1. Coincidence that @OccupyRebellion has now been suspended after repeatedly asking how peace activist Riad Hamad was murdered. The page earlier said suspended but now says doesn’t exist. For shame. Silly kids. Trix are for kids. Making it all worse for themselves. Tick, tock.

  2. Did you report @OccupyRebellion Ron?

  3. I think I figured out who leaked my expunged false arrest.

    It was JD aka sluggo aka john dean aka freak who wrote me about Jason Leopold years ago aka possibly an alias for Dustin or Patterico or Aaron Worthing or Socrates.

    Multiple commenters point to #38 as the original space where the record was posted, allegedly by Alicia Pain.

    JD probably has moderator status at Patterico and he put, “There is no need for that.

    Comment by JD — 6/30/2011 @ 9:52 pm

    but since hes a wackadoo who came after me six years ago and has barely commented in weinergate it’s obviously him….and i’m going to be presenting my theory to LA DA office that Patterico gave him that info.

    I think it’s possible JD has been masquerading as Frey for years…but no one want to listen to my Patterico impersonation theories.

  4. kidkenoma Says:

    “Breitbart is behind Pornwikileaks”?


    That would explain a lot, and is consistent with my
    own suspicions, but is there any kind of evidentiary
    documentation of this assertion?

    This asshole just received $10,000,000 from “unidentified
    donors” back in September, which buys a lot of frivolous
    litigation that I don’t need, so if we are to assert this
    as a fact, I really need some verification, so as not to
    libel this vile excreable excuse for a humanoid, however
    much he might deserve it.

    Related question to any & all concerned: Is there a
    specific rationale given for the unilateral interconnections
    between the Breitbart crew, and all of these porn-stalking

    Maybe it’s come up before, but I must have been on vacation
    in Dubai or something…


  5. kidkenoma Says:

    I see. It would be helpful to use quotation marks
    and attributions when relaying that kind of information lest someone misunderstand, if you don’t mind.

  6. kidkenoma Says:

    [comments 15 & 16 are both referring to a comment by “observer” that was quite indefensible, and quite inflammatory to say the least. When asked for proof of certain assertions, none was forthcoming. That’s why it’s not there. The basic gist of the offending comment can be gleaned from context, as well as the reason for said comment’s redaction, and refutation.]–kk

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