1. Dear @AndrewBreitbart,

    Can you please leave Toure alone in 2012?

    Any time someone calls you racist on Twitter is not a good reason to start attacking Toure for claiming broccoli is racist.

    You are vile. Leave him alone. Using Toure as a prop for your disgusting, unAmerican, hateful, ultra-partisan, race-baiting, extremely racist meme that the liberal boy who cries racist wolf is always lying should be something left in 2011’s gutter.

    Please stop stalking Toure in 2012….

    Please stop menacing people to make ultra-partisan points when you’re not even a real conservative Republican to begin with, you hateful cyberbully clown.

    AndrewBreitbart AndrewBreitbart
    Next week on @Toure’s ‘That Broccoli is Racist’ – @OctavianD explains why any negative stories featuring black people must be censored.
    16 hours ago

    AndrewBreitbart AndrewBreitbart
    Oh shut, up. That is such an absurd lie. Are you channeling @Toure? @OctavianD @Drudge
    17 hours ago

    • God’s messenger, Andrew Breitbart, couldn’t spend Christmas without getting on Twitter to attack someone else as a political pawn.

      AndrewBreitbart AndrewBreitbart
      A heartfelt Merry Christmas to all those angry Atheists out there who freakety-freak out over Christmas including Barry Lynn.
      4 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply

      It’s “heartfelt” message….attacking the Executive Director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State (an ordained minister) – on Christmas – to latch on to another right wing meme that Andrew is only glomming on to because he is a fraud who believes in nothing.

      You’re sick, Andrew…and so are your buddies on the left in the media who don’t report on the real you.

  2. There was no FBI. They lie. They probably talked to local LAPD and put out the lie that they’re now talking to “FBI.”

  3. My comment awaits moderation

    Heck, I was nice..I didn’t point out how Mike Stack who hates black people and Muslims seemed to be pretty fucking anti-Semitic on Christmas.


    Your blog is a joke.

    Where’s Dustin?

    Ari challenged me to a fight, not the other way around, so please change that and prove to your zapem readers that you can be honest about one thing. I don’t care about the fact that your ridiculous blog ignores harassing by Andrew Breitbart and Mr. Whiteacre before I did any tweeting.

    But, oh i forgot, Shelly deserved being menaced by Ari on Christmas since she’s a wackadoo who distorts.

    Your sicko pals are spending Xmas saying I had incest with my sister who was raped. Keep spinning the truth, you menacing, cowardly, illiterate porn mook.

    I’m a man, you’re a mook. Merry Christmas, chickenshit, woman-hating misanthrope.

    Have fun smearing me!!!!

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