3 Responses to “KEY OF DEE”

  1. The following comments were found on “Patterico’s Pontifications” blog, which is owned by a high-ranking LA law enforcement official who also happens to be an attorney, so I’m guessing in good faith that it’s totally kosher…

    11/16/11: “I’m pretty sure that’s why R** B******* and Lane Lipton have both threatened to sue me…”

    9/27/11: “Why is Lane Lipton so catty?”

    @Patterico tweet @qritiq: “You even suggested, Lane Lipton, that my office should not tolerate my reporting that vile threat to police. Thuggery by you…”

    11/21/11: “The person whom Dustin identified as a “goon’, Lane Lipton, wrote to me today to insist that she be credited as “Qritiq…”



  2. Whooeee, that is a very well drawn butt sisty ugler! ! …. ! Sheesh! Yikes. … Ew. etc. !
    The keyyyyyyyyy of deedle dee dee….
    (cricket sounds)
    Where is everybody? Eee eee ee e ?

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