19 Responses to “CLUTCH CARGO CULT”

    • Always loved Milla Jo., did not know she sang too, original song, by her? Cool. Also Ron B., good choices, REM, Eurythmics…thanks guise! Hey Kid, question, what do you know about Kratom? It seems innocuous enough, and like Salvia, legal! Just wondering. Found the salvia the other dat (still unpacking from moving in April… hee hee. Anyway, love to hear what you know about Kratom, just heard about it for the first time recently, was surprised I had not heard of it. Thanks, Kiddo 🙂

      • Always loved Milla for confounding those expectations that one might reasonably have when someone sez: “Yer just gonna luuuuv this new album by a top supermodel/actress!”, and you know it’s going to be one of those Paris Hilton type deals with generic formulaic drum-machine driven bimbo pop-poop.

        What a difference! Quirky personal songs some of which sound quite spontaneous, with many risks taken that usually pay off. Milla is definitely one of a kind, and often overlooked and underrated.

        Never tried Kratom, but as far as I can tell, it seems to be kinda like coca leaves in South America, or “Khat” in Middle Eastern Arabic countries.

        What makes Kratom of supreme interest, is the promise it holds for breaking cycles of addiction, especially to opiates, in a way perhaps similar to the indigeneous African herb Iboga.

        Of course a cure for opiate addiction is the very last thing that the 1% PTB wants, so we probably shouldn’t hold our breath waiting for a breakthrough.


  2. Jeez, I hope he doesn’t throat-punch any noisy children, or any *ahem* “limp-wristed” persons.

    I gather he makes quite some spectacular usage of #clenchedfist, and not just to hit people with either.

    Being well-connected to Big Time Porn Industry Insiders must help in that regard too, I daresay.

  3. Kid,

    I can’t prove it but I think a misogynistic poodle that keeps his eyes shadowed might be alerting the posse to vile comments left on this blog:

    How come the poodle and the goat and Velma don’t go ask Scott and Keith or Tony (or Joe who follows Velvet Revolution!/joetesta/following ) who or where Darrah is? If they don’t know who she is, then she probably doesn’t exist.

  4. Dear Ron, could you help telling me how you make those screencaps appear on the great kidkenoma blog. I have a few I want to start posting.

  5. Wow, those protesters looked violent and out of control. Glad to see that pepper spray stopped that wild melee. I thought for sure that they would have to deploy the flamethrowers & clusterbombs.

    Now that would have been tasty.

    Pepper spray! Discipline in a can!

    Pick up some for the kids today!

  6. They’re on their own campus. They pay the tuition to be there. They pay the salaries of these people. Tell me again why these peaceful students were attacked?

    Filthy dirty teabaggers wouldn’t approve of this if the OWS movement was started by them. Even the co-founder of the tea party Karl Denninger supports OWS. When you all start losing your jobs and can’t pay your bills, don’t you dare ask for any assistance. You all claim to be about self-sufficiency. How many times again did @goatsred file for bankruptcy??

  7. What are they blaming Darrah for now again? She doesn’t exist and it’s easier to blame all the wrongs of the world on someone that never existed instead of looking at themselves for what they’ve done wrong.

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