11 Responses to “11/11/11”

  1. i think assassin cat says #OWS or George Soros should fire everyone in zuccotti park, i’m not sure since i didn’t drop out of high school and then go to a top law school:


    “By the way, if Paterno and others were fired for knowing about sexual assaults and reporting it to the university but not to the police… what about all those Occupy Wall Street types who do the same thing? Just wonderin’.”

  2. Patternico?

  3. From: neal rauhauser
    To: Ron Brynaert
    Sent: Friday, November 11, 2011 12:40 PM
    Subject: Saw this thought of you

    No response needed, I’ve blocked you, everyone around Weinergate, that ridiculous Peter Pavel thing, which is obviously Pat, etc.
    But it did make me smile to see that title as a suggestion after I watched King Of The Road.

  4. LOL Who is the Emperor?


    The next 11-11-11 will come in the next 100 years and Aaron W will still be a guest poster here and me the owner of the blog. Just sayin’

    Comment by The Emperor — 11/11/2011 @ 12:15 pm

    • Hadn’t heard that in a while–still sounds literally awesome.

      Good choice!

      I’ve been missing those vid shots of the desert & the rain, like little windows looking into life on the surface of another planet.

      Maybe soon? 🙂

      • Soooooon, …soon. While listening to my fave ham repeater via the internet yesterday, amid the usual chaos someone began playing Tuvan throat whistling. The users were baffled. What is that, they said, some sort of Indian music! etc. Ha ha.

  5. I’m tired of Q defending, cherry-picking and making up excuses for Mike, JP, Mandy, GC, Lee and Doug.

    I don’t trust anyone who thinks Patterico is Keyser Soze…..because I’m still not convinced that he isn’t hacked.

    I am convinced that everyone I named in the first paragraph lies and has something to hide.

  6. Alternative theory:

    Patterico attacked Jen Preston relentlessly for sloppy reporting.

    Jen Preston ignored JohnReid9 even though, at the time, she was still working on the story and we were trying to find out who had made up the fake Twitter identities to get info on Weiner. It made no sense that she wouldn’t try to talk to JohnReid9 (and that Lee Stranahan ignored johnreid9, too, and so did Ace and Dan Riehl and Liberty Chick and Doug and lots of others who have blogs and no one wanted secret DMs he was offering…the da was at work and he got suckered into taking them by Wittier).

    JohnReid9 hated Jen Preston in over the top manner.

    Patterico publishes hacked BS…but Gennette confirms some of it…so he keeps at it.

    JohnReid9 convos make Patterico mostly look bad since many are obviously fake.

    Conclusion: Jen Preston is JohnReid9 or knows who was punking Patterico.

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