs! And many non-snake head filled days to come. And my Mazda’s in the garage, where it belongs 🙂

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