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    “-spending months scripting many sockpuppets and, in effect, lying about who you are to people who consider you a friend”

    Reminds me of Mike Stack.

    “-using multiple id’s when commenting on the same thread”

    Something Mike Stack was accused of doing by Darrah Ford at the XXX porn talk forums where he moderated at.

    “-creating different names for a number of twitter accounts. (John and Pat Reid seem to have been named after Pat. No offense to Pat, but most people have not heard of him. (I certainly hadn’t pre-Weinergate.) And of those who have heard of him, how many would have Pat so foremost in their mind to name their sockpuppets after him? If those names are more than a coincidence, it kinda narrows things down.)”

    I’ve only argued for 5 months that JohnReid9 was created to entrap Patterico…but I’m not sure these names are more than coincidental myself…

    “-impersonating multiple real people”

    Kind of like how Mike Stack pretended to work for XXX talent agency that happens to represent Ginger Lee

    “-telling mistruths in order to discredit the people who helped to expose the fake teens (namely JP and Lee)”


    Lee helped expose it by hunch i guess…and Jen Preston took forever to confront Tommy Christopher about his proof after I showed her tons of old tweets that pretty much proved the teen accounts were fake.

    Dan Wolfe never discredited me. And neither did JohnReid9. Lee and JP did. And Lipton has no proof of any lies.

    “-telling mistruths in order to discredit me for the crime of telling the truth”

    I think – who I assume Lane is referring to – Dustin is a horrid troll who lies but I haven’t been able to tie him into any specific Weinergate events aside from his Patriotusa90210 sock.

    “-doxing, trolling”

    Like by Doug Stewart and Mike Stack.

    “-attempting to discredit GC because the truths she told did not match up with the AW-thought-Nikki-was-16 narrative that had been worked on for months.”

    If GC existed in a vacuum, I’d still be fooled. That she practices the same behavior as Mike Stack in many ways I think it’s ridiculous to assume she’s not hiding many things.

    “-spending a long period of time on the phone lying to the New York Times as well as to Tommy X and Lee”

    Dan Wolfe nor (i presume Lane Lipton means) Jennifer George never spoke to Tommy Christopher on the phone. And Lipton has no proof of any lies.

    “-spending a long period of time lying to FilmLadd”

    huh? Dan Wolfe didn’t lie at all to Film Ladd, as far as I know.

    “spending a looong period of time lying to readers via the JR9 chat – (verbosity a common thread)”

    Many of whom seemed to be complicit. It’s ridiculous that Stranahan and Jennifer Preston ignored JohnReid9 and still fishy the way Patterico was roped into running it….

    And after blogging about how he wouldn’t run any more JR9 convos, it’s fishy that he later changed his mind.

    “sending threats to bloggers”


    “-releasing and/or publishing goatsred’s and ronbryn’s expunged record (recall that Weprin’s sealed custody case was also published.)”

    Allegedly for me. Patterico only told me it was on his blog…i never actually saw it…..

    “-engaging in the “Alicia Pain” menace-toned convo with Pat”

    Patterico (assuming he’s not hacked) breaking the law to harass me by calling me over and over again on August 14 and tweeting Ring… Ring… and calling me hacker and criminal was far more menace-toned.

    “-fabricating a fake California driver’s license and fake student id’s”

    Allegedly. I pretty much assume Christopher and Preston made that shit up, myself.

    “fabricating completely fake AW/GC DM’s”

    Why aren’t the feds probing that?

    “-altering the dates of actual DM’s”

    Why isn’t Twitter probing that?

    “-fabricating GC-Nikki DM’s”

    Why isn’t Twitter or Jennifer Preston probing that or Gennette’s attorneys?

    “-making a false complaint to Boston P.D. (if the complaint was real and JG was real, there would have been no reason for JG not to sign that complaint.) Also recall that someone made an unwarranted call – calling the police to Ethel’s house, to investigate nonexistent untoward AW tweets.”

    The second part is absurd. Whomever called the police to probe tweets that may have had sexual undertones is a hero. The first part Lipton Lane has no proof.

    “-more fake call(s) to police constituting SWAT-ing(s)”

    Allegedly and extremely doubtful. And what would be the motive? Does Lane believe Weiner was hacked and set up? Why do it to Stack? The only possible motive is to make him look like a victim since there is no reason in the world that anyone would do that to Stack and Patterico together that I can think of unless both believe that Rep Weiner was hacked and they don’t.

    “I do not think early DW was JR9, but I do think that the DW who was interviewed by FilmLadd, was likely JR9.”

    And if you bothered to do the work others did you’d realize you were wrong.


    She also knew my age and she kept on telling me that she trusted me because I was being honest and trying to help them out.

    Please ask all the questions that you want. [ … ]



    How did she know your age?

    Did you tell her in a Direct Message?

    Did you ask her how old she was?

  3. Dear Greg Beato,

    Do you want to see fake Direct Messages I’ve gotten the last five months?

    Why do you trust every one sided DM convo Goatsred shows you?

    • This part is great…i wish greg would putnew parts in new posts or highlight them somehow:

      Also note that Tamale102280 has been attacking me on Mike’s behalf the last few days. She claimed to speak for Dan Wolfe and Mike told me she emailed Andrew Breitbart all of Dan’s stuff…but since Mike wrote the DM about phone numbers I think he’s lying.

      Why would Mike openly tweet breitbart if Dan already emailed him stuff?

      05/18/11: At 9:39 AM Pacific, Tamale102280 tweets: “@patriotusa76 I got your message. Just can’t reply. I’m going to look at what you said and then I’m going to logoff for a bit.” Two minutes later, she tweets, “@patriotusa76 All I can say about that is holy shit. And I’m off.” At 11:36 AM Pacific, Redrivergrl tweets, “@tamale102280 So you saw her tweets too?!? Wish I would have!” At 12:49 PM Pacific, Tamale102280 tweets, “@redrivergrl yes, I saw them. She was pissed.” (Source: screen-cap 1, screen-cap 2)

      Notes: On the previous day, PatriotUSA76, Goatsred, Tamale102280, and Redrivergrl all exchanged tweets with Starchild111 as they tried to convince her that Weiner was some she shouldn’t trust or even be interacting with. Weirdly, though, none of them explicitly reference Starchild111’s outburst against Weiner in their tweet-streams.

      It’s possible, however, that Tamale102280 and Redrivergrl are talking about Starchild111 in the exchange cited above. (If they are, it sounds as if Starchild111 may have deleted her tweets quickly.)

      In addition, Goatsred does eventually tweet Starchild111 later in the day. (See below.)

      But given the attention the Bornfreecrew has been devoting to Weiner, and given how corrupt they believe him to be, their response — or rather their lack of it –to Starchild111’s tirade seems odd. You’d think they’d make more of Starchild111’s allegations against Weiner, as these allegations portray him in a fairly bad — or at least mockable — light.

  4. Look at the 2 posts that @DonnysPoodle inked back to in condemning Darrah.

    A married couple both have HIV and they got pregnant again. Darrah not wanting a baby to possibly contract HIV is a bad thing??

    There are also 2 women named Violet Blue. One of them sued a porn star, porn star has no money, lost the court case, and had to go back to porn full time after she lost her case. Darrah was upset at the Violet who sued though the porn star was using the name first.

    So she doesn’t want a baby to get HIV. She also doesn’t want Violet Blue the porn star to lose her name which made her go back into porn full time because she had no more money. This Darrah is a devil woman, I tell ya. Bring in the guillotine!!

    • Excellent points, Observer…

      Are you in Anonymiss?

      Are you Cara or Kristina or Lisa Lockwood or Debbie or Femme or Stef or one of many other women in our mostly female cast?

      How long have you been observing? Before or after May 27?

      • Anonymiss, or even Anony-nearmiss?

        OH NOES!!

        And me, tryna run a respectable blog too.

        Go figure.

        At first I thought Observer was Jennifer George, o-or maybe Tristan Taormino, who was always a pain in the ass, but hell, “O” could be anybody on my softball team. ;-P

        Who’s on first?

        Who’s on top?

        Smoking or non-smoking?

  5. Nothing to do with anything, just a morning peek.

  6. A very good peak though, and much appreciated.

    We need all the light around here we can get, and of course light has everything to do with everything.

    Good morning! 🙂

  7. OH NOES!! 😀

  8. Excuse me, i have to go get some striped fluffies at the mall, lolz. Winning!

  9. Striped?

    I dunno. I’m kind of partial to the 3 tone solid, or maybe the “sully”…

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