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  1. can you guess what wolfecries is hiding?


    Yep, you guessed it, after three years of stalking women, calling them the c word with his sicko porn buddies, it turns out that Mike Stack had his reputation destroyed, because he confirmed to The Smoking Gun that Goatsred and Redgoat were the same.

    And people have the nerve to think he does other pranks, like say, calling my landlord and telling him some crazy nonsense about fake uniforms…. And pretending that I swatted him….

  2. Why do you suppose @goatsred first had @dmatthewstewart promote his new blog (that tweet was later deleted) but now he has someone in the porn industry promoting it?

  3. the crying wolfe on twitter is pro-ows lol

  4. So are we to assume that @CryingWolfe is someone other than snivelingwolf.wordpress.com?

  5. Bass lies because that’s what he does. The failed attorney will get his one day.

  6. Someone tell that crazy bitch Zapem that deleting comments on her blog won’t work. It’s already been saved. WHY R U MAD?!?!

  7. Wow, time out! Ok back to it. PS, after a dark, short-daylight long night winter day, no xmas lights here- i love to stop by the KK blog for some trippy vids, introspective meanderings and arrow-to-the-heart comments between the warring factions… but mostly, the true light of Kid’s perspective always perks me up, with the fascile flexibility to pay attention to the machinations of he said she said blog and twitterdom, while still entertaining my (simplistic and once again I’ll say it, blissfully unaware of those goings-on) need for the art, music, dance, theater-of-the-absurd side of life, from the perspective of one who is clearly in touch with the LIGHT, and the force, as well as the farce, shimmering within. Oh and fluffies. Always with the fluffies. Fuzzy, puffy, fluffy, happy, poopie, poppy perspective that I love. Happy holidays everyone. Peace.

    • No Christmas lights? Why, we’re overdosing on ’em out here in Duckburg.

      Plenty to spare…have a little light!

      • Little light? Almost had a brain seizure there… flashy! Well, fireworks in this burg are legal within the city on December 31, so, perhaps some lights and noise outside for a few blissful, legal hours coming up in a few weeks, to get a big thrill and record it a bit, to share with KK’s peeps.

  8. “In the mid ’60s, encouraged by Coleman and Cherry, Pepper began experimenting with mixing Native American music and jazz, with interesting results. “Witchi Tai To” is a prime example of that blending, taking a peyote song he’d learned from his grandfather and putting it in a jazz setting. The song first turned up in 1969 on an album by the band he was playing with at the time, Everything Is Everything. But it’s the 1971 version from his own solo album Pepper’s Pow Wow that’s the definitive version, starting with the peyote chant plain and unadorned, and slowly segueing into Pepper’s beautiful, flowing sax line that sets the tone for the rest of the tune. In a way the song is anthemic, especially the parts based on that sax melody; you can imagine stadiums full of people singing that line with great power. Yet the song remains very simple in all it’s elements. It’s that simplicity and the spiritual intent behind the words, and the spiritual intent that fuels Pepper’s performance, that gives the song it’s power.

    ***The Kaw words are untranslatable now – Pepper said his grandfather never did tell him what they meant in English – but he sings them anyway, and adds English lyrics which emphasize the roots in the peyote ritual, especially speaking of the Water Spirit, who carries the visions brought by the peyote.

    Witchi tai to, gimee rah

    Hoe rah neeko, hoe rah neeko

    Hey ney, hey ney, no way

    Witchi tai to, gimee rah

    Hoe rah neeko, hoe rah neeko

    Hey ney, hey ney, no way

    Water Spirit feelin’ springin’ round my head

    Makes me feel glad that I’m not dead

    Witchi tai to, gimee rah

    Hoe rah neeko, hoe rah neeko

    Hey ney, hey ney, no way

    Witchi tai to, gimee rah

    Hoe rah neeko, hoe rah neeko

    Hey ney, hey ney, no way

    ***Untranslatable…? …sad! 😦 But is there a way to just KNOW what the lyrics mean? I bet so…. I bet so…..

    • By the way, the chimora was much appreciated. It always tastes awful, but it made flowers bloom inside my head. 🙂

      I was able to keep mine down, but somebody less fortunate downloaded some chunks in the planter by the back gate.

      Also, the fragrances. I’d always felt kind of ambivalent about Dzing! before, not being sure if “sweaty saddles” was the preferred ideal of olfactory perfection (or girl’s bicycle seats as some wag put it), but it really worked well with some of the honey- based scents that we had at the pow-wow (I think I counted eight at one point) that would otherwise be too sweet.

      They smell even better on cactus juce.

      Thanx fer sharing that with us!

      • Hey, my pleasure. Long way to drive, but back in time for our rain, not yours, and this:

        That’s Kitty Hill, kitteh’s final resting place, corporeally. And that Dzing! is SO leathery it almost made a new car smell on the drive back. I’ll never forget, sitting on a big jumbo rock, eating the starfruit raw, mmm! Bitter never tasted so good, except maybe by the umber-colored spoonfull from a pan on the stove, giddy, giggling, with chuckling doves making nests on the spice rack, or at least Purpy bowing and wingflicking and cooing a suggestion that a nest in a kitchen would be warm and dinnerplate-convenient… But now, back to a big cold house with a non-denominational candle or two standing by for off the grid. Soon, toast up the 2-meter to check the mail in a QSO with local hambones, (I wish) then after a QST from the QTH, put a bow on it and call it a day. Which this December day being a mere10 hours long, and rain from the South promising gloom and darkness begging for light! Dzing!

      • I remember keeping a screen on the top of the cactus kettle lest the doves swoop down from the spice rack and dive in, like they did to bowls of cereal & soup, and scrounging their nest for spare change, and finding quarters & folded five dollar bills, and a hot sticky 4th o’July watching the fireworks from the back steps, and watching ‘Alice Sweet Alice’…just chock-full of deranged New Jersey Catholics…

        …and sitting on a high ridge in Joshua Tree feeling the cactus blooming in our heads staring out at the vast expanse toward the East at the edge of California or the beginning of Arizona where huge jagged shards of lighting were connecting Earth & Sky…as all life forms in the desert were leaning forward in thrilled anticipation of the rain, waiting for that very brief opportunity to burst into the dance of life & renewal as the combined essence of the totality of flora was exuding a fertile musky scent at the conjunction of Earth & Sky & Water, while Fire was seen as mere flashing sparks in the great distance…

      • null

        nullMeanwhile, Doodlebug has been criticized for marketing overpriced craft embellishments to unsuspecting consumers…

      • More light?

        This would be a disaster in Southern California, but it seems to work for these folks…

  9. Where Mandy says Neal is lying.


    Ron Brynaert said,

    November 30, 2011 at 4:46 pm

    Anyway, Seth had been extremely upset that day. Very mentally broken down. And he has some sort of disability – my kid brother has Asperger’s (like Neal, but Neal seems very high functioning, or is lying…), and I strongly sense that Seth has Asperger’s.

    • If Mandy is asserting that Neal is lying about a documented disability, sounds like actionable libel to me, although I’d consult an attorney on the matter. Other than Aaron Worthing, I mean.

      • How would sending something in an email to me be “actionable libel”?

        stop making silly

        Do you think Redgoat is hinting to the Natural Born Walking Dead that his crying blog might feature celebrity guest porn mooks?


        On December 10, 2011 at 10:50 pm goatsred said:

        Just stopping by to give you the site I created to post up the emails,screen caps, and smears I was on the receiving end of since their crew targeted me in June.
        Also in this “tidy” little blog ( Neal’s favorite adjective) emails and documents not seen yet by more than a few.

        Here it is :https://cryingwolfe.wordpress.com

        Feedback from the group is appreciated. It is still in its infancy stages and will have daily and weekly contributors.


      • Celebrity guest porn mooks are in great demand at a lot of blogs these days.

        Hopefully they will maintain the same high standards of rigorous doxocolgy cyber-sleuthing set by that hellaciously efficient dynamo of investigative accuracy we call Goatsred.

  10. Scene:

    Middle-aged dude in sombrero tries to pick up twenty-something woman in Hollywood night club.

    Mookie Whiteauteur: Hey, baby, your name’s not Shelly is it, cause I hate any bitch named Shelly.

    [Name redacted to protect the innocent]: Go away, creep.

    Mookie Whiteauteur: Hold on, honey, you’re speaking to the holder of one Juris Doctorate degree from Vanderbilt University School of Law, class of 1993. Plus, I’m the guy that made “Call Girl Wives” and you see this candle. It’s my good luck charm. I used it on every sex scene I shot, including the famous stockings scene I improvised on the set of “The Witches of Breastwick.”

    [Name redacted to protect the innocent]: Please stop, you’re harassing me.

    Mookie Whiteauteur: You are an extraordinarily cunty cunt. You have mastered cuntitude. I give you mad props for being a dissembling, mean-spirited, disingenuous, grandstanding cunt. With such a mighty chip on your slender shoulder, I hope you don’t end up a sad and lonely cunt… That would be a waste of a very promising cunt career.

    (Props to Michael Whiteacre aka Ari Bass – the Chief Executive Officer, President and Director of Pop3 Media Corp. and former keyboardist for Mickey Gilley’s Urban Cowboy Band for writing most of the last line – which was taken from http://www.lukeisback.com/?p=18312#comment-67748 )

    • Mr. Blue Sombrero says fuck Kubrick.


      “To make sure the scene went just right, Whiteacre got on the floor and removed her shirt for her to reveal her breasts. This is selfless dedication to your craft. There were happy-faced pasties on her nipples which conveyed the joy Charlie felt for people who don’t steal her movies on the internet. So if you watch the Charlie Laine PSA, just know that it was Whiteacre who stripped her. A cherished memory for me.”

      • Maybe one day the world will get to read new J.D. Salinger stories, see undiscovered Picassos, and the Call Girl franchise will live on!


        Michael Whiteacre said…

        Yes, “Call Girl Daughters,” my unseen follow-up to “Call Girl Wives,” shot concurrently with the movie that is now known as “Busty Cops: Protect and Serve!” The title (CGD) was suggested by the buyer for one of the major PPV channels. I suggested doing CGW II, but he prevailed upon me to develop the “Call Girl _____” franchise. The hot tub scene featuring Aimee Sweet and Taryn Thomas was indeed a killer, Kimberly Kane’s creativity saved my butt in a few places, and the cast also included some of my favorite girls in the world: friends Hannah Harper, Friday and Jessica Jaymes, but I don’t know if either of us will ever behold that hot tub scene in completed form, alas.
        8:15 PM

  11. Wow. That’s definitely the cuntiest post here so far.

    O’Keefe…Stranahan…Whiteacre…I definitely feel the presence of Fine Cinema Auteurs. Ahhhhhhhhhhh!

  12. “Feedback from the group is appreciated. It is still in its infancy stages and will have daily and weekly contributors.


    They’re making it easy for us. They’re about to libel/slander all of us and handing it to us with a big red fucking bow. Awesome. Now don’t go deleting it all after putting it up. You know that all us wizards are here documenting all your attacks and crimes. Hey Zapem/Michelle, is that really Stack behind that blog or the 50+ people that were also handling his dark, spooky Xpt porn mod account?

  13. Why do you suppose ever so “conservative” teabagger @Goatsred has now dedicated his twitter bio to pornographers? You know, the same guy who has admitted to sending screencaps to Breitbart of Occupy pages he claims are of a certain missing female porn blogger who he claimed Breitbart doesn’t care about.

    @goatsred New Jersey/Warsaw/Schtad
    Cleaner of dirty socks.Yankees.USC,Stanford, UCLA, Alabama, TRPWL and the NYG.Poodle,Whiteacre Mistahleary

  14. I don’t appreciate getting menacing emails from Doug implying I’m connected to Neal because you allow him to sockpuppet under multiple identities, Kid, so I bid you a fond adieu, for realz this time.

    • Neal & Lefty & Observer & Gaped & OccupyOng’s

      Please don’t pretend to speak for me.

      “You were never moderately friendly with anyone Aaron (Fake Name ) Worthing. You just thought you were.”

      I was friendly with Aaron. I was never friendly with any of your schizo socks, Neal.

  15. Uh Ron, Douglas would still email you regardless of me or Neal. You’re public enemy number 1 to these parasites because you’ve been the most vocal lately. Just delete the email and don’t try to shift the blame on me or Neal. Go out and get some air Ron and relax. You’re not the only voice here and we’re getting sick of you being a baby telling what we can write or what we can say. And stop threatening to leave KK’s blog if other voices are here. You’ve said you would leave this blog and Qritiq’s blog and you never have. We know much more information than you do and I was willing to send you some of what I have that you’ve never mentioned yet but you’re such a pain in the ass it’s not even funny.

  16. Douglas has more to worry about what’s about to come at him soon. Just delete the emails Ron and move on with your life.

  17. Jane, I followed the bees here! What a game! Scary. I love I Love Bees, but this is waaay intense. Can you explain please, what is mook? No translation in Dutch.

  18. More files pulled. Pix on the whole bunch.
    Heads up–some are graphic! *yuck!*
    You’ll see. 🙂
    Total Maltego. Full adult portion.
    Receipts. Money flow. Total coverage.
    More later…

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