Or, pardon me, but what’s this pubic hair doing on my soda can?



    • So like, I clicked my favorite Pennies For Pinochet right-wing cyber-stalker Paternico forum to hear the latest about Socrates’ absolute stunning triumph over the Speedway Boogeyman, and priceless pearls of philosophic wisdom from Aaron Worthing, and…uh, no site in sight!

      I think they might be back up now, thank the Porn Gods for that!

  1. Text? No, just this: (the paint has dried)

  2. So the millipede I found in the house didn’t want to leave. It was about 4″ long and looked like a worm with many many tiny feet…ew
    Should have documented it for the Creatures of the Desert file,but, eh, ew. At least no buzzers inthe honey walls…yet

  3. Count the lies…and BS…

    Look at how Mandy tries to blame Kid for setting off Socrates.

    Look at how Mandy admits she feared Seth Allen might hurt Brett Kimberlin, meanwhile DA Patrick Frey is preparing a blog article based on Socrates being Perry Mason, which Liberty Chick for sure is helping.

    Look at how Mandy pretends she can’t talk about people because of her lawyers…when that’s all she does.

    “I had talked to Seth on the phone to try and help him with his legal motions, explaining what to do etc. (I used to be a legal researcher & my dad’s a judge). I know everyone says he’s done bad things, but I just didn’t feel right letting the guy rot out there with no legal help at all. Everyone deserves *some* defense, not that I’m his lawyer, I’m not. Just helping him with paperwork & process.

    Anyway, Seth had been extremely upset that day. Very mentally broken down. And he has some sort of disability – my kid brother has Asperger’s (like Neal, but Neal seems very high functioning, or is lying…), and I strongly sense that Seth has Asperger’s. He was so distraught, I was afraid he might try to do something to Brett. Not really murder him, but you know, people can do funny things when they’re not right mentally. So, I called police, both where Seth lives and where Brett lives. I just wanted someone to check on Seth, and also on Brett. I never imagined in a million years that Kimberlin would request to press charges, or that the email I forwarded to police would end up in Seth’s lawsuit. I really, truly just tried to do the right thing. Call me naive, but I had no reason to think that all this craziness would happen, or that it would be so intentionally distorted.

    So, when Seth traveled to Maryland to go to his court hearing for Kimberlin’s lawsuit, they arrested him right there – pulled him right from the courtroom, because he’d crossed state lines into MD. No matter what he did, he would’ve gotten screwed. That’s when he spent a night in jail. Seth called and spoke to me about it, and I apologized, but he said he understood why I felt that I had to do it. The cop that had checked on Seth told me that he spoke to Seth’s brother (or sister? I forget) and that seems to have some sort of disability. I felt a little better after confirming with the cop that Seth is who he says he is, to me anyway. (and I called that station to make sure it was really that cop who talked to me).

    So I was upset that night, at KK, because I felt like his posts were fucking with people’s heads and could agitate someone (like Seth) into action. And I sent that tweet. I was talking about Seth having made the “murder” statement. I wasn’t accusing anyone of murder, and I apologized sincerely to KK in the comments for mentioning the blog name in the tweet.

    Trust me, I’m not happy at all about the way KK or Neal or anyone has twisted that around They’ve twisted *everything* around. Even how I decided to write the stupid Kimberlin article in the first place (I started out doing a story on the Indigo Girls telling ppl to vote Dem at a GOTV event…the video came from Justice Through Music. I went to check the source, and up oupped the Time article on BK. They’ve got it all wrong on those blogs. Just horribly wrong. And it really, really bothers and upsets me that any of those lies & misrepresentation are up there.

    The problem is, I am under strict orders from my lawyer that I CANNOT comment on those blogs about Brett, Neal or Seth. He doesn’t want them taking anything else out of context and making any more false claims with them in Brett’s lawsuit. Are you aware that Brett took that email and other out of context things and says in his lawsuit that he thinks we’re all in a conspiracy to murder him? How crazy is that???? But because Seth never went to a single hearing, he already lost the case – they’re just determining damages now That’s how Brett was granted Discovery, and why they are trying to make us all say stupid things.

    I wish so badly I could comment about more there, and show everyone the truth. But my lawyer insists I shouldn’t Not until Brett’s case is over; then perhaps there are legal options I can pursue against them.

    Ron, what these people are doing is so wrong. It’s so oppressive. They’re silencing me, silencing Patterico – because they know they can right now. And I swear to you, all I ever did was tell the truth.

    Anyway, sorry to ramble. I don’t get to talk much about what the truth is, and the fact that I don’t get to tell my side of the story is something that really bothers me very personally. So, I appreciate your asking about it.”

    • I’ve criticized Mandy for her sext tweets and wisecracks with the Red Eye gang..and she has been lying about that, as well.

      What kind of self-respecting female journalist spreads lies about that?

      “Blogs” What blogs do I have that I talked about her “bewbs”? She should be ashamed for going into the gutter is what I’ve argued.

      Sorry, Mandy, you’re completely not my type, anyway.

      Mike Stack works closely with Mandy and Doug, and both alternate between calling me crazy but mostly harmless and a violent thug working with Neal Rauhauser. Just like the porn crew.

      Anyone who suggests I work with Neal Rauhauser is obviously a liar since I’ve exposed him as fraud more than anyone else…and there’s plenty of other stuff I didn’t report about him that the Breitbart gang knows about but didn’t report either.

      • kidkenoma Says:

        Well, kkblog quoted Mandys own tweets where Ms. Pottymouth obsesses about her own “bewbs”, which I guess in Breitbartese, is more or less the same as your having several blogs where you posted about her mammary anatomy.

        The truth? Of course not. But hey, close enough for Big Journalism.

      • Yeah, even “Santa Claus” isn’t into you. He just thinks your tweets about it are bizarre, even though Q says it’s sexist to mock them.

  4. Meanwhile, Scientologists “Deny deny deny”

  5. Problem with all that is the tweets that Breitbart made on October 7th 2010 about Bradblog and bombing stories, and the connection with Patterico and Seth Allen on the same dates with him knowing in advance that a story was coming out. and that Mandy was doing it. Sorry Mandy, I just don’t buy into your lies and bullshit. You are telling people in that email that you just happened upon Brett when you really were getting spoon fed the story from Seth since day one. You are truly busted on that lie. One lie equals two lies and so on and so on.

    • Patterico pretty much reveals that Socrates is the source for Liberty Chick’s article since all he did was piggyback over her cut-and-paste-job.

      Also aaron worthing mentions frank fleming from the imao blog in this thread…socrates left comments the other week in thread about Fleming’s new book..thats where dustin and aaron worthing first met….which shows that dustin and aaron might know socrates from the imao blog or is just another coincidence.

      I see you quoted Socrates in your post.
      Is that because I quoted Socrates in my comment above?
      I have a feeling we may all be quoting Socrates soon re Friedman.
      Comment by Patterico — 10/7/2010 @ 1:04 pm

      (there’s much more in that thread where Aaron pretends not to know anything but he COINCIDENTALLY sparred with Brad the phony that same day…)

      i am convinced you are just f—ing around. But its US you are f—ing with not Friedman.
      Joking aside, you are waaay too obscure. my guess is you assign a level of knowledge of socrates to me that i just don’t have.
      I will say honestly i didn’t even catch the semi-socratic comment toward the beginning (i don’t think socrates quite said what you said in comment 1, but its a very similar sentiment). maybe i picked it up subconsciously and then yes, used it in my own post.
      i have defended this guy as excusably ignorant before. but what is not excusable is to be so unaware of your own ignorance.
      i mean there is lots of crap we don’t know. alot we probably can’t know. the trick, to paraphrase another philosopher, is to know what you know, and don’t know what you don’t know.
      Anyway, i have sworn off guessing on the matter and am just waiting for it to come out.
      Comment by Aaron Worthing — 10/7/2010 @ 1:41 pm

      While I wait for this scoop,I’ve been reading this.
      And I’ve been reading some left wing blogs, too.
      I thought it always pretty obvious Brad Blog was astroturf, and perhaps dishonest in a quest for more attention and donations. Anything sexier than that I have no idea about. I’m interested in which Cliff bradblog will drive over next.
      Comment by Dustin — 10/7/2010 @ 3:03 pm

      That’s some interesting reading you linked there.
      That Kos guy has written stuff under another name, I believe.
      Kind of hard to follow though. It’s all Greek to me.
      Comment by Patterico — 10/7/2010 @ 4:52 pm

      I will say honestly i didn’t even catch the semi-socratic comment toward the beginning (i don’t think socrates quite said what you said in comment 1,

      Are you quite sure? Perhaps you should Google Socrates.
      Comment by Patterico — 10/7/2010 @ 4:55 pm
      Dustin too.
      Comment by Patterico — 10/7/2010 @ 4:58 pm
      Actually later i googled out of curiosity and well, honestly i am not sure what he said precisely anymore. i guess i will have to go to the source, and as a result i give you the benefit of the doubt.
      I mean i hedged my bets by saying “i don’t think.” but ironically, i should have said i don’t know. lol
      Comment by Aaron Worthing — 10/7/2010 @ 5:01 pm
      Dustin’s like a guy who walks into an ice cream store holding a cone what already has ice cream in it.
      Comment by Patterico — 10/7/2010 @ 5:03 pm

      Big news!
      Frank J. and his wife are at the hospital apparently giving birth.
      His wife is, I mean.
      Don’t say congrats yet, you will jinx things. just say good luck.
      Comment by Aaron Worthing — 10/7/2010 @ 6:28 pm

      Aaron, don’t admit you aren’t following along!
      We’re just screwing with Brad here. I just posted random links and pictures, and really have no idea how they could possibly pertain to anything.
      Just make up some garbage claim that sounds like it might pertain to some scandal, to sound smart, like I did. Like, just say you know Brad Freidman was that crazy dude living with Glen Greenwald posting as Ellison and Ellers. Or say Socrates was actually just a commenter on Brad Friedman’s blog spilling the beans on some disturbing connections with a con man.
      You know, just completely BS stuff like that.
      Who knows, maybe you’re accidentally say something true and people will think you’re smart.
      Comment by Dustin — 10/8/2010 @ 6:31 pm

      UPDATE 10/7/10: Rightwinger Andrew Worthing takes us to task for our coverage, dismisses the charges against Coulter as “conspiracy theory”, charges that we’ve misstated the law, and counters that the statute of limitations for Coulter’s alleged crimes might, in fact, have expired in CT. His full response is here…

      (he quotes the real socrates in his post)

      COMMENT #7 [Permalink]
      … Aaron Worthing said on 10/7/2010 @ 9:04 am PT…

      Brad, for the love of god, stop talking about law.
      Yes, there is a SOL (statute of limitations) in connecticut applicable to this case. And it has passed almost certainly passed. if you were hoping for your jihad against her to bear fruit, you are, well, SOL.
      I explain it all, here.
      I have defended your clueless comments on the law in the past, but it is pretty clear that you need to step away from the keyboard and stop talking about the law.

      brad protects dustin from “personal attack”

      Big Jim McBob – While I have no dispute with what you said about notorious “Socrates” (also know as “Prepostericity”), Dustin is not him. Moreover, our few rules for commenting here at The BRAD BLOG very clearly bar personal attacks on other commenters. Personal attacks on me are fine, as noted in the rules, but not on other commenters. So please do not so. And please consider this a friendly warning towards that end (as all folks get in cases like this).
      For those who wonder who the hell “Socrates/Prepostericity” is, he is an Internet loon who has been stalking me and many others for years, posting all manner of violent screeds and libelous information on these pages and you can thank him for not being able to post some words here without pinging the moderation filter, so that I can avoid my blog being used to libel people in comments. We have no interest in “censoring” legitimate conversation, hopefully on topic, which follows both the law (doesn’t libel people) and our rules for commenting here, whether I agree with any particular comment or not.
      And no, neither myself or the moderators have the time to baby sit or read every comment, and sometimes moderated comments take time before they are rejected or approved. Thanks to those of you who can help us keep this NOT like a kindergarten class by posting repsonsibly.
      Dustin – You said:

      ACORN? Not a problem for you, right? They have dozens of “Election Fraud” convictions. Actual votes case, thousands of fraudulent registrations.

      We also have rules about posting knowing disinformation. Given the websites you generally traffic at, I suspect you have no idea that you just posted completely bogus disinformation. So, since you don’t know any better, it’s not a moderatable or bannable offense. That said, unless you can offer evidence to prove the claim you just made (hint: you can’t, but feel free to spend lots of time trying), you now know that that is disinformation.
      The fact is, ACORN does not “have dozens of ‘Election Fraud’ convictions”, they have none.
      A small number of their registration workers — almost all whom have been turned in to officials by ACORN themselves — have been convicted of voter registration fraud. Those were workers found guilty (based on evidence from ACORN themselves), not the ACORN organization who was the one being defrauded by those workers.
      Since it’s clear that you’ve been hoaxed by Fox and Andy and O’Keefe et al on all of this, I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt that you are clueless here. So pardon me if I explain it to you like a first grader. If someone steals money from the cash register at McDonalds, and McDonalds turns them into the police and ask that they be arrested and charged with a crime, and they are arrested and charged with a crime, you wouldn’t go out and call McDonalds a criminal organization. If it happened a dozen times, you wouldn’t charge that McDonalds had dozens of burglury convictions. That is the case about which you have been scammed by Fox, Breitbart, O’Keefe et al in regard to ACORN.
      You are welcome to disagree, but you’ll need to offer evidence to back up your claim at this point, or it will be considered knowing disinformation, because now I’ve taken the time to explain it to you.
      If you are looking for an organization who actually DID commit voter registration fraud, I’d recommend, as just one example, the one whose head was actually arrested and plead guilty to it. That would be Mark Anthony Jacoby of Young Political Majors, hired to do voter registration in the state of CA by the California Republican Party. The story is documented here. If you’d like more such examples, just let me know.
      And now that this thread has become entirely off topic and hijacked, I’d ask that commenters respect others here and try to get the conversation back on topic of the original thread as soon as possible. It’s pretty appalling, and disrespectful (though hardly unexpected at this point) that folks feel it appropriate to hijack threads — particularly on important topics — to dish their partisan, political nonsense. Please don’t, if you’d be so kind. Thank you. .

  6. Lies, damned lies, statistics, and then much further down the line things written by Breitbart’s bewbs, with Mandy and Patterico being two of the chief teats for disinformation. I envision their little faces, squished behind lacy cups when Andrew gets in the mood for a little drag.

    And what’s this about @furfamily? If there are furries involved in this I really need to reconsider my involvement.

  7. I was using the word “text” because it rhymed – sort of- with the post title words… i wouldd never question how/what other people post here… mostly being blissfully unaware of the goings on out here, doh de doh…

    • kidkenoma Says:

      Which reflects the next direct regrets that begets
      vex-effects on the select under-the-decks sex
      wrecks egret’s secrets…I think…

    • Don’t you want to be sucked into the conspiracy?

      Team Rauhauser might be a one man team but Team Breitbart has more star power.

      “bird birdburd i said bird is the word” was in Full Metal Jacket and Animal Mother shares bylines with Breitbart’s researcher so there ya go…

  8. Gotta get me some a those them blanket puppet rug things them dudes are wearing… man it’s a howlin’ out heah, talk about overabundance of the friggin’ wind element… very THANKful to have shelter -and electricity- right here right now

    • kidkenoma Says:

      We’ve got the Sana Ana winds out here today.

      The Beach Boys actually like ’em.

      Of course, they thought Manson was cool too…

      • Well, O Kidly Leader, I had to share this elemental slice with you, (although a few days late to mesh with the wind/ water thread of previous posts). Verily, it was a surprise when the WIND blew the WATER(rain) sideways, somehow resulting in leaky tiki window sills in several North-facing windows… bubble bubble, boil and trouble … double paned windows even! This is where old towels are gold… not to be confused with an alchemical process, or majick.
        Unfortunately, out here the EARTH combines with the WIND to bring piles of sand to most windows, which we know combines with WATER to make MUD, unless your housekeeping skills are kept up to make you a wizard of cleanliness.

  9. kidkenoma Says:

    Jeez, that’s a whole lotta elemental overkill. Mud-pane window likiweaks. What’s the terrain grade like, I wonder? I remember once on the road to Yucca Valley seeing the road go from parched to flash-flood in about five minutes. Hopefully not your situation.

    I remember the last time you mentioned a windstorm out there, there was a spot of bother with scorpions getting inside, and even though the very idea makes me queasy, I am morbidly fascinated, wondering if they’re making a return visit. You mentioned the 4″ millipede which was indeed creepy enough, and about 3″ longer than any I’ve ever seen.

    Naturally, Burroughs was obsessed with both species, and wrote extensively about them many times in his long career.

    And Milla, at least in the montage narrative of her ‘Gentlemen Who Fell’ video, seems to keep a tarantula in a little box or something. Any of those?

    And on the psychedelic front, I thought I’d mention that sometime back, I rediscovered a home-made video that you might (or might not) recall, that showed a lens-eye view through a purple plastic oval mask that had a breath-propelled disk that spun in front of your eyes creating flickering light that made interesting geometric patterns visible with closed eyes if looking toward a strong light source (the overhead shower light in this case). Used as such, the patterns were sorta “Op-Art” like, objective, impersonal, lacking narrative or cultural content, consistent, and convincingly explanable as natural optical phenomena.

    However, when viewing the video shot through the
    same mask, with a little help from the “leaves of the Shepherdess”, a whole other experience was accessible, and quite inevitable.

    The weird part is that the visions are consistent, and occur every time that I’ve tried it, and always occur at the same places in the vid, correlating to the speed of the disk, which varys.

    The two main consistent motifs, are:

    –beautiful luminous green sort of foam-like stuff comes rapidly spilling out of the tube, causing a vauge anxiety: “How am I ever gonna explain THIS? And how am I ever gonna get this cleaned up?” As the green “stuff” starts forming into architectural structures that seem like the prototype of Meso-American (mayan, Toltec, Aztec) pyramids and temples, and also an Angor Watt kinda vibe to it.

    –And then, at another of the variable speeds, the next clear vision is always the startling sight of…entities, very very much, if not exactly, like the Kachina dolls depicted in the vid posted on the “Dexter Weaver…” post following this one.

    They appeared as if on just the other side of the screen, gathered around as if watching us on their own screen.

    They were quite Inscrutable, with a capital “I”, and perhaps slightly bemused, and really quite friendly once you get to know ’em a little. Verrrrry colorful too I must say, and fully briefed on all aspects of elemental magic apparently.

  10. Heh heh, no little scorpiettes yet, and that was the first millipede I’ve seen, like that, ever… however the other night after setting a beverage near a light at night, came back later to take a sip and spat out what looked like a -live- walking stick bug, several of whom I have noted outside, never inside, especially inside a beverage, glass of juice or ginger ale. Mmm, walkingstick soup, ancient ceremonial quaff of the native Supais, or, blue water people. I do remember the “oh mask” whizzing-to-spin rainbows. Noticed similar effect at some point when driving down a road with the sun at a sharp angle and a row of trees next to the road, flashing light dark light dark….

  11. -continued-
    Besides, I like the idea of a house built in the late 00s combined with -elements-of a mud hut…
    So anyway, outdoor critter count as of today since last spring…
    3 rattlesnakes
    burrowing owls
    regular, big owls
    friendly roadrunners
    nesting phoebes
    2 black widows
    a kit fox
    a regular fox
    3 coyotes
    various butoues and accipitors -hawks ‘n’ stuff
    desert tortoise
    cottontail rabbits
    ground squirrels or chipmunks
    1stray pitbull
    thought i heard a cow one day
    neighbor’s horses-gone now
    red black and every size & color ant
    crickets, grasshoppers, praying mantids, bees, wasps, sand fleas,

    no tarantulas yet 🙂

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