9 Responses to “CASTALIA”

  1. #Anonymiss Says:

    You really are warped Ron. Darrah Ford finally reached out to you and you start attacking her on twitter. Maybe that’s why many people seem to have a hard time talking to you because you’ll end up attacking them for whatever reason. Maybe she logged in after the alert was issued by Anonymiss due to Stack’s blog post about her being missing. Maybe she wanted to log in and wish her friends a merry Christmas and tell them she’s still kicking. End of the year, it’s been 6 months, Weiner just had his baby, and just maybe she thought she might come back. Thanks to the bs you pulled today, she might not.

    • She ignored about a dozen DMs I sent.

      She followed me around the same time @dmatthewstewart did in the middle of the night and when @occupyrebellion RT’d me just before I’m supposed to meet provide security who is claiming i spoke to darrah ford six months ago which is absurd.!/providesecurity/status/150285850339590145

      Unless Thomas Ryan knows a helluva lot more about Weinergate then he says…i’m gonna go with the theory that Neal Rauhauser runs that twitter account and the whole thing is probably a fraud.

      Neal, you’re a punk me any day anywhere in NYC…you coward.

      Darrah’s DMs were stupid bullshit…i’m not playing games with anonymous trolls.

  2. Sean Tompkins’ Occupy Rebellion sock is now stalking Tom Cruise:

  3. hmmmm i wonder what website names Mike Stack whited out on the tabs in his screen shots….

    were they porn sites or sock twitter accounts or stalker forums or porn sites or other people’s email accounts or banana phone merchants or maybe porn sites.

  4. #Anonymiss Says:

    “Sean Tompkins’ Occupy Rebellion sock is now stalking Tom Cruise:”

    The fake OccupyRebeIlion account was also bothering Sabu several times before. Yeah that’s smart. LOL

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