1. Carzy @Zapem is at it again. She’s so desperate to get people to help her with her idiotic plans that she’s now uploaded a visible avatar on her Twitter. She found the best looking picture she could find so she can try to convince these men to do her dirty work for her. She’s still trying to get Anonymous as her own personal army. Do you really think they’re that stupid? 🙂 Odd how the previous small shadowy Twitter avatar is of an older woman than the picture she now has up. LOL Stupid girl. haha

    • That’s the best picture of herself she could find?


      I think she should have gone with the pix from her wedding on Second Life back in 2008.

      She was hawt!


        On October 21, 2010 at 8:23 pm undeadrevolution said:

        The whole damn thing behind making birthers run all the way to Kenya and back looking for a birth certificate, as if that meant he was a citizen. It’s all been nothing but a scam so people would:

        a) Declare, “YES! If you’re born here, you’re definitely a citizen and can run for president too!”

        b) Take up all your time fishing in water that wouldn’t hook onto what they were really doing.

        The historical research was fun and it’s been fedex’d. But that’s not what has been going on here. Not by a long shot. You guys have been duped. wasn’t behind putting that doc up either. It was given to them after someone else put them up to it. ZAP’s group will be posting that later on today.

        These people are so connected it’s not even funny. What they wanted to do was put you on a wild goose-chase so that you wouldn’t bother with the rest of what they were up to – like destroying the country.

        And then when they got done convincing the country that birthright citizenship was a reality, that didn’t hurt their cause either.

        Adam –
        Undead Revolution


        ~ ~ ~ ~

        For the rest of you, here’s one mad as hell chick you don’t wanna piss off right now

        http://www.twitter/zapem ((dead link))

        Some interesting links in that vent-off. I wonder if she’ll take the plunge and link the passworded URL. It’s all tied into The Daily KOS and she’s picking them off starting at the top. LOL!

        Better hurry up and catch those before they scroll off her feed. What she’s saying is, you’ve been duped. The birth certificate appearance was planned. The Daily KOS was the first behind it. When you took the bait, the fix to label you as birthers was hooked.

        It was only a matter of time before they just made you into nutballs. It was all part of the planned set up. It also gets everyone on the same page not to pay any attention to the founding documents that say just the opposite.

        Read the Little Green Footballs article and you’ll see how they complained about certain things missing from the BC. That’s when jumped in… to fix the flaws and give it credibility. They even captured the raised seal which was noted as missing among other things if you read the comment section.

        Obama has been a diary writer there since 2005 when he was a Senator. The link to the Senate blogs where that piece was also stored is a “page not found”, but it’s in her links pointing to The Daily KOS where it originated.

        The Daily KOS is associated with Net Roots Nation, among a lot of others. Obama showed up at that, too. So did all the progressives. He set the warning down in his post that their tone was repulsive, so put on a good act and get those votes.

        That didn’t stop them with the Twittergate video as we all just saw. They just tried to cover that up with masks. So much for that advice, Obama. They can’t change. It’s in their blood. They suck at being anonymous too.

        In order to win, they had to speak more like him….. the Master Manipulator. I’m sure that article was more of a teaching course from the little professor.

        On the video with Olbermann, Markos makes a revealing statement. He not only knows about McCain’s predicament with being born in Panama, he comes right out and claims he’s not eligible to run for president. Not only is he well-versed in the subject, he knows what the real McCain’s BC says.

        No doubt he was well prepared to pick him off had McCain won. Then he was ready to make the birthers out to be crazies if they scoffed at what he presented to the public. But then he goofs by laughing on the show and stating that McCain is not a natural born citizen. Notice how Olbermann brushes past the subject quick and ends the interview.

        That’s because if McCain is ineligible or even ONE candidate is ineligible, the entire election is a fraud. And since Markos is the one to introduce the BC to the public, that makes him suspect #1.

        It’s The Daily KOS, guys. They’ve been in this from the beginning. Get to work and expose all that you find there. Oh, and this is all tied in with the Juan Williams firing. He was fired because he works for FOX. The Daily KOS is out to take FOX off the air next, especially Glenn Beck.

        First it was the birthers, then it was the Tea Party, now it’s FOX. Oh and they want Justice Roberts impeached somewhere in there, too. It’s all a team effort. Neal Rauhauser knew about the plan.

        He’s known to tip us off about these things firsthand. He can’t shut up to save his life. I think he wet his pants scheming up the racist label #whitetrashmedia. By the way, I’m black and I didn’t give him any points.

        If you’re going to do something, blog that story first because we have an election in 9 days. If you need the private report, filled with all kinds of goodies, I may be able to get that too. The media knows about it. They call it “too toxic”.

        Truth is never too toxic. My guess is they didn’t get an exclusive and some conspiracy nutbags who Michelle trusted stabbed her in the back while she patiently waited on the media and tried to investigate more. She wrote everyone in creation only to watch the great backstabbers blog it against her wishes and parade it around as their own exclusive, including to blogtalk radio, making a total mess out of what the ZAPEM group knows and wrote and the media called them “loose canons looking for credit”.

        Our “friends” stabbed liberty in the back for an exclusive of their own when millions could have heard it if they didn’t have such big balls.

        But let’s get one thing straight:

        No matter how many idiots were encountered in this drama, it will never take away from the truth of what happened in Twittergate, a name which ZAPEM chose, not these poseurs, or what The Daily KOS has involved itself in.

        Now you might understand why we are so cautious here. These matters aren’t meant for egos.

        – Malgad @ UR

        ~ ~ ~ ~

        Ah, what the hell, I have time and she seems to have stopped. You have to read these starting from the bottom. You’ll probably have questions even if you do Twitter, but the starter links are there.

        Remember that you have 140 characters to type in this little box on Twitter, so the typos are shortening techniques to them. You also have to be careful how you formulate your sentences so people understand what you’re trying to say. I understand it because I understand what’s going on, but your mileage may vary.

        Zapem ZAP EM
        @markos and the media sits back and does NOTHING about a FRAUD election b/c you’re ALL in bed w/ each other #tcot

        Zapem ZAP EM
        U screwed yourself w/that 1MarKOS.. YOU planted that BC.. deliberately came up with #birthers TO changed THIS doc #tcot

        Zapem ZAP EM
        It was MarKOS Moulitsas that said McCain wasn’t a “natural born ctiizen” .. Then WTF was this last election for? #tcot

        Zapem ZAP EM
        Want more proof?. here: Daily Kos Posts Obama ‘Birth Certificate’ – – All PLANNED, including the #BIRTHER label #tcot

        Zapem ZAP EM
        @TCOT_Talk When I’m done I’ll give you a book to write and it’ll be the truth, not that conspiracy CRAP that some egos like to write.

        Zapem ZAP EM
        @RedState Here, u forgot this picture of Chris Bowers with Nancy Pelosi in March, 2010 doing the same damn thing! #tcot

        Zapem ZAP EM
        @RedState re: -It was Chris Bowers who sat w/Clinton at that meeting. SEO dir. for Daily KOS #tcot

        Zapem ZAP EM
        Barack Obama instructed Progressive on the Daily KOS in 2005 how to manipulate the American people in elections! #tcot

        Zapem ZAP EM
        MarKOS Mouiltsas (from @thedailykos) FIRST planted that BC on the web, NOT Factcheck.. then SMEARED u with a #birther label on PURPOSE #tcot

        Zapem ZAP EM
        Hey #birthers.. wanna know who 1st planted that BC on the internet?.. It’s was MarKOS Moulitsas.. just to be ABLE to call u #birthers #tcot

        Zapem ZAP EM
        @KLSouth F’ING CRAZY PPL! YES, I’M P*SSED HOW THIS WAS HANDLED. cc: @ArlenWilliam (and don’t tell me to shut up either)

        ~ ~ ~ ~ ~



        If one were to look at the activity on Capitol Hill during the campaign, there would be no question in their minds that both McCain and Obama were sweating the “natural born citizen” issue.

        How do we arrive at that conclusion? We take McCain’s ingrained, glib advice and “Look at the record, my friends“.

        Doing just that, we find that back on February 28, 2008, Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) introduced a bill to the Senate for consideration. That bill was known as S. 2678: Children of Military Families Natural Born Citizen Act. The bill was co-sponsored by Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL), Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY), Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ), and Sen. Thomas Coburn (R-OK).

        Bill S. 2678 attempted to change article II, section 1, clause 5 of the Constitution of the United States with reference to the requirements of being a “natural born citizen” and hence; the entitlement to run for President of the United States. This bill met the same fate that similar attempts to change the Constitution have in the past. Attempts such as The Natural Born Citizen Act were known to have failed and the text scrubbed from the internet, with only a shadow-cached copy left, that only the most curious public can find.

        Sen. McCaskill, her co-sponsors, fellow colleagues and legal counsel, contend that the Constitution is ambiguous in article II, section 1 and requires clarification. But does it? According to the framers and such drafters as John Bingham, we find the definition to be quite clear:

        I find no fault with the introductory clause [S 61 Bill], which is simply declaratory of what is written in the Constitution, that every human being born within the jurisdiction of the United States of parents not owing allegiance to any foreign sovereignty is, in the language of your Constitution itself, a natural born citizen… . . – John Bingham in the United States House on March 9, 1866

        From the days of James Madison to the present, the courts have held that the amendment process be justiciable in accordance with its constitutionality and not self-serving or political. But is that what happened here? Again, we must go to the record.

        Within only five short weeks after Senate Bill 2678 faded from the floor, we find Sen. Claire McCaskill back again, making another attempt with Senate Resolution 511. On April 10, 2008, she introduced a secondary proposal in the form of a non-binding resolution, recognizing John McCain as a “natural born citizen” in defiance of the Constitution. Curiously, it contained the same identical co-sponsors, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. reported:

        “With questions – however serious – about whether Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., is eligible to run for president since he was born outside U.S. borders on an American Naval base, Sens. Patrick Leahy, D-Vermont, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo. today introduced a non-binding resolution expressing the sense of the U.S. Senate that McCain qualifies as a “natural born Citizen,” as specified in the Constitution and eligible for the highest office in the land.

        Co-sponsors include Sens. Hillary Clinton, D-NY, and Barack Obama, D-Illinois; Leahy said he anticipates it will pass unanimously.”

        One has to wonder — what dire urgency could there possibly have been in persisting with trying to legislate a candidate into being a “natural born citizen”? Certainly providing a birth certificate and reading the Constitution would be more than sufficient. Why did these candidates and their wishful nominees go to such lengths in the Senate when obviously, they had more pressing matters to attend to? And why were there two Senators co-sponsoring such an issue, twice, who were in direct competition with John McCain in the 2008 election?

        One answer is that looking at John McCain’s long-form birth certificate reveals he was not a natural born citizen and Barack Obama hasn’t submitted his long-form at all. John McCain was born in an “unincorporated territory”, held by the courts to be not part of the United States for constitutional purposes. Barack Obama has submitted only a Certification of Live Birth, but Hawaii law will certify a live birth using that document for births that occurred even outside of the country. Furthermore, Barack Obama’s father was Kenyan and never an American citizen. Since the status of citizenship occurs at birth, this makes Barack Obama a citizen if born in Hawaii, but not a natural born citizen. One must have two citizen parents, at the time of birth, and be born on U.S. soil, to be deemed a natural born citizen and be declared eligible for the presidency. The Senate, for all their trouble, cannot legislate a person’s born status. It happens at birth, according to the law.


        The odds are strongly against the Supreme Court taking up the case from New Jersey questioning Obama’s eligibility. The lawsuit was originally filed on behalf of Leo Donofrio against New Jersey Secretary of State Nina Mitchell Wells to challenge Obama’s right to run for president. While some lawsuits allege that Obama is ineligible due to his alleged birth in another country like Kenya, Mr. Donofrio has written to me to clarify that this is not his argument. Here is part of his email to me:

        UNDEAD REVOLUTION: Historical Attack on Obama POTUS Eligibility, Part 1 (Donofrio)
        Natural Born Citizen ^ | 9-8-09 | Leo Donofrio/UCONN Research Team

        Posted on Tuesday, September 08, 2009 9:16:34 PM by STARWISE

        [The research team from UCONN – UNDEAD REVOLUTION – have published “Part 1” of their exhaustive research on the historical meaning of the “natural born citizen” POTUS eligibility requirement. I am republishing their report here as my first guest blog. Please click through to their blog for the full report.


        The Holy Grail of POTUS Eligibility Law Review Articles (Leo Donofrio drops the hammer)
        naturalborncitizen ^ | 8/25/2009 | leo donofrio

        Posted on Tuesday, August 25, 2009 3:06:13 PM by jzlouis

        Rarely, when conducting legal research does one find a historical document that is directly on point. But even more rare is to find a document which is directly on point multiple times. But that’s exactly what has happened this week. A historical document which destroys every bogus point being made by Obama POTUS eligibility supporters was recently discovered by a cracker jack team of university students from UCONN. They call themselves UNDEAD REVOLUTION.

        They have been sending me good stuff for quite a while now. A wonderful contributor to comments at this blog – Kamira – is part of that team. This group is preparing the mother of all natural born citizen research reports based upon their unique historical document discoveries. It will be guest blogged by them right here when it’s ready for public consumption.

      • Keep thrashing Zapem like this, and she’s gonna sic Anonymouse on you.

        And failing that, Brandon Darby will just point to you and utter the magic words:

        “Riad Hamad”

      • Yo Malgad! Wassup my n*****?

        Hey biyatch, where that lil’ goatboy goin’ sue-sue-sue? Say hello to Tirje for us!

  2. FBI informant Brandon Darby now works for Breitbart.

    The link below about Riad Hamad is from 2009. He was found dead, gagged, and duct-taped at the bottom of a lake. The FBI ruled it a so-called “suicide.”

    FBI informant who stung RNC 2008 anarchists connected to ‘firebomb plot’ on Brave New Books and sting on “suicided” Palestinian activist Riad Hamad

    December 11, 2009 by admin

    By Aaron Dykes

    Is Austin-area FBI Informant Brandon Darby, who allegedly provoked anarchists into plotting with ‘molotov cocktails’ at the RNC 2008 connected to plans to “firebomb” patriot bookstore Brave New Books and a sting on “suicided” Palestinian activist Riad Hamad.

    Remember Riad Hamad, the Palestinian man who’s “suicide” left him at the bottom of Lady Bird Lake in Austin with his mouth gagged and arms duct-taped behind his back? (Kurt Nimmo, Did Palestinian Activist Riad Hamad Commit Suicide? )

    According to reports, he was observed at meetings with now-outed FBI informant/provocateur Brandon Darby, who admittedly set up two anarchist/leftists from Austin with “molotov cocktails” who were subsequently arrested for alleged plans to attack police cars outside the RNC 2008 in Minnesota in connection with the “RNC Welcoming Committee.”

    Since Darby’s exposure as an admitted FBI informant, flyers have been seen in coffeehouses across Austin reading “Wanted: Brandon Darby An Informant Rat Loose in Austin.”
    featured stories FBI informant who stung RNC 2008 anarchists connected to firebomb plot on Brave New Books and suicided Palestinian activist Riad Hamad
    Flyers circulated across Austin coffeehouses reading “Wanted: Brandon Darby An Informant Rat Loose in Austin.”

    WHAT’S MORE– Scott Crow, anarchist/leftist who formed the Hurricane Katrina relief group “Common Ground Collective” has made a number of interesting connections with fellow member Brandon Darby, whose role in Common Ground may have coincided with his FBI/Police Informant role, which may have begun in 2004, 2005 or 2006.

    Scott Crow claims that in 2006, after Brandon Darby was admittedly an FBI informant, Darby attempted to recruit Crow on a plot to “firebomb” Brave New Books of Austin, Texas. Crow writes:

    In Darby’s ‘revolutionary rhetoric’ over the years he tried to get numerous people, including myself, to do the things the two men were eventually taken down for. I believe now he tried to set me up in 2006 (after he, according to FBI documents began informing and provoking) to firebomb a bookstore called Brave New Books in Austin. I was NOT interested at all and thought it was stupid. I tried to talk him out of it. The event never happened. He was allowed to change his mind and move on. What if the Feds had raided him at the time?

    This astonishing information was brought to my attention by Harlan of Brave New Books, but the connection to Riad Hamad I found only afterwards in Crow’s posts. Harlan writes:

    The vitriol that seems to chase Darby to this day is due to the fact that two young activists David McKay and Bradley Crowder have been sentenced to a combined six years in prison for possessing several Molotov cocktails that were to be used during demonstrations at the 2008 Republican National Convention and were convicted in large part through the testimony of Brandon Darby. The possession of the cocktails is not in question, but what seems peculiar is why Darby an older, seasoned activist would agree to take part in a plan to firebomb a flock of police cars at the RNC, according to the FBI, and not just persuade the younger protégés to avoid instigating violent action? According to the defendants, Darby had encouraged the violence and had provoked the younger activists to take this direction, an allegation Darby denies. Darby admits that he was asked by the bureau to be the “eyes and ears” to monitor the small, loose-knit group of activists that included McKay.

    Crow initially defended Darby against allegations that he was reporting to the FBI , warning against ‘divisive rumors’ and COINTELPRO, even after claims had spread that he was an FBI informant. After Darby publicly admitted his role as an informant, Crow expressed regret for his support in a post titled “Eating Crow”, and the later expressed several suggestive claims about the extent of Brandon Darby’s political provocateuring in the Austin political scene, as posted on the PM Press.

    Darby has appeared on ‘This American Life’/ NPR and in papers like the Austin Chronicle to talk about his background as an activist and his account of how he became an FBI informant through a New Orleans cop– once opposed to his groups’ actions until he was swayed by community relief efforts he witnessed in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Or so the story goes…

    Crow claims that Darby began contacting the FBI earlier, however, when he traveled to New Orleans in 2004 (prior to Hurricane Katrina) to “see what [the FBI] had on him” in their files. Clearly, in light of certain revelations, this may demonstrate a much longer-lasting relationship inside the FBI.

    Brandon Darby has some wild claims, as stated in ‘This American Life,’ that he traveled to Venezuela to convince Chavez to fund their Hurricane Katrina relief effort. While there, he says he was referred to a meeting with the FARC rebels who tried to recruit him to start a revolutionary group ‘in the swamps of Louisiana.’ Darby says he turned them down.

    FBI Informant Brandon Darby claims he went undercover to stop Riad Hamad from ‘recruiting people for ‘terroristic’ like activities. Could Darby have been really entrapping Hamad? Why was Hamad found dead, gagged and duct-taped at the bottom of a lake?

    Shortly afterwards, while back in Austin, he admits to having reported to the FBI what he claims was a Palestinian man trying to recruit him for a bombing. This may have been connected to Riad Hamad. Crow mentions the NPR stories’ account of the interaction with Riad Hamad:

    In the [‘This American Life’]/NPR story, they mention Darby going undercover to stop a Palestinian peace activist named Riad Hammad [sic] from recruiting people for potentially ‘terroristic’ like activities. They don’t mention that Riad was found dead at the bottom of a river here in Austin under very unusual circumstances which the Feds ruled a suicide, but looked like was done to him. And that there is NO public evidence that anything that Darby is saying is true. I don’t know myself, but Riad cannot defend himself against the accusations.

    Scott Crow claims that Brandon Darby introduced him to Riad Hamad and other Palestinians at Green Muse Cafe coffee shop in Austin, telling him that “these were real revolutionaries” and not just “anarchists.”

    This inciting rhetoric, which Crow believes was another attempt to provocateur him into revolutionary action/violence was very similar to supposed accounts of Darby’s goading the “Texas 2″ prior to the RNC 2008 that they were ‘weakling vegetarians’ and ‘couldn’t handle potentially violent revolutionary acts at the RNC.’ McKay claims Darby further goaded them to find out if they would take ‘revolutionary’ action or not. When he apparently agreed, it led to the bust. Crow writes:

    They also don’t mention that when I went to meet Darby at the Green Mews [sic] coffee shop in Austin during this time he was often with Riad and some men he described in excited tones as ‘real revolutionaries’ not activists. He could not wait to tell me, as if I would be impressed. I told him, as always that he needed to watch out for people he didn’t know, but what I didn’t know was working for the Feds. Silly me. So he is bragging about this in a public place, did he entrap Riad for the Feds like Brad and David? I have no idea, but I know that Riad is dead either because he took his own life because he thought someone was after him, or someone else took his life, because they figured there was an informer in their midst. Either of those scenarios are completely sad and scary, and not the world I want to create or be a part of.

    Crow points out that Darby’s accounts of when he first contacted the FBI do not add up:

    On at least THREE different and unrelated times Darby has stated that it was the FIRST time or reason he contact the FBI. The first was in 2004 when he, according to what he told me and my partner, went to visit the New Orleans office of the FBI to see what they had on him. It sounded SOOOO paranoid. He explained the story in great detail about his visit. The second time was in recent interviews where he has stated he saw that Brad and David were going to do something ‘harmful’ at the RNC in Minneapolis and he had to intervene. And now he is saying that he had to visit the Feds when he saw that Riad Hammad [sic], his friend, was not in fact a school teacher in Austin, but was involved in some other ‘nefarious’ activities. So which is the truth? I know he met commander Bryson of NOPD in Oct/ or Nov. of 2005. He has stated in interviews that Bryson is the one who introduced him to the Feds. Did he begin his work to spy on Common Ground and all of us then? Where is the real Darby?

    Crow says that while he knew Brandon Darby for more than six years inside the Austin activist community, his actions were consistently violence-oriented, and with grandstanding, in opposition to the views held by most of the other anarchist members.

    For years he advocated ‘blowing things up’ and later using arson. I don’t know if he did, but he sure did try to get other to do it. So was it revolutionary zeal or agent provocateur sh*t straight out of the manual?

    Crow states that Darby seemed to merely adopt the rhetoric of various activist groups while differing from their common behaviors (most of the activists were vegan, yet he ate meat; was in favor of dictation over consensus, and ’slept with a lot of women’ and acted in a macho or chauvinistic manner). Crow wrote:

    Darby was NOT an anarchist. He actually never claimed to be for the longest time. He disagreed with horizontal organizing and many of the underpinnings of anarchism. He DID however absorb the language, when necessary for interviews or speaking in public. He NEVER absorbed the practice during the 6 years I have known him. He actually was more of a quasi ‘central-democratic’ Marxist. He thought anarchist wasted time, energy and resources. Myself and few excluded of course . He would blurt in the same breath. He aligned himself with what he thought the Black Panther Party central committee would do–whether it was true or not. He didn’t have a liberation or even an anti-oppression analysis, but enough information to get by
    within radical circles.

    He was the only ”’anarchist”’ I have ever known that wanted to ‘overthrow the government’. I debated and argued with him about the impossibilities and reasons why that was a bad idea on so many levels, but he took that message many places to the chagrin and dismay of many radical circles.

    Further information is found on the Rag Blog (more)

    Harlan at Brave New Books writes:

    Why was Darby choosing a bookstore as a target for a direct action? Was his plan a way to ensnare fellow activists in a plot that would eventually be foiled by the heroic FBI? Or was this plan another classic government provocateur attempting to firebomb an actual threat to the FBI and the state, wielding his useful idiots as his accomplices all the while knowing he would be provided the full protection of the FBI? The latter seems justifiably more accurate given the history of the FBI and its long train of abuses using agent provocateurs to carry out its dirty work. One need not look any further than the FBI’s clear infiltration of Elohim City using Timothy McVeigh as their asset. One could also look at the semi-retarded young religious men in Florida that were drafted by the U.S. government through the work of a joint terrorism task force agent who had infiltrated their group and persuaded them to express that they would be willing to help the terrorism task force blow up the Sears Tower in Chicago. Also, one should never forget that the FBI helped train an informant and provided materials to the informant that were used in the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center. The bombing was allowed to occur with full knowledge of its planning by the FBI. There are loads of other examples that support the notion that the FBI routinely uses agent provocateurs in an effort to undermine its political enemies and swell its rank and budget.

    In regrards to Brandon Darby, it is interesting to note that he was committed to seeing the Molotov cocktail bombing through at the RNC. According to the radio show This American Life, that featured Darby and people who knew him, Darby was willing to go ahead with the plan to bomb the police cars with David McKay in the early morning hours but the younger McKay never materialized and the plot was called off. This doesn’t describe the behavior of an innocent observer and sounds more like the actions of an active participant willing to commit an act of terrorism and then scapegoat a pair of useful idiots. So would Darby’s same zeal for terrorism had occurred if there would have been someone that would have been willing to help in Darby’s plan to attack the bookstore? Luckily, we will never know because he was never able to execute his plans

  3. YOU of all people is accusing me of muddying up the water?

    It’s an article showing what Darby has been accused of. They also question how Riad Hamad really died..

  4. FBI Mole-Rat Brandon Darby Infiltrated Katrina Charity…FBI Refuses To Release Info To Charity Head…

    Katrina Charity Common Ground Wants Information on FBI Snitch

    Wednesday, November 23, 2011


    NEW ORLEANS (CN) – The founder of a post-Hurricane Katrina relief organization claims the FBI infiltrated his group after he criticized the Bush administration for its inept response to the disaster. Malik Rahim, founder of Common Ground Relief, says the FBI blew off his FOIA requests by claiming that responding would violate the privacy of its informant, who has spoken publicly about his work as a snitch.

    Rahim, a New Orleans community organizer and former Black, says the FBI rejected his FOIA request, and appeal, seeking information about FBI informant Brandon Darby. Rahim says Darby worked with him at Common Ground, bringing supplies and other assistance to residents of the city battered by Hurricane Katrina.

    Darby was involved with Common Ground from September 2005 until 2008. Whether Darby was an FBI agent before becoming a prominent member of Common Ground remains unknown, and is part of what Rahim seeks to find out.

    Using an anarchist-inspired motto, “Solidarity not Charity,” Common Ground Relief says its missionis to provide short-term relief for victims of hurricane disasters on the Gulf Coast, and long-term support in rebuilding communities in the New Orleans area.

    Common Ground claims it has organized more than 35,000 volunteers, has gutted more than 3,000 homes, provided for basic needs of thousands of New Orleans residents and founded a now-independent health clinic and women’s shelter. The center also has a free legal clinic that provides assistance in urgent situations such as wrongful home demolition, succession documentation, mortgage application assistance, contractor fraud and most types of civil litigation.

    Julie Hurwitz, who filed the original Freedom of Information Act request on behalf of Rahim in 2009 said in a telephone interview Tuesday that it is “a travesty that an organization that was doing as much good as Common Ground” had to deal with Darby, who “swooped in and became a member of the organization, meanwhile sabotaging it from the inside.”

    Hurwitz said it is known now that Darby was an FBI informant on others besides Common Ground. She called Darby a provocateur, a tool of law enforcement who provokes others to commit illegal acts in order to prosecute them.

    Darby’s role as a federal informant became known during his testimony in the trial of two 20-something anarchists who were arrested for possession of unused, homemade Molotov cocktails during the 2008 Republican National Convention in Minneapolis.

    After Darby’s identity as informant became known, a letterhe allegedly wrote, in which he confessed to being an FBI snitch, was published by

    The letter states: “There are currently allegations in the media that I have worked undercover for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. This allegation no doubt confuses many activists who know me and probably leaves many wondering why I would seemingly choose to engage in such an endeavor. The simple truth is that I have chosen to work with the Federal Bureau of investigation.”

    Hurwitz said transcripts from the Molotov cocktails trial have never surfaced.

    “We’re trying to find out exactly what the nature of Darby’s relationship with the FBI was between those years from 2005 to 2008” when Darby was a prominent member of Common Ground, Hurwitz said.

    Rahim says in his federal complaint that he requested documents pertaining to the FBI’s infiltration of Common Ground Relief, but the FBI refused, saying release of the documents would violate Darby’s privacy.

    According to the complaint: “After Hurricane Katrina, on or around September 5, 2005, Malik Rahim, plaintiff in this matter, organized a relief organization named Common Ground Relief, which included Common Ground Relief, Common Ground Collective, Woodlands Project and Common Ground Health Clinic (collectively ‘Common Ground’) in New Orleans, Louisiana.”

    “Common Ground provided substantial relief supplies and tens of thousands of hours of volunteer assistance to devastated communities along the Gulf Coast.

    “Common Ground and Malik Rahim criticized government and corporate entities for failing to meet the needs of Gulf Coast Communities after Hurricane Katrina.

    “Within weeks of Hurricane Katrina and the creation of Common Ground by plaintiff, Brandon Darby appeared, spent considerable time at Common Ground, and became one of the active leaders in the organization.

    “Brandon Darby later admitted under oath that he was a confidential informant for the FBI and has admitted his relationship with the FBI to The New York Times, the Austin Chronicle, National Public Radio and in many other public forums; Brandon Darby has identified himself as an FBI confidential informant in open court.”

    Rahim’s FOIA request sought “‘all records, documents and things …’ related to surveillance, investigation, use of informants and agents, planting or gathering ‘evidence,’ and any other activities pertaining to Malik Rahim including anything related to Common Ground Relief and Brandon Darby. [Ellipsis in complaint.]

    “On March 17, 2009, the FOIA request of Malik Rahim was denied on the grounds that the FBI would not respond to a FOIA request concerning another individual in addition to Malik Rahim without a ‘privacy waiver’ being filed by Brandon Darby.”

    Rahim says he appealed the denial on July 30, 2009. Among the reasons stated in the appeal was “the public right to be informed about what their government is up to,’ citing U.S. Department of Justice v. Reporters Committee for Freedom of Press, 489 U.S. 749, 733 (1989); the fact that if Brandon Darby was an undercover informant for the FBI during his time at Common Ground, then that would be an act of such public concern that it would overcome personal privacy exemptions, citing National Archives & Records Administration v. Favish, 541 U.S. 157, 172 (2004).”

    But the Justice Department upheld the FBI stonewalling: “On September 25, 2009, the U.S. Department of Justice Office of Information Policy stated it was affirming the original refusal of the FBI to release any information pertaining to Brandon Darby and further affirmed the refusal of the FBI to neither confirm nor deny the existence of any records responsive to the request. They said: ‘Without consent, proof of death, official acknowledgement of an investigation, or an overriding public interest, confirming or denying the existence of the records your client requested would constitute an unwarranted invasion of personal privacy.'”

    Rahim wants the FBI and Department of Justice ordered to make an immediate, expedited search for the documents, and turn them over.

    His lead counsel is Davida Finger with the Loyola University New Orleans College of Law, Law Clinic.

    Finger said in a statement issued in conjunction with the Center for Constitutional Rights: “Brandon Darby has spoken at length to the media about his involvement with the FBI, including during his time at Common Ground. We believe that Malik Rahim, Common Ground, and our community deserve to know the full extent of Mr. Darby’s relationship with the FBI while doing post-Katrina work.”

    Rahim said in the statement: “In the difficult times following Hurricane Katrina, we welcomed Mr. Darby into the community and shared everything we had with him. Mr. Darby inserted himself as a leader of Common Ground but, looking back, many of Mr. Darby’s actions appear to have intentionally caused rifts within the organization and the community. In retrospect, he was doing everything you’re supposed to do as a government agent in that situation – making an effort to divide and conquer. Accordingly, we have filed suit to compel the FBI to release all information concerning any collaboration with Mr. Darby during his time working with Common Ground in New Orleans.”

    Co-counsel in Rahim’s complaint include Bill Quigley of New Orleans, Julie Hurwitz of Detroit, and Sunita Patel with the Center for Constitutional Rights in New York City.

    In its statement announcing the filing of Rahim’s complaint, the Center for Constitutional Rights claimed that the FBI’s infiltration of Common Ground was not an aberration: “As thousands of FOIA documents released over the years have revealed, government surveillance and infiltration of activist groups is a widespread practice in the United States. Indeed, crackdowns on Occupy Wall Street and related protests across the country and the recent revelation of a New York security consultant’s infiltration of the Zuccotti Park encampment suggest that government efforts to suppress dissent and disrupt peaceful protest continue. Mr. Rahim and his lawyers have filed this lawsuit to enforce the government’s obligations under the Freedom of Information Act to provide information to the public about government conduct. The requested information will shed light on the FBI and other law enforcement activities in New Orleans during the tumultuous months and years following Hurricane Katrina.”

  5. You copy entire articles too Ron. This way it’s here in case certain people get the original story deleted.

  6. “As much as I love this blog, Kid, I’m going to boycott it unless Neal Observer Rauhauser is banned.”

    I’m sorry KK’s blog isn’t all about you Ron. This isn’t your blog and anyone can post here. I’m bringing up Darby’s name because he should be looked at more closely

  7. [I hate to repeat myself, but nobody seemed to notice on first pass]

    Let’s see, we’ve got a team of Breitbart employees frantically stalking/searching for porn critic Darrah Ford.

    The entire team seem to have numerous intertwining social & business connections to wide range of Big Porn People, not the least of which are deviant porn-stalking scum-suckers “Mr. Whiteacre” and TRPWL.

    Most, if not all of the Breitbart team, and certain of the Porn People, seem to orbit around LA Deputy DA Patterico, whose actions and activities seem entirely consistent with someone working with, or more likely for, Breitbart.

    Patterico works for ethically challenged LA DA Steve Cooley, whose name, especially in tandem with Robert Philibosian, comes up lookin’ pretty dirty in various shakedown scams in places like Bell, and Cudahey.

    Patterico lives in a house worth $1,410,344.

    In September of this year, Breitbart’s BNN, raises $10,000,000 from “unnamed private investors”.

    Now the big B has gone way out of his way to deny any financial connection to the Koch brothers, so that leaves the question: who dumps ten mil into the Breitbart propaganda machine that feels a need to shield their identity from the good folks out in gun toting’ godfearin’ honky heartland Amerika, who may or may not have a problem with being manipulated by a bunch of cynical corrupt poodle-fucking porn-weasels who have nothing but contempt for the rubes & yokels who believe their hate-spew?

    And nobody finds this…odd?

    Follow the money–hit the target.

    Everything else is only–

    • Speaking of Lyndon LaRouche, that’s absurd, and you might as well say the moon is made out of green cheese.

      Lots of Republicans tend to inherit money….and unless there’s proof of a crime it’s wrong to ask questions about people’s wealth…even if the right wing bloggers do it themselves.

      Are you seriously implying two LA deputy DA’s are getting paid porn money for blog posts that mostly no one cares about?

      Patterico isn’t actively working with anyone, except a troll who called a judge “fatfuck” and whose former law firm – that would be the firm where Socrates claimed ambulance chasing went on but actually they helped get a Lincoln assassination suspect off so I think he might be wrong – visited my blog (which should scare the hell out of Mr. Frey and Mr. Allen).

      The porn people and other menacing twitter accounts seem to work as Mandy’s and Andrew’s trolls…but no one has any proof that they are paid.

      I think it’s fair to speculate as to who would benefit from contributing to Breitbart….and his ties to right wing hackers that work to hurt critics of the porn industry are interesting…and any DA working with a smear merchant WHO IS ALREADY TIED TO THE SKETCHY PORN STAR TURNED INVESTIGATOR TURNED PELLICANO SPY TURNED BREITBART SNITCH PAUL BARRESI should’ve known better in the first place.

      But he works probably over a 100 hours a week and isn’t spending time working for Team Breitbart so i think it’s COMPLETE BULLSHIT AND WRONG to accuse him of profiting when um he’s written less than a thousand words in five months.

      There is absolutely no proof that Mike Stack and Patterico ever even heard of each other before Weinergate.

      or is there?

      “I discovered Breitbart’s sites about five months ago and I can say honestly that he is a real American. He doesn’t print BS, and the truth comes out, sooner or later.”

      heh…but it means nothing…..

      • To be specific, no, of course I’m not seriously suggesting that any Deputy DAs are being paid porn money.

        What I am suggesting, is that some porn connected Breitbart drones & trolls & socks infest a blog run by a Deputy DAwg, who seems to also have his own connections to people in The Biz.

        How involved he is with the Breitbat crowd’s agenda, is a matter of unproven speculation, but It seems doubtful that he could not be aware of it.

        The reign of Steve Cooley as LA DA has been controversial, to say the least, but none of the scurrilous accusations about his office have resulted in any convictions that I am aware of, so I guess everything is hunky-dory there. Go figure.

        But of course, I am not seriously suggesting anything; merely speculative comedic extrapolation within the subjective context of my screenplay-in-progress, juxtaposed upon the unfolding of real life events in the manner suggested by the lessons in the Mark Fuhrman Screenwriting Correspondence Course that I took.

        Or Lew Hunter, for that matter.

      • “who seems to also have his own connections to people in The Biz.”

        I don’t see any proof of that…just in a kevin bacon much less than six degrees of separation way.

      • “who seems to have his own connections to people in The Biz.”

        “I don’t see any proof of that…just a Kevin Bacon much less than six degrees of separation way.”

        Yes, of course you’re right old sport. I was misled by comments left by some crazed dingbat probably just tryna muddy the waters…

        “…and any DA working with a smear merchant WHO IS ALREADY TIED TO

        Which sounds like a whole helluva lot less than “six degrees of separation” to me, like one handshake away at most.

        Probably just a coincidence…yes a coincidence…I’m almost sure of it…notice the soothing white background of the page…verrrry relaxing…barely keep your eyes open to read it…sinking…sinking…deeper… deeper…sleeping…yes…you know it was wrong to send those thugs to throat-punch Benjie…you will turn yourself in…the LA DA’s office is fair and unbiased…they will be fair & just…yes…turn yourself in…they want to help you…yes…help…

  8. @Patterico to @GNCordova: “Don’t try to drive a wedge between me and @goatsred”

    ’cause that wouldn’t be very prudent; that wouldn’t be prudent at all…

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