Selected bon mots by Mandy Nagy aka Liberty_Chick’s beau, Xbox genius and Fred Flintstone impersonator Scott Jacobs aka Absplat Meatshit or something (I guess she goes for those brainy literary types LOL), from the comments section over at Protein Wisdom:

“@ronbryn: But that’s not what you want, is it, you sick little fuck. You
crave the attention. You NEED it.”

“@ronbryn: Have you considered that fuckwit? Maybe if you SHUT THE FUCK UP, everyone would just ignore your sad, pathetic self.”

“@andylevy You just need to get someone to run them for you in exchange for something cheap…Like chances to punch @BillSchulz:)”


“@jamie34dkm I wish you death by bear rape.”

Can’t get too much wittier than rape jokes. Yuk-yuk-yuk!

Ah, the Breitbart vanguard springing into action to save us from those immoral OWS scum degenerates.

Nice work.

More here at Qritiq’s.



  1. Taking a break in this sordid soaper for a shout-out to Our Lady of the Mashed Potatoes up in the land of 10,000 lakes, hopefully having a fine feast-day! 🙂

  2. I redacted my ip.

    I got this after I went to Doug Life’s blog. I feel so embarrassed that a demented blogger who plays games with hackers jokes about me masturbating with a phone shaped banana. That’s not hateful or gay-baiting or anything. Everyone who reads that is going to know that Doug is a player and that I’m definitely a criminal based on his silly logic.

    I’d leave a link but Doug is probably reloading his sitemeters every second trying to catch ip addresses for people who come from the master ciminal headquarters. So google Ameristroika banana.

    Subject: Bonjour
    Sent: Wed, 09 Nov 2011 02:48:13 -0500
    Bonjour Mr. Rone,

    I hope I can now make the meeting of you. For many months of the
    past I have been told of your quest. Many of the days I read of you
    mission and many days it makes me the laughs. But for now the
    comedy has become no more. You make now the situation very much

    Of all days I make most of my time filled with much work. You make
    most of your time for the days filled with making the love to your
    hand. I am wrong? Oui, oui I can tell the import of you
    investigation. (That was a funny).

    The end is nigh. And grateful I am for you making good and playing
    the game. But you understand now you must the final goal has made
    by your opponents. Here you must return home with no award, you

    I take my notes and forward them. Some be the logs of ethercap some
    found in backtrack exploits. Now you make the answer for yourself—
    ALONE. No one now can help you.

    Tell the German Mr. Neal I make the same notes on him only better.
    Tell also him he gave the mistake to never respond to me. But he
    tell the world he troll me. Make your bed and sleep with the
    untruth tellers. Logs do not lie.

    YOU []

    Tell Mr. Neal I have him also.

    Game is over

    A la prochaine

    Lt. (Peter) Pavel Leroux

    • I need a name for the other sect.

      It’s not fair to group Patterico or even Dustin in with the Red Eye crew who make disgusting jokes about sex like how women at OWS should use Occupy My Orifice or how i’m pleasuring myself with um a banana phone….but other than saying “you’re fat” or old i can’t go there.

      Even Dustin has way more class than Mandy and her gang.

      I once someone called the beer bonger and i still regret that…

      how about “liberty_trolls”?

    • Some low-grade brain damage swill here.

      Now, is this “Pavel” a Patterico sock, or what?

      The bf of Heather Fraiser?

      Now I’m REALLY fuckin’ jealous!

      And why does “Pavel” apparently speak in Spamese?

      Another spam-bot?

    • Upon further close perusal of the rather distinctively generic syntax of “Lt. (Peter) Pavel Leroux”, I’ve narrowed his/its identity down to one of two very likely possibilities. Lt. PPL is:

      A–A malfunctioning spam-bot programmed by people who don’t speak English as a first language, or possibly any language as a first language.

      B–The Zodiac Killer trying to disguise his normal way of speaking, if any.

      • A: Doug
        B: Doug
        C: Doug

        It’s the same stupid shit that he posts on his blog and twitter. It’s the same stupid shit that @ProvideSecurity and @th3j35t3r tweet.

        Read any blog post by Mr. Life or tweet. Everything he writes is similar to the stupid humor in Peter Pavel’s “publishing history.”


    • “Vulgar twitter thug” (LOL)

      Maybe not quite as hip as “criminal mastermind”, but still pretty cool.

      • That dog named after a homophobic porn star – who either leaked personal info and smeared adult film industry performers for revenge or has been smeared by that dog and Sean Tompkins who really are the ones that did it but pretend to be heroes (which is the more likely scenario) – exists to menace people but Jennifer Preston – who tweeted a few months ago about how she doesn’t deal with puppets anymore…and Patterico retweeted it – has no problem responding to him but ignoring me.

  4. “Ameristroika” (LOL)

    That Dougie’s a real class act .

    A smug, bitchy Patrick Bateman clone fratboy with very predictable, stale political views written in the exact very bland corporate prose that you would expect from a poodle-fucking porn-weasel underwear salesman.

  5. Only dines at the highest Zagat ratings.


    Reader Scott Jacobs is enlisting in the Marines. He has an Amazon wishlist if you want to help him out. Details here.

    Ok, fine… I’ll spill it.

    Within the next week, I fully intend to head to MEPS (Military Enlistment Processing Station) and sign on for the Marines. I also hope that, upon finishing up at MEPS, I’ll be headed directly to Parris Island.

    Because, you know… Fuck this place (where I live, not the blog).

    I have to ask a few favors, though. I’m going to be very much without internet access (or phone access, really) for the three months (3.5 or 4, since let’s be honest, my physical fitness is going to come up short the first little bit) of recruit training, so not only won’t I be posting or commenting around here, I won’t even be able to talk to you guys.

    If Patterico is willing, I’m happy to have him take e-mails of well-wishing and the like, copy/paste them into a word document, shrink it down to 8 pt. font, and mail them once a week or so. In return, I’ll do my best to mail back to him when I can (snail mail, natch), and I’m more than happy for him to scan the letter and post it. I’m using this system with a couple of groups I’m in, and it seems the best way to avoid some wise-ass mailing me pot, porn, or crap like that…

    Also, I’m going to need phone cards, an address book (my current address book is electronic, and thus won’t be allowed), and a pair of size 11 running shoes that are all white.

    I have an amazon list for the first two, but really I can’t find on Amazon a decent pair that aren’t insanely expensive or multi-colored. When I say expensive, I mean ones over 40 bucks.

    So, anyone interested in helping out?

  7. Any “active duty”, I wonder?

    If so, I deeply regret that we were negligent in our patriotic duty to welcome Col. (yeah, maybe I’m being optimistic here, but I figure a sharpie like Meathead for sure-fire officer material that would quickly float to the top of the pungent porcelain bowl that we call the Marine Corps) Jakobs home in the current custom of “hey-here’s-a-tear-gas-cannister-in-the-face” that seems to be all the rage these days to make returning war vets know how much we appreciate their tragically misguided sacrifice.

  8. Ron Brynaert, the person behind @DonnysPoodle is @Goatsred.

  9. And in closing Ron Brynaert, don’t investigate the porn industry like you are trying to do. It’s a dark rabbit hole that you’ll have a very hard time in getting out of. The ones who need help leaving know where to go to for help. The ones who try to fight it only end up getting hurt. No one will talk to you because they don’t know who you are and they will only assume you will write a negative piece on them. Look at many of them right now after you. A set of characters that are all dangerous with dark backgrounds and even shadier friends. Walk away now while you still can. It’s not worth it. Don’t trust anyone.

  10. Ron Brynaert, how long ago did this happen, what did Stack tell you, and what are their plans?

    • Email me and tell me who you are or what sock you are and where and I’ll respond.

      i wish the kid was my email buddy, too, but I guess Professor O’blivion can only chat on videodrome.


    socrates said…

    The sheer volume of nonsense on the internet is the #1 reason I believe this is the deliberate result of modern day cointelpro. In theory, the net should have become a positive force for social change. It is clear, however, that it isn’t. The dark side can say we are jealous of others’ apparent success, but I sincerely believe that most of it has been rigged.

    I am gonna through this post supply yet another example of a planted rabbit hole, and how it all leads back to this incestuous network of fakes. We know that Jeff Wells and Tinoire are tied to the hip. We now know that it must be a very big hip, as it also includes Brett Kimberlin Productions and many other zeitgeist fabricators such as Rivero and Carto.

    I was lurking the mind fock known as Rigorous Intuition. I don’t suggest people do that, for it clearly is a disinfo spam palace. But I did notice something very strange, and it is part and parcel of the Joos as illuminati World Controller bullshite.

    Did anyone save DreamsEnd’s post on Ghost Troop/Eric May?

    There is as much rabbit hole in this one, as I’ve ever seen. It leads into something about a Theresa Duncan. It includes the Johnny Gosch is Jeff Gannon thing, which was something from years ago promoted by Jeff Wells and Andy Stephenson. One of the editors from Raw Story, Ron Brynaert, was knee deep in the cybersleuthing of Jeff Gannon. It’s like how we both think this new Sibel Edmonds story doesn’t add up to a hill of beans due to a relative dearth of comments. Back in the day, the alternative blogosphere went nuts over Gannon and the tangents. So perhaps by gaging the responses, one can tell whether a script is meant to go far or whither away.

  12. Socrates is such a smear artist. A rudimentary google search shows that my work on Gannon was mostly disproving outlandish theories.

    I mainly focused on his plagiarism and others at….the site was still active after they canned him and while other bloggers focused on stupid sex ads and White House visits I worked on that angle. I disproved the stupid Johnny Gosch rumors and I also argued that the White House visits were irrelevant and the focus should have been more on Bobby Eberle.

    And I proved that Gannon hadn’t received the Plame leak..he just plagiarized the Wall Street Journal story on it and asked Wilson using virtually the same words.

    But Socrates also claimed I was a writer at The Brad Blog in the early days which is bullshit and why would I lie about that? I wrote a few blogs there after I left Raw Story – and Brad asked me to run the blog in March for a month but I turned him down. He gave me credit in a few blog posts for stuff I reported elsewhere, that’s about it. Although, I do think I left a few comments there that he ended up adding to the article, if that’s what mr. allen is confused about.

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