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  1. Goatsred linked to a Council of Conservative Citizens post in June on the twitter:

    goatsred Mike PeoriaChronicle Peoria Chronicle: Whites living in fear of black mobs
    06/26/2011 Reply Retweet Favorite

    Peoria Chronicle: Whites living in fear of black mobs!

    Mob Screamed “Kill All Whites.”

    Earlier today an article appeared on the website of the Peoria Chronicle about a rash of violent black mobs hunting random white people to attack. Then the Peoria Chronicle website was bombarded with traffic, in part due to a link from the Drudge Report, and crashed. It is still offline as I write this.

    Since the weather warmed up a few weeks ago, there has been an explosion of brutal racially motivated black on white crime all across the nation. The “mainstream” media is doing everything they can to censor it.

    The St. Louis-based Council of Conservative Citizens traces its roots directly to the racist, anti-integrationist White Citizens’ Councils of the 1950s and 1960s.

    (click on link to see CCC’s online “wanted” poster of Abraham Lincoln)

    Its current leader, attorney Gordon Lee Baum, was an organizer for the WCC and built the Council of Conservative Citizens in part from the old group’s mailing lists. Like its predecessor, the CCC inflames fears and resentments, particularly among Southern whites, with regard to black-on-white crime, nonwhite immigration, attacks on the Confederate flag and other issues related to “traditional” Southern culture. Although the group claims not to be racist, its leaders traffic with other white supremacist groups and its publications, Web sites and meetings all promote the purportedly innate superiority of whites. Despite its record, the CCC has been successful in drawing southern politicians to its events: the 1998 revelation that then Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott had been a frequent speaker before the group drew substantial media attention. Mississippi governor Haley Barbour, Mississippi state senators and several state representatives have appeared in recent years.


    From Greg Beato:

    5/05/11: At 6:26 pm, Goatsred tweets, “A big bomb about to burst: Rumor on the Right Coast is that a” big time” Congressman was caught with a mistress .There are pix and a top five Right-Wing blogger has them.” PatriotUSA76 immediately starts re-tweeting it. (Sources: Twitter and Milowent.)

    Notes: While Goatsred tweets this info “blind,” he later explains that PatriotUSA76 told him from the start that the rumor was specifically about Weiner.

    53.Goatsred, re: initially tweeting the rumor “blind” on May 5 — are you saying Patriot had already told you that it was about Weiner, and that you were just tweeting it blind, or did he give it to you blind?
    He told me it was about Weenie.

    Comment by goatsred — 6/25/2011 @ 2:45 pm

    How come Goatsred didn’t complain that Dan gave him credit for rumor?

    Also why did Mike tell the media that Dan Wolfe never really tweeted links and only tweeted about Weiner? Both are straight out lies.

    patriotusa76 Dan Wolfe
    RT @LJMsr: @RepWeiner Why speak to you?
    05/11/2011 Reply Retweet Favorite

    patriotusa76 Dan Wolfe
    @goatsred @gk68 @redrivergrl @tamale102280 @Merreee1 @mikemadden59 @Jihadihunter Weiner ants to distribute 50 mill
    05/10/2011 Reply Retweet Favorite

    patriotusa76 Dan Wolfe
    Rumor (via @goatsred) a top 5 Right-Wing blogger has sex-scandal pics of “big time” Congressman>> @cbrangel are you this Congressman?
    05/05/2011 Reply Retweet Favorite

    patriotusa76 Dan Wolfe
    Rumor (via @goatsred) a top 5 Right-Wing blogger has sex-scandal pics of “big time” Congressman>> @RepWeiner are you this Congressman?
    05/05/2011 Reply Retweet Favorite

    patriotusa76 Dan Wolfe
    RT @goatsred: A big bomb about to burst: Rumor on the Right Coast is that a” big time” Congressman was caught with a mistre… (cont) htt …
    05/05/2011 Reply Retweet Favorite

  2. This is weird. Is it supposed to be a joke? Weiner stopped tweeting much earlier than June 11.

    goatsred Mike
    “@goatsred: @Liberty_Chick @AndrewBreitbart @Stranahan @Patterico Rep Weiner back to tweeting” goat is like a dog eating its own vomit
    06/11/2011 Reply Retweet Favorite

    • Uhm, speaking of eating it’s own vomit, some hacker pretending to be Mandy Nagy, spammed a bunch of damage control spin–essentially the same self-serving bilge that the alleged Liberty_Chick twitter account has been excreting for several weeks now–for hopeful inclusion in the kkblog comment section.

      And while it may not be readily apparent to the random passersby at first, or even second or third glance, we at kkblog actually do have some standards, however minimal, and sorry to say, hacked Mandy, you didn’t make the grade.

      I know it’s the hacked Mandy, because the real one,
      if there is one, has assured me in another comment that she has much more important activities to keep herself (and her orifice) occupied, and never reads kkblog ever.

      And no mention of Seth Allen’s stunning legal victory over the Speedway Boogeyman and Judge Fatfuck either. Of course.

      If they, whoever they are, wished to gain traction here, I’m sure they would have addressed the question still extant: “Why was username ‘kidkenoma’ dragged into the whole Socrates-is-gonna-murder-someone tweet?”

      Otherwise, there are many many fine outlets for Breitbart propaganda to be spammed from.

      This just doesn’t happen to be one of them.

  3. Dan Wolfe was giving the pre-Weinergate rumor to Goat. Goat loved the attention he was getting before & after Weinergate. But in order to save face after his “past” started getting around, he had to play the victim as to how he’s some dumb dolt who was used.

    Miss “researcher” has already admitted to on her twitter that she never asked Goat why he was being given credit for the rumor and she also admits she didn’t even know who fellow “born free crew” fake diplomat @gk68 is.

    I don’t think you’ve ever mentioned @gk68, Ron. Maybe I’ll post everything I have here one day for you so you can sink your teeth into that bit of lulz. 🙂

  4. Even a stalker can be funny once in a while:

    DonnysPoodle DonnysPoodle
    @ronbryn @bobbipimps @DarrahFord @OccupyRebellion should i set my account to private?
    18 Nov Favorite Reply

  5. Goat–check

    But who’s Tammy?

    Not her real name of course, but maybe some signifying username or twitter account or something.

    • Oh, tamale! (I need a scorecard)

      I guess I have heard of her.

      She’s HOT!!

      • Now, that’s mean…and eye of the beholder..and it’s kind of sexist…and besides Mike says you are older than middle-aged and look like Santa Claus.

        Tamale was harassed before Weinergate and Ameripundit suggested it was people that were menacing him. Doug claims Ameripundit is Neal. I have a few theories…

        I’m working on a story on her and I hope she’ll clear up some things I noticed in her tweets (and tammy is only one of a few people who publicly tweeted that Kristina Klausser probably hacked Rep. Weiner…both Qritiq and Kid have been silent on that…even though a Retweet of one of her tweets vanished in the first week of June).

        Five months ago, Tamale called BlackMaxDesign an idiot then bragged that she “saw RepWeiner’s tweet before Andrew Breitbart. So did DLoesch” and that she had “a copy of the tweet sent by RepWeiner.”

        Sometime between 400 and 5 am, Tamale RT’d Dan’s 2nd Tweet which also went to Goatsred, her and merreee…b…she also sent a tweet to Stephen Kruiser asking if he saw it

        She said she “fell asleep an hour too soon” and “I got up at 4:30 only to see what I missed. And then after seeing that I wanted to puke.”

        Goatsred also woke up real early that morning…sometime before 5:30 AM because that’s when he tweeted Breitbart…which must be before

        She told merreee1 and redrivergrl (the other two female #bornfreecrew members that she was “not surprised, we knew it was going to happen sooner or later.”

        Merreee1 missed it by an hour, but redrivergrl saw it live.

        One thing I find strange is this email to breitbart which claims it was sent at 4:16 AM which is before Tamale claims she woke up..but Mike said she sent it to Breitbart…but the email says Dan Wolfe sent it:

        There is something sketchy about smoking gun pics..this one doesn’t show tweets from fonz back and forth that happened right before the underwear can even see someone respond to it:

        And it’s on this one:

        but how come the underwear tweet still shows in the above screenshot if it was already deleted?


      • Alright, might as well come clean about the Klausner Kontroversy.

        Neither Qritiq or I could say anything about Klausner hacking Weiner, what with Tamale blackmailing us.

        It was that fateful motel room in Delaware, where Qritiq and I had just finished smoking this huge ball of Malaysian plum-opium…all relaxed & sweaty after hours of vigorous physical exertion, when Tamale’s thugs burst into the room with their infrared spot-cams.

        What can I say? I didn’t think anyone even knew where we were, but they even had back-up cams already hidden in the room taking mutiple perspectives from different angles, documenting each flagrant violation of the Delaware sodomy code in luridly graphic hi-res detail.

        Normally I would have ignored Tamale’s demand for our silence on the Weiner hacking (and wanking), but of course I was concerned for Q’s reputation, and I was forced to comply.

        Myself? Well I, of course, as my good friend Mike has pointed out, could’ve just blamed Santa Claus, had my basic altruistic instincts not prevailed on Qritiq’s behalf.

        And now, in the interest of preemptive implausible denial, here is some footage from that very sordid encounter.


      • I suspected as much or more…

  6. You keep this up Ron, no email for you with a package of goodies for you to play with on many topics that you’ve never mentioned.

    • I don’t want anything from you, Neal.

      Go play with your patterico friends…

      I sure wish Kid Kenoma would give you the Liberty Chick treatment. You’re both liars and deflection artists.

      Why doesn’t Patterico expose you instead?

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