17 Responses to “ROZZ TOX”

  1. No, Benji, step one for you would be paying the pimp or trading some xbox games to Scott Jacobs.!/doctorwarbucks/status/139615824796323840

    • Happy Thanksgiving, you sicko,

      Thanks for thinking about me today and sending me all those warm tweets.

      Why don’t you tell me what work you and Doug did on HBGary for Liberty Chick – and did you guys first contact her for that story or vice versa – when you get done playing with your cranberry sauce?

  2. All tweets are from first two weeks of @doctorwarbucks Twitter timeline after he joined on March 23, 2010 (and the vast majority of his 1,000+ tweets seem to be all about Doug Stewart)

    According to his Linked In resume, Benjamin Grier is the “Policy Analysist at The Professional Commons”- and his Twitter profile claims that he is a “Bio Economist trapped in Hong Kong.”

    When I asked Mr. Banana Phone about his “life long friend” all he did was retell the same bullshit story I already read about him:!/doctorwarbucks/status/10938631893!/doctorwarbucks/status/11218954156!/doctorwarbucks/status/11283435468!/doctorwarbucks/status/11398800630!/doctorwarbucks/status/11567454969!/doctorwarbucks/status/11674472232!/doctorwarbucks/status/11623866428!/doctorwarbucks/status/11678270461

    From April 5 to April 8, Doctor Warbuck didn’t make one original tweet but did, however, retweet @dmatthewstewart eleven times.

    To be continued…

    • I will note here that I am incredibly flattered
      that Dougie would take the time out from his tender ball-cupping of the ferrari driving Doctorwarbucks to actually type out the word “kidkenoma” in his latest devastating hard-hitting cutting-edge Ameristroika post with an ICP vid to boot.

      OH, NOES!!!! :-0

      I am chagrined beyond belief!!

      I promise Dougie, I’ll change my ways! Just please make it stop!

      Wow! What a doxxing!

      Stop! Pleeeeze! Help!

      [It was actually Dougie’s bellicose bum-chum Benjie. So humiliated was I by this devastating and as always, well researched broadside by these geniuses that I didn’t stop to read the fine print, if you can imagine. ]

  3. Happy Stuff a Duck day everybody. Eat a bird, everybody. Sorry, I have zero appetite so, trying to work up for a feast, consume mass quantities, as the conehead said. But ho ho, hey hey, it’s a national holiday

    • Same to you, bird to the third power.

      I’ll bring home the turkey if you bring home the bacon

    • In the hustle & bustle of traditional turkey decapitation, hams ‘n spams & jello molds & crambury sauce & Elmer Fudds in pilgrim hats & blunderbusses, it is easy to forget that November 25 (or Nov 26 or Nov 24 depending on if you’re orthodox, hetrodox, homodox, bidox, or just doxxed) was the feast day of St. Catherine of Alexandria, patron saint of Librarians, long before America was invented.

      Rather that eat a bird, St. Catherine is said to have had food brought to her by a dove in jail when she was imprisoned on trumped-up charges for setting fire to a porn kiosk in The Marketplace.

      St. Catherine is also, strangely enough, the parton saint of lawyers as well, and is well known to severely punish those corrupt weasel-ass muthafuckin’ shysters & prosecutors who make total assholes of themselves.

      So, needless to say, St. Catherine is busier than ever these days, so let’s all wish her a happy Feast Day!

  4. She sounds much more feast-worthy than another Catherine I know, who I went to meet in the park one day, she was wearing spandex, and taking xanex……

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