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  1. Want to hear a story of a certain someone who terrorized a woman after she left porn? What he did to her and informed her new neighbors & bosses what she use to do for a living? She’s overcome all of this and has remarkably changed her life turning around her life now for the better. But many things she and her family still to this day can not overcome and are still trying to deal with the overwhelming damage that was done to their family. All of this was reported to the police.

    If he had only left them alone. If he had only stopped when they pleaded him to. If he had only learned his lesson after being part of a felony conspiracy plot that helped bring down a politician. But he & his friends squeal like the pigs that they are when their victims stand up to them. They all start squealing that they’re “victims and they’re being stalked” whenever a spotlight is on them.

    You will never know the amount of pain and suffering you’ve inflicted on so many people. You will never know the overwhelming damage you’ve inflicted on so many women. You’ll never go through or understand how your actions have altered the lives of so many people.

    I hope and pray you & your past/current friends suffer for all the sins you’ve committed. You have no one to blame but yourselves. You deserve far worse done to you. There’s a spot in hell with your names on it waiting for you. None of you are victims. Karma will be very cruel to you all.

  2. Maybe you should start a blog. Unless you actually provide links or name names this does absolutely nothing except pile on.

    I’m tired of hearing about law enforcement probes and lawsuits that only seem to exist on the internet.

    Please stop writing long screeds which detract from non-fluffy music videos and links to actual vile deeds committed and stated.

  3. Patterico and Liberty Chick spin Socrates defeat into victory over “Judge Fatfuck”

    Lowlights from Socrates comments spinning his defeat:

    “I gave you this scoop, donkeytale. It’s not on DFQ2 or anywhere else. It’s possible Liberty Chick tweeted something. I emailed her last night. Nonetheless, you seem to have made blogging history. And later on when I get my facts straight, you will learn that the phrase “top of the zeitgeist,” was uttered and not by me. It was both a very surreal and entertaining show. ”


    “I done good. I was like Perry Mason. Judge Fatfuck What’shisname had no choice but to declare me the winner. This will take time to properly socratise. There is no time limit. I also have all that other stuff which got deleted by the court which I can now repost.”


    “Liberty Chick is a definite sweetie, but she already has a boyfriend.

    She does write some things I don’t like, but she is one of the more open-minded debaters. Perhaps a left-right romance can work. It’s got the mechanics for Hegelian dialectics or something.

    I asked her if perhaps Breitbart will let us cowrite an article and/or publish one of mine going solo. It’s not like I am allowed on Huffington or DKos. I realise it would be the equivalent of Olbermann working for Fox News. Oh my, as Dick Enberg would say. Alas has been overused.

    Perhaps I could try Firedoglake at some point. Anyway, blogspot does quite well by its bloggers for google search rankings. Just look at it how it propelled Francis Holland to big man in small pond status. So I kind of don’t need nothing from nobody.”

    I wouldn’t blog on it for Patterico. Or maybe. I don’t know. I don’t really like the tone of his joint. It’s got too much of that stereotypical libtard versus repiglican juice.”

    • Few ironies more mirthful than Socrates denigrating anybody for being obese. (LOL)

      Judge “Fatfuck” should be on guard though, some say that Soc’s a loose cannon…

  4. Ron Brynaert, I’m not going to go back months in my files to pull up what has been played out publicly for everyone to see. It’s all there and it happened. I and many others witnessed the whole show. Do you expect me to post a screen cap for every sentence I write to you? Or go digging for a link for every phrase I utter?

  5. Yeah. Working at the Bunny Ranch. With her daughter.

    Let me know when she’s ready to make a statement.
    I’ll not draft a defense on Scribd.

  6. What was done to her family, extended family, and former in-laws has nothing to do with her time in porn. She never did anything directly to you. Her credibility now far surpasses anything you think you have. She’s worked hard to fix her life and to my surprise straightened out her life.

    You have far more skeletons in your closet than she has.

    How many porn websites do you own again?

  7. This reads like Breitbart associates edited it…

    anyway, i don’t care if Soc makes these edits before he goes to prison or not but if he cares about accuracy…and I guess the only reason I’m writing this is because otherwise I’ll be mocked for ignoring it…

    it’s as hard-hitting as james o’keefe stuff..just a bunch of connect the dots even if some of the dots aren’t really dots bullshit…

    “Executive editor Ron Brynaert used to be a regular participant years ago at BradBlog.”

    “He ran a website called Watching the Watchers with Ron Brynaert.”

    Both are a huge reach….but neither I guess is technically wrong.

    Dustin and Aaron Worthing were probably more regular participants at BradBlog than I ever was. I don’t know what that even means. I left a few comments there, I had my own blog, then I worked at Raw Story. I wrote a few guest blog posts in the last year. He asked me to run the blog for free in March and I said no. That is all. I can’t stand Brad anymore…he is too partisan and covers for Jason Leopold who makes up stories and was fired from RS.

    I had nothing to do with Anthony’s blog. He did make me a guest poster there and I think I might have crossposted a few posts from but he deleted his site. We were both interested in election reform….and we both included examples of Democratic and GOP funny business unlike anyone else

    But I stopped focusing on that way back in 2005…partly because there’s too many weirdos involved. He’s weird…and last I heard he was a right winger.

    Raw Story rocked when I ran it from 2007 to 2010 (except for Stephen Webster stories lol) but it sucks now. And Kimberlin had nothing to do with Raw Story when I was there. But if he did I’d have no reason to hide it.

  8. @DonnysPoodle, where did ya go? Went back running behind your main protected Twitter account?

  9. …As for your certain pornstar whos family was harassed, im the keeper of the dbase so i no all…if you want to argue about it, lets do it…The only 2 pornstars whos family was allegedly harassed were Monica Foster

    Who we pretty much proved posted alot of things and threats herself, and Andy San Dimas, whos sister was harassed by Coke Stevenson and a chick name Cali lecleric..
    This is all pending litigation so its not a secret..

    I love who you guys rally behind, maybe if Oswald was alive you could recruit him to

  10. Well anyway, it is bath time.

    And eggs. More eggs, including, note, the dark green emu egg. 🙂

  11. Sean TRPWL this has nothing to do with you or your database. This was before your time. This has nothing to do with you at all. Why are you here sticking your nose into something you know nothing about? You do this constantly thinking the world revolves around you when it doesn’t. Mind your own business and stay out of shit that doesn’t involve you.

    He goes crying to you after I busted him. He knows exactly which former porn star & her family & her former in-laws were harassed, threatened, and their homes broken into.

    The nerve of you to once again get involved in a situation that you know nothing about and has nothing to do with you. But you’re just like all the rest in that crew. You cause the problems, purposely stir up shit to get a reaction, then start crying that we’re the ones “harassing” you. This has nothing at all to do with you. Run along now and leave this to the adults.

    • Goatsred did not make this anti-Desi-Foxx post

      Human Garbage

      Registered: 07/07/08
      Posts: 1611
      Loc: Hell

      Hi all! It’s Desi Foxx here. Thanks Cam for the nice comments and to everyone else for putting this douchbag in her place. She’s not getting anywhere on any of the forums. You see, Flea on My Ass, even if they don’t like us, they will always hate you so much more. No one wants your shriveled up ass anywhere so go choke on your own shit!

      You’re just a dried up ole cunt who can’t get laid. In one of your other posts here, you say you ask lots of questions. Well, you never asked us any to know WTF you’re talking about. You can’t even read straight to get the facts straight on dissing us and you have no concept of porn or production so you just keep proving what an idiot you are.

      I luv the comments someone else said about never seeing a mom who’s so pissed about her daughter not getting laid with regards to our blacklisting. Now that’s a hilarious point of view so I can’t diss that

      See, Parasite, if you were half as entertaining as you were a fucking dried up wasted piece of foreskin, someone might actually talk back to you. Instead, the shit comes from your mouth so freely, we all wonder who’s asshole you’re sucking it out of????


      Hey cunt! I’m the one that put YOU in your place when I exposed you for the lying cunt that you are. If you hadn’t left comments on my blog and LIB saying I got my facts wrong, then I wouldn’t have exposed you. You edit your posts and then say I got my facts wrong. How did I get my facts wrong when you finally slithered back to my blog admitting that yes you did edit your posts? I got my facts wrong when you are the one that edited the facts??

      I don’t have sex with my mother and promote it to the world. You’re old and couldn’t get into porn successfully now if you tried. So you convince your daughter to fuck you so you can make a living. And yes, bragging about you and Elli taking turns on the same guy is incest because body fluids between you and your daughter are being exchanged because of the guy. You also brag how he took turns giving facials to both you and Elli at the same time. Don’t throw sister porn stars under the bus trying to make you look any better. Siblings doing porn is far more accepted than parent and child doing porn together.

      Get off your lazy worthless ass and make a living on your own without pimping your daughter!

      No one here put me in my place slut. The ones that are against me have been since day one. So it has nothing to do with you pimp.

      I’m a dried up ole cunt? I’m half your age slut! YOU are the dried up old cunt who can’t find a job and make your own living without having to pimp your daughter. You are the one taking your other children on the Tyra Banks show to humiliate them all for your “career”. And don’t fucking say you turned it down because I have the screencaps of your own edited post that still had in you were going on a “National Talk Show” where they would fly out your family and pay for counselling for them after what you’re going to put them through.

      Just because I’m opposed to incest doesn’t mean I can’t get laid whore. You are the one that couldn’t get laid without this gimmick of mother/daughter porn “stars” fucking each other on camera. You are having sex with your daughter because body fluids are being exchanged. Did he get up and shower before fucking your daughter so none of your nasty shit would get in her?

      You brag on ADT how you use to walk around in a bikini in front of your young son and his friends when they were younger. So you couldn’t find a man your own age and resorted to getting comments from little boys? You’re having sex with your daughter in porn which probably means you were abusing her while she was underage. You are a sadistic, demonic, worthless, trailer park white trash gutter truck stop cunt! Do porn on your own instead of convincing your daughter to fuck you on camera!

      Stop leaving comments on my blog and LIB saying I got my facts wrong because I will continue exposing you as the liar and vile cunt that you are. I am the one that put you in your place by providing Gene Ross’ article on your post which still said Maury Povich’s name in it while on your blog had already been edited out. If you’re so proud of exploiting your daughter and fucking her to make a few bucks for your lazy, old, hag ass, then stand by what you wrote instead of editing the posts and having the audacity to then say I got my facts wrong when you edited the facts. You love my blog and similar blogs because no one would know who the fuck you are if it wasn’t for us. My blog name is Babylon. Look it up degenerate and see what it means. That’s why I talk about the travesty that is adult incest porn and the acceptance of it throughout most of porn.

      The porn world is different than the regular civilian world. Many in the outside world would never accept Max Hardcore and would never accept you while the porn world does. The porn world (Sharon Mitchell and Bill Margold) tried to cover up Marc Wallice knowingly infecting his costars with HIV while the outside world would have lynched him.

      I don’t blame Elli. She’s been abused her entire life to now think fucking her mother in porn is okay. I don’t blame her because she is a product of her environment. I blame you 100% and will blame you if anything horrible happens to her. But you wouldn’t care if anything horrible happened to her. You would only care about losing your meal ticket whose coattails you are riding on. Fuck off and choke on your own enema juice cunt!

  12. Jeez…porn-chicks get in a brawl and curse like muthafuckin’ longshoremen.

    Who woulda thought?

    While I do not accept Max Hardcore, I DO accept Max Headroom as my personal savior, on a 90 day free-trial basis.

    Gotta admit though, I’m feelin’ kinda like a namby-pamby softball spinster schoolmarm Librarian from Branson Missouri or some shit, because I have no idea who Sharon Mitchell, Bill Margold, or Mark Wallice are.

    Musta led a sheltered life.

    I am so lame.

    Enema juice??

    Oy! Is that even Kosher?

    Probably go good with the jenkem though…

  13. Those two arguing has nothing to do with this. Writing negative posts pales in comparison to what was done to Desi’s family. Let’s go find your own posts from that forum. That’s right. Mr. “innocent” had his friend scrub every post that was ever made. Because “innocent” people have nothing to hide. While your female friends lie about 50 people being behind that mod account which we all know is an utter lie.

    The Poodle twitter account is now active chasing after Darrah. What does anything that was linked back to harm her in any way? Unless you support women with HIV having children, then what’s the problem? Unless you approve another woman suing for the name a porn star was using first, then what’s the problem? You’ve failed again.

  14. Great series of articles Ron. Not to go off topic Ron or KK or Observer, but here is another post about Seth Allen along with courtroom audio.

    Courtroom audio here

    And here:

    Thanks KK for your blog..


    • Totally on topic. Couldn’t be more so

      Thanx for sharing that with us Lefty. It’s exactly what I was wondering.

      Now we know.

      Luckily the Del Tacos here are open all night, and while I don’t normally consume corporate cusine, this three taco deal seems unusually satisfying somehow, and while I don’t usually watch videos while I dine, this one’s definitely workin’ for me. 🙂

      A few choice recent quotes from Soc come to mind…

      “I was the smartest person in the room”

      “I was Perry Mason” (LOL)

      And from the audio track of the vid itself:

      “Mandy ratted me out”

      Hello gun store! (LOL)

      • I know, it was hilarious..To hear him and then see him is just amazing. And that he has such luminaries as Frey and Breitbart standing tall for him just makes it all the better. I guess that shows the kind of people that hang out with them.That Mandy ratted me out part was truly hilarious. Gun store lol is dead on fact…..Just hilarious stuff..

        Thank you again for your blog KK…

      • hmmm

        socrates won me over early because i felt bad for him, then he started TROLLING IN THE COURT ROOM! not sure why he thinks BK is on “federal parole” or why it would matter..

        when he started talking about the breitbart gang i felt bad for him again…..then he lost me again….Mandy was the only one that acted responsibly in that posse (except she’s the only one that shouldn’t have done it since she’s the only one that’s a journalist and she screwed her source..she did the right thing but her boss or especially Frey should have called the police)….maybe someday someone will corner Andrew Breitbart on this to find out his take.

        (please post all the audio you can, great job, I’ll update my post tomorrow with linkage……)

      • Concerning Mr. Seth Allen’s driver’s license photo, I would same the same thing that I said about that $14,000-a- night hotel room in Dubai where Snooki took me for my birthday last year.

        And that is:

        “Nice rug!” 🙂

    • Donde esta video, por favor?

  15. Oh and the wordpress account I logged in here with is not in use at present, rather the blogger account in the above link is active.

    Thank you all for your posts. I read them as much as I can. Very interesting discussions indeed.

  16. It was Pat’s job to turn in Seth to the police. How would his bosses at the DA’s office like knowing that he didn’t report this to the police? 😀

  17. Yeah, I wuz totally outta the loop (been busy with my sewing circle y’know) when Mandy tweeted about someone that I had “targeted”, saying something about murdering someone, which, well–duh! I guess I get, but what that had to do with me exactly, is beyond me, and I wonder if in retrospect, she still feels that that was a shrewd move.

    Angry ghosts of Juarez whisper ’bout big bad bug from #BlogCon11…

    Heap big gris-gris mojo ju-ju yas-yas…

    Not even #NavySeals medicine help now.

    Me? I’d pray.

    But then I’m sort of quaint like that.

    Aren’t I?

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