7 Responses to “TRANCE MIGRATION”

  1. Sdrawkcab ro/dna gnissim og ylsuoiretsym stnemmoc.

    Reminds me of:

    Last Friday June 24th, under pressure from New York Times reporter Jennifer Preston, the CEO of BlogTalkRadio Alan Levy was directly involved in taking one of my BlogTalkRadio shows offline, removing 20 seconds from the show and then putting the edited show back online. The section removed dealt with the mental state of Jenny George, the woman that has been confirmed to have called me on June 19th. The removal of this material was done with some of my assistance but not at my request and the specific material that was edited out was picked by Ms. Preston.

  2. During our next meeting, Librarians of Lune, I hope to disperse samples of Rose Oud, whose gentlefragrance could ease the transition of one psyche med to another, if possible, where nothing else could, I’m afraid, except a fluffy apple or a furry melon, or a marble zebra or a taffy lemur. If none of this makes sense to you, well, try going off the grid awhile. You’ll see.

    • kidkenoma Says:

      Welcome back to the Grid! Wondered where you were…how are things going outside of the Vortex?

      Librarians are convening on the 10th this month, so come on out for the greater Erzulie working, and summoning of Le Sirene.

      Lookin’ forward to the Rose Oud, I love middle eastern music!

      But seriously, if you’re like me, there are few experiences in life more satisfying than encountering a new fragrance…admiring the texture and weight of the box…and then, opening the box and glimpsing the light beaming through the tinted glass of rose, green, or purple…and the giddy feeling of waxing raphsodic and lyrical at the first rush defining the main tone…and the bass note contrasting and highlighting the subtle fluted high harmonic overtones connecting to liminal memories of emotions and sensations that you had forgotton about until this very minute…ecstatic leaps of joyful reverie & the fleeting melancholy of subtracting this morning’s regrets from last night’s indiscretions blended in a symphony of twilight introspections…

      But then, who doesn’t?

      • I LITERALLY lol’ed at your reply, kid. Thanks for being YOU, hee hee. I’m going to bask in the seratonin derived from that for a few moments before heading out to my local hobby shop, which promises a whole wall of glass paints, hopefully the same kind I’ve been making my mandala window adornments with, to acquire some new and exciting shades to mandelize ( new word: it’s like vandalize, but in a good way). Cheers!

  3. “The hearse pulled away, and the girl that had died, it was you.
    You’ll never return into my arms ’cause you were gone gone.
    Never return into my arms ’cause you were gone gone.
    Gone gone, gone gone, good-bye.”
    P. Smith, “Redondo Beach” lyric

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