3 Responses to “ERZULI DANTOR”

  1. Really?

    I mean, really, Mandy?

    You don’t think veterans suffering from post traumatic stress disorder and families of soldiers could benefit from meditation?

    I dunno…I would think most doctors would probably prioritize stress-relieving techniques pretty high.

    That’s it. I’m officially on Team Lynch.

    • Lots of homophobic gaybaiting jokes by Mandy and Darby after I signed off the Twitter last night. They seem to do most of their vile cyberbully stalking on Friday nights.

      All they do is smear me with perverted stuff…and take a tweet out of context to pretend I’m the sick one. They call me sick when their porn pals follow me. It’s absurd.

      Anyway, I’m not interested in anyone’s weiner or bewbs, and I’m not the one that talks to vile perverts who pride themselves on stalking women or works for a man who showed a dick photo he got from a source and that he probably still keeps on his phone to ann coulter and others for lulz and I think any reasonable person can see who the real scary stalkers are:

      Filmladd was one of the first followers for this newcomer:!/brooksbayne/status/142819246538362881

  2. I’m a liar because I didn’t note that someone else noticed how kneejerk Mandy’s tweet was.!/jdonels/status/142990236023132161

    Will Mandy apologize for calling me a patchwork tweeter and a liar? Or for what her sicko friends – probably drunk or high on coke and/or jenkem wrapped in los pollo hermanos wrapper – will say later tonight?

    But, hey, never been attacked about this before:

    A silly email with a “threat” that I would publish it, written deliberately over the top to bring attention to the fact that it took me a long time to get attention for my work on plagiarism by Jeff Gannon and others at and Talon News, but that Media Matters was crediting Raw Story, when I brought the scoop to them.

    Atrios agreed with me in the comments, Media Matters ended up giving credit to me, Atrios linked to me a few months later and jokingly called me friend:

    i got hired by raw story, rose to executive editor there and did it for four years,but anytime someone gets egg on their face they pull out that link from 2005 and go ‘aha!’

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