SO LONG SILVIO! (bye-bye bunga-bunga)

Stake my future on a hell of a past
Looks like tomorrow is a comin’ on fast
Ain’t complaining ’bout what I got
Seen better days but who has not

Honest as the next jade rolln’ that stone
When I come around don’t you throw me no bone
I’m an old boll weevil lookn’ for a home
If you don’t like it you can leave me alone

I can tell you fancy I can tell you plain
You give something up for everything you gain
Since every pleasure’s got an edge of pain
Pay for your ticket and don’t complain

Silver & gold
Won’t buy back the beat
Of a heart run cold
I gotta go
Find out something
Only dead men know

–Elston Gunn


51 Responses to “SO LONG SILVIO! (bye-bye bunga-bunga)”

  1. This is a threat by criminal thug Benjamin Grier who is telling me not to “cry” about multiple threats to kick me in the head.

    I got a strange call on my phone last night shortly before he sent tweets to me pretending to apologize. Telling me I shouldn’t “cry” I interpret as a threat not to go to the police.

    I’m not crying, Ben, Doug and DA John Patrick Frey. I sent the evidence to a law enforcement agency, already.!/doctorwarbucks/status/135630071762386944

    • Dear Doug,

      None of your offensive tweets and blogs “humiliate” me if that’s your intention.

      They do scare the living shit out of me, since everyone I know in the world who reads your tweets thinks you’re pretty scary.

      Mandy Nagy directly works with Doug…and they both are helping Mike Stack and Patterico.

      Mandy Nagy directly works for Andrew Breitbart.

      Scary twitterers like DefendWallSt and DonnysPoodly and Sean Tompkins are helping Mandy so they are helping Andrew Breitbart.

      Andrew Breitbart may think he’s kept his name out of this for five months, but unless he sends Doug or Ben to my house – which he might – sooner or later his ties to these pornographic thugs will come out.

  2. Another alleged DM from fake teen girl #2 to Mike Stack the self-proclaimed pervert who stalks adult film stars in his spare time:

    “we have the links for you mike. we ask that only you see these links not dana or andrew. just download the pics and send to them,”

    Mike Stack – who is defended by everyone on Team Breitbart – sent everything he had to Andrew Breitbart.

  3. Strange comments by Patterico…um…and did he correct his article after exchanging emails with Neal Rauhauser?


    Christopher has talked to them, I think. I certainly had the impression that he met them and the parents in person.

    Comment by Patterico — 6/5/2011 @ 9:37 pm

    “Christopher has talked to them, I think. I certainly had the impression that he met them and the parents in person.”

    I don’t trust Christopher at all…

    Comment by soren — 6/5/2011 @ 9:39 pm

    I don’t necessarily trust Christopher on his judgments; I would want him to show me the evidence (and I’m certain he feels the same about me).

    But I believe that if he makes a blanket statement like “I met the girls in person” that he would not be lying. I hope he would say the same about me.

    Comment by Patterico — 6/5/2011 @ 9:42 pm

    “But I believe that if he makes a blanket statement like “I met the girls in person” that he would not be lying. I hope he would say the same about me.”

    True, but Tommy doesn’t say that he met them in person(or I don’t think so after skimming the peice again)… this is what he said:

    “Since I have only now been able to verify this story (and the identities of the two girls), I was unable to divulge any of this until now. ”

    That’s not very deep…

    Comment by soren — 6/5/2011 @ 9:54 pm

    soren: true.

    And I can’t guarantee he met them in person. But I certainly had that impression.

    Comment by Patterico — 6/5/2011 @ 10:05 pm

    UPDATE: Breitbart tweets:

    Last chance to join the #FollowBreitbart juggernaut! (Well, not really.) #Weinergate taking new turn tomorrow in AM.


    Comment by Patterico — 6/5/2011 @ 10:30 pm

    Leave underage girls out of this story.

    Excuse me: I did not inject them into the story.

    Comment by Patterico — 6/6/2011 @ 6:39 am


    Markos did refuse to edit my diary that had the girl’s DM screenshot in it – why would he?

    I assumed those messages were 20 something male trolls – 4chan, Something Awful, Encyclopedia Dramatica, etc.

    Someone from DK called me the next morning, assured me the people involved were actually minors, and I redacted the image about ten minutes later.

    So it’s a tiresome little smear attempt, the facts are publicly known, and that’s that. Please correct your story? Feel free to email me for further details if you’d like …

    Neal Rauhauser

    Comment by Stranded Wind — 6/6/2011 @ 9:41 am

    “Kos refused but the diarist ultimately relented.” Was that line in the story there before or did Patterico exchange emails with Neal and fix it?

  4. Ron Brynaert Says:
    November 13, 2011 at 2:31 pm

    uh oh

    will qritiq delete my comment

    …she knows damn well the redgoat quote is from the classy March of 2011 post where Mike had all his vicious comments deleted:

    But Redgoat is a classy guy and he edited the forum so he took out a few names but left the N word and lots of other classy stuff.

    (you can see that Mike’s handle on comments that specifically use the N word…and he left it)


    Mike gets a pass because we can’t prove he menaced and stalked women using his name after March of 2011. Too bad.


    redgoat says:
    July 18, 2010 at 8:44 am

    Andrew has been changing the media since day one.
    He is truly an inspiration and a real American.
    PS—This site AWD is f’in awesome.

  6. It’s always sunny in porn, according to Mike Stack:

    redgoat Says:

    I like what HoustonDon has to say!!

    Darrah: “You make it seem like this industry is full of rainbows and butterflies when it’s mostly a sewer of lost souls being abused, manipulated, conned, and robbed constantly by the people who run this industry. Many leave this industry in more debt than when they had first entered it. Many leave this industry as drug addicts when they never touched drugs before. Many leave this industry with STDs when they never had them before.”

    Prove it–some names or at least examples.
    Or, you’ve been “told”, like your “favorite OP/ED” stance
    July 8th, 2010 at 9:47 p

  7. Weinergate pretty much started when Ginger Lee tweeted about Rep. Weiner on March 13.

    Is it really that shocking we can’t find any evidence of Mike Stack even being on the porn boards after he edited comments as late as March 10 on the “Die of Aids” posts?

  8. Lane Lipton logic:

    Calling different women the c word and posting online that you hope they die of AIDS or get run over by a porn star is okay as long as you did it six months ago and never apologized to anyone you tormented and get your pals and the Breitbart gang to continue the hunt.

    • Mike Stack wrote this in January of 2009 and he is exchanging tweets on his private twitter account with people saying vile things about the same person (who may or may not exist but let’s assume does and is a woman for this comment0:

      “No, I just know not to look a gift horse in the mouth. Kind of like when your daddy shoves his cock in your mouy=th, and I’m sure you’re a horse.”

      He never apologized but Lane Lipton thinks it’s wrong to criticize Mike for writing that on Darrah’s blog because it discussed the porn industry and happened over two years ago.

      And Lane refuses to look at this link I sent her multiple times:

      • Now Ron, you musn’t confuse or conflate any of this as misogyny, or any kind of negative attitude toward women.

        Everyone knows that misogyny is when somebody criticizes Mandy Nagy, or any of her friends like Dougie, Benjie, Mikey, TRPWL, Mr. Whiteacre etc

        After all, Mandy is a woman (I think), and as such, beyond reproach.

        Unlike that skank ho cunt bitch Darrah Ford.

      • I’m damaging the reputations of porn forum mods who harass women, according to feminist and all-American good guy DonnysPoodle

        But Doug and Ben are good guys who are just joking when they make vile tweets and they – like Mike Stack and Mandy Nagy and Patericoco and Breitbart – can’t be blamed even though the poodle and Sean Tompkins are still menacing me, partially on their behalf.

      • “…and happened over two years ago.”

        Dude, that’s ancient history.

        Two years?

        I’d say the cut-off time is three months, max.

        Like I told Jared Laughner on the phone the other day:

        KK: “Yeah, I dunno man, these people are still pissed off about the parking lot thing–I just don’t get it, so long ago…do you remember, that was the season on Jersey Shore when Snooki vomited on “The Situation’s” speedo.

        JL: WTF? That was years ago, and these people are still carrying a grudge? Pretty low-chakra spiritual development, if you ask me!

        KK: Yeah, some idiots just live in the past. My life coach/guru, Sri Mengele, says they should just get over it. So long ago, and still bellyaching? Sheeesh!

      • Apologies, kid, my math might be off. The Speedway Bombings were in 1978 and that clearly must have taken place after March of 2011 since Patterico, Dustin and Liberty Chick won’t give it a rest.

        Not that i’m comparing a convicted bomber (who i believe may have been railroaded and former Solicitor General Erwin Griswold is a much more distinguished lawyer than the socks at to a porn forum mod who adopted the satanic handle Redgoat and menaced women…

        Of course not….but July of 2010 must surely have happened long before 1978 since Lane Lipton aka Qritiq won’t even consider it.

        Darrah, you are a worthless cunt.

        Don’t worry about who I am talking to and what I am doing, just like you say to me.
        So, to make a blanket statement saying that I would be blamed if something happened to you is reckless. Frankly, I hope you get hit by a car in Malden driven by an ex-porn star. And, I wouldn’t go near that slum, so they’d have no reason to blame me.

        As far as babbling about the “real world”, I think you have a very blurred line as to what the real world is. You go to the factory to work every day, come home and tweet to faceless “followers”. That’s not the real world.
        The real world is Freedom Of Speech and this right I will continue to apply to my hatred of you.
        So, get off your soapbox and get real.
        Nobody gives a fuck about you like they don’t about me.
        You seem to take this internet thing too seriously.
        Dry up and drop off of the face of this earth.
        July 21st, 2010 at 2:08 p

      • And a gossip blog about the porn industry must be an appropriate place to menace Darrah Ford and other women in and around the adult film industry. he, they work in the industry so they should expect to get slandered with threats (but wow Dustin is really, really menacing Qritiq on the twitter by calling her a liar, right, better call the Air Force for that!)

        Mr. Whiteacre (Qritiq redacted his name even though she’s been provided links to his menacing of women and I guess darrah not afford to click on) and Mr. Tompkins leave vile comments at this blog and sock puppet all the time…but don’t ask Mr. I mean Mrs. Lane to go to the blog and look. She picks and chooses what to “probe.”

      • Reply to Kid at November 13, 2011 at 9:09 pm:

      • Ron, old sport, would you have any idea what, if anything, this is a reply to?

        Maybe it’s this industrial-grade dipropyltryptamine, but it’s over my head…

      • Did Mandy email you that, Lane?

        I believe the technical term is “alinskying the situation.”

        As in, I believe that Qritiq is “Alinksying the situation” on behalf of Liberty_Chick (one should note that Qritiq said she doesn’t care about the Stack vs. Ford above…but here she is claiming Mandy has been targeted by the person she accuses of being Darrah Ford).

        That was the night Mandy’s buddy ToddMcKinnon – another fake lawyer – menaced OccupySomething for hours. Mandy made a similar tweet on Friday regarding me after he porn buddies drunkenly tweeted me for hours…and after her boyfriend threatened me.

        But Mandy tweeted this before that referring to who she thinks OccupySomething is (she thinks it’s DarrahFord aka Dan Wolfe):

        Then there are tweets from earlier days:

  9. Did GC give Direct Messages she allegedly shared with Rep. Weiner about sock puppets to The New York Times?

    They would actually contact Rep. Weiner and find out if they were bogus or not, wouldn’t they…not Patterico.

    • Gennette Cordova ducked The New York Times for days….

      Why didn’t she send screencaps of alleged conversations she had with Rep. Weiner about fake teenagers on May 28th to the press or mention that conversation specifically in her statement to the New York Daily News?

  10. Eh, by the way, have you noticed Patterico’s last several tweets have been all quotes from ‘Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas’?

    This is the first instance I’ve seen of a possible sense of humor in the big P.

    Has he run amok on acid & ether?

    Is he slumped in the front seat of his Hummer at a stoplight trying to “screw his head back on to his neck-pipe”?

    If I can find his email address, I think I’ll invite him over to do some salvia and some of this easter-egg hash.

    That would rock!

    • I feel dumb for not recognizing the lines…

      Even though it’s more like a TV movie I think I like Where The Buffalo Roam more.

      “You couldn’t invent someone like Carl Lazlo. He was a… he was one of a kind. He was a mutant. A real heavyweight water buffalo type… who could chew his way through a concrete wall and spit out the other side covered with lime and chalk and look good in doing it. ”

      No Hunter S. Thompson could write that about Patterico or the perhaps imaginary Aaron Worthing since they are too chickenshit to put their pictures online or are both fictional.

  11. I love Ron
    He trades tons of emails with me, and basically gives up info on everyone, including you KK.
    Up until a week ago, when I wouldn’t give him access to the 911 tapes that I have in my possession of the swatting incident on June 22/23 of this year, he was my “pal”
    I also told him that I was tired of him always trying to swerve me when I had a theory on a part of the swatting incident or ID’s of Twitter sock accounts. I copied others so they would see that I no longer was going to communicate with him, and he started these diatribes again.
    He spent six weeks telling me that he felt bad about what happened to me, that I seem like a different person, and that he felt that I was set up.
    He also promised never to write stuff like this again. All in emails that I posess.
    He seemed way too eager to get his hands on the 256 emails and DM’s from Dan Wolfe that I have in my possession. Way too eager. In fact, at some point,he accused me of “ducking” him because I wouldn’t discuss it for awhile. I woldn’t because I knew it would come to this. AGAIN.
    Last week , he wrote me an email telling me that he would no LONGER harass me or my friends, nor write about the porn things ( which I can care less about anymore) if I didn’t block him from my tweets.
    I also had things taken down and scrubbed because of assholes like you two. You are not content with the fact that my mugshot and personal info was and is all over the place, but why not continue to drag it through the mud? You enjoy that, right KK??
    You enjoy it as much as you claim that I enjoyed torturing people on those boards. Yeah, this nonsense bothered me at first. I laid low.
    But did you ever do any research? Nope. You should look at some archives. You have Wonder-Boy Ron at your side, who loves to dig up dirt on me ( and you, which I will post elsewhere) . 99% of those who encountered DF said worse if not MUCH worse ( to quote her favorite saying about me) than I did.
    As to the rest of yor posts and stuff said against me, it’s not even worth wasting too much more time, because it’s only going to get ignored anyway.
    1-The DM that Ron, not Fucking Roy, posted was from my iPhone,which he already asked me about when we spoke. But it’s easier to ridicule when you think I’m going to just sit down and cower at his accusations.
    2-The redgoat name and symbol came from a decade ago. If yo look up Images on BING and type it in, that is where yo will find where it originally came from.
    As for the part of “satanic rituals”–does that hit home for you? Or your wife???
    Certainly not for me. I’m just someone who is ridiculed by a older than middle-aged short man who looks a little like Santee-Claus and has a very bad taste in music.

  12. I need to edit some “u’s”

  13. Thar ye be. Starting at comment #14: the Wit & Wisdom of Goatsred.

    Some highlights in this tedious screed include:

    –Editing some “u’s”

    –A link to Dreamsend333 “Hacking the Googler” post–as side splitting hilarious as it always was

    –Reference to “satanic rituals”, somehow having to do with my “wife”, plus ridicule from bad-music “Santee Claus” (watch out for the lawn gnomes!)

    Mazel tov! 🙂

  14. For someone who claims that 50 people were behind that porn forum mod account of his, he sure did try everything to threaten the owners of that forum to take down all of his posts. Which only proves once again that every single word he wrote on there came from him and not these 50 other people which @Zapem claims to have been handling then account.

    DF also doesn’t have a criminal record for beating women or threatened and stalked others to their homes. Let’s ask Desi what was done recently to her, her family, and to their homes. Let’s pull up those police reports they filed before she knew what her stalker’s real name was. Tick, tock.


  15. Hey Neal/Observer–

    The posts came down with the help of the mod Lou. Check him out. DM him. (since you spent so much time on the site)
    How many lawsuits can you possibly file?
    Whatever happened with the neat,tidy little package you sent to the FBI about me hacking Rep. Weiner’s Twitter account??
    They’ve been very inquisitive of you and gathering info from the person that you are stalking. Tick Tock.
    Um, I’m sure you won’t have a problem letting us know what you’ve done with all of the money you’ve been collecting since PPST, including Bitcoins.

    /wave Darcy Burner

  16. Yes post it. Let sleeping dogs awaken showing where the real dogs lie. Goat, you’re an idiot. But you knew that right lol?

  17. I confess to falling for Mike’s pity act for five months…but a few weeks ago he asked me to get on the phone with Thomas Ryan from Provide Security and then he sent me an email that accidentally showed that it had been cc’d to Andrew Breitbart and Patterico. So I became suspicious.

    His friends have menaced me for a month and he has yet to condemn them in email or by twitter and, yet, continues to play the martyr.

    I thought Mike was duped…but now I know he’s either working hand-in-hand with the Breitbart gang or he completely punk’d them, like he punks everyone else.

    From: Mike Stack
    To: “”
    Sent: Monday, November 7, 2011 12:01 PM
    Subject: RE

    Waking up and seeing tweets automatically attacking Breitbart for what Sean at TRPWL or anybody has to do with Darrah is bothersome enough to me.

    But, the capper is, bringing in Sam Seder,someone who hates Andrew in on your attack. For what reason?

    So you get a chance to attack Andrew indirectly and then piggy-back on what Sam says??

    I’m not going to be a part of this anymore Ron.

    I’m going to help myself and contine to utilize the talents of the people around me.

    This is the kind of behavior that has kept me from ever sharing any legit,possibly helpful info with you.

    I found out who my friends were/are on June 1st.

    Neither Mandy, Pat, Doug, TRPWL,Lee, or Andrew or the other assorted people have tweeted nasty things about me, or cared that I had anything to do with being a “porn mod”,.

    This is about loyalty and truth for me.

    • Bravo Ron.
      You really got me . And, as usual, your twisted version of reality sets in.
      Guess (sob) you really (sob) played along and pretended to me….(no no) my friend…
      Print the ones where you beg me not to block you on Twitter, and that you won’t harass us anymore/print lies.
      I’m sure you still have those.
      Goodbye, cruel world!

      • Mike,

        I’m investigating a story and you block your tweets preventing me from doing research.

        Did you delete a tweet from 5:30 am on May 28 asking Breitbart to DM you so you can send him phone numbers?

        Why did you lie and tell Andrew Breitbart you had Dan’s phone number?

        And you are Alinskying the situation. I have never harassed or menaced anyone. I’m reporting on a story. If I get a fact wrong, I fix it. You horrible people are menacing me and pretending the opposite.

        You and your friends look scary to any normal person. I’d suggest having someone other than DonnysPoodle or a dude with glowing red eyes making the attacks against me might make them more effective.

        But, Mike, your friends are menacing Darrah Ford who you menaced for years. Make your tweets public so the world can see what you’re doing.

        Also, Mandy, I do intend to sue you for falsely claiming I plagiarize. You must not even understand the meaning of the word since I have no clue how I can plagiarize someone who doesn’t even really blog or write.

        But that’s a serious accusation. I proved you do it. You just slandered me…and I’ll be suing Breitbart for that since his name is on your profile. But that won’t be for months and months. I want to deal with this nightmare first.

        Silly Lane is now complaining Neal is sexist. Everything is about her. What a clown.

      • People that insist Mike has changed really should read his history.

        This is what he always does.

        Pretends to be threatened, gets his friends to help harass, then mocks you for complaining about his harassment (even though he’s cried and made up ridiculous stories for five months about himself).

        Mike really plays people. But his last resort is always to mock with fake “sobs”. Sean likes to play that game, too.

        You can’t have it both ways. It’s absurd.

  18. There’s this great new invention called Google where if you spend enough time on it throwing around a few words together …. magic happens. 🙂

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