The ever sensible and delightful “Donny’s Poodle” has been out there tirelssly promoting kk blog on twitter, which of course we appreciate, along with the nice bump in stats.

    However it has been brought to my attention by DP, that DARRAH FORD IS CYBER-BULLYING GOATSRED ON THIS VERY BLOG!!!!!!!

    Oy!! I am so dismayed! 😦

    Although I don’t really see DF’s name here anywhere–which doesn’t mean much, being as how I am befuddled on very expensive illegal drugz at all times–but I’m sure Donny Poodle Pants would not play fast & loose with the truth–gawd forbid–so Darrah honey, if you’re here somewhere, remember: just because somebody has put a lot of time & money & and energy into making your life a living hell, utilizing a team of criminal sociopaths to help hunt you down, stalk & harrass you & break into your house & smear you to destroy your means of livelihood and attacks on your family & friends, that’s no reason to be rude.

    And Ron Brynaert you should stop being a “vile hateful, misogynist”, or I’ll report you to Qritiq.

    You don’t want that, believe me.

    So you kids play nice, OK?

    p.s. Oh yeah, the virus-bomb in my gmail account was so lame and half-assed that I wasn’t going to embarrass anybody by mentioning it, but Donny, Dougie, Benjie, Mikey, Scotty, and other various assorted Breitbart goons, if you guys really put yer noggins together I’m sure that you could temporarily transcend your rather glaringly obvious developmental challenges and come up with something a little less pathetic.

    Just sayin’.

    Be assured that a reply is on the way, in exactly the place where & when you least expect it.

    You’ll know it when you see it, but then, of course, it’ll be too late.

    Won’t it?

  2. Ron, have you and Darrah ever said two words to each other ever?

    Has anyone ever told you to speak for her or to report what she has said?

    Have all your findings been done exclusively through your own research these six months?

    Haven’t you tweeted how she’s a porn freak and how you don’t even like her?

  3. He says he’ll have people reach out to you Ron showing you the forum and who said what to Darrah and others? Conveniently all after he already admitted to having his friend scrub his entire posting history. Whatever he now shows you Ron has been altered.

  4. I still do not get it. I guess if you are going to be a little obsessed, entranced, absorbed, taken with, SOMEthing, it may as well involve porn. …i guess

  5. Bird Birdburd, whose obsessed with porn? Certain porn peeps stuck their nose into this and won’t leave it be to the people who have been around the case for several months. Porn got introduced into it first by porn mod who was involved with the plot that helped bring down a politician. If that politician didn’t have a family to protect, he would never have resigned and that entire group would have been hauled off to prison.

    That porn mod had also been threatening and stalking a porn blogger for years. She got dragged into this when articles mentioning her name were published after Weinergate began. The so-called researcher who cries rape & abuse at every corner then attacked that blogger lying how she was the source for those articles when she never was.

    Since then that researcher and the others around her have been paid to stalk & threaten that women trying to find her. Now the porn mod & the researcher go crying back to several in the porn industry to come help them find that big bad porn blogger who doesn’t want porn stars raped or to die of Aids.

    • I think it may be difficult to see why this is important without having invested an enormous amount of time and energy twirling down a vast convoluted rabbit-hole of confusion and deception that can be all-consuming in even just trying to get up to speed on the basics.

      Dig: I’m writing a screenplay see?

      And in this fictional product of my fevered drug-addled imagination, our plucky protagonist V. Cinco, a sort of cross between Nancy Drew and Mike Hammer, follows a bread-crumb trail that leads to the enigma of a facist political dirty tricks operative/propaganda minster, and his Scooby Doo band of merry thugs, who seem mysteriously well-funded somehow, and even though he traces some of the cash-flow back to the repugnant Coke Brothers, he discovers another paper trail through a cluster of intertwined relationships, some business, some personal, and all criminal, between the poli-op team and some vicious scum ‘o the earth porn maggots.

      The tip of an ugly iceburg.

      It turns out, as our protagonist Cinco learns, that the porn industry generates quantum amounts of money, far more than you could even imagine, much of it under the table, untaxed, unreported, undeclared…ready to grease many a helping hand all the way up the foodchain… journalists, judges, cops, attorneys, District Attorneys, Deputy District Attorneys…and so forth…

      Porn & Propaganda?

      Not so very different if you stop to think about it.

      Money talks, and Big Politics listens.

      In my silly screenplay that is…

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