6 Responses to “MELEK TAUS”

  1. Oooo, I like the P. gland activator. Especially those colorful candy-looking thingies, mmmm, candy… I wonder what tuning one of our radios to some of those freqs would do, maybe transmitting a carrier to myself? Hmmm. Ommm.

  2. Pretty sure that tuning to those frequencies would open up a trans-dimensional portal where this person hangs out:

    • Yikes. I think I heard one of those while listening to the scanner early some morning, biZARRe. Maybe that’s where Treee ended up, after her last tweakmission, I mean, transmission.

  3. And let’s give a big shout-out to the hundreds of ladies who read “Qrtiq’s” blog, and who are bursting the comments box over there in steadfast solidarity with Q’s latest cutting-edge-of-feminism post “The Trouble with Tweezers”, or was it “The Trouble with Tweakers”?
    Oh well, works either way.

    Right on sistah!!

    And yes, I have to admit it was supremely difficult to find someone more shrill than Grotiq, but I think I found one…(and I don’t mean Cher either…)

    Bashing Bachmann? “Qritiq” sez she has a bone to pick with you…

    You go girl!

    Oh, and Lane? This one’s 4 U babe…

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