“Greed is good”

“It’s all about me

“Stamp down the weak and unfit”

Sounds like unfettered corporate capitalism to me…

So on Oct 12 2011, Scott DeKraai shoots 9 humans, killing 8, at Salon Meritage in Seal Beach, which is 3/4 of a mile from my place of residence, and in the same small parking lot as Koi, a Japanese restaurant where we frequently dine. (had dinner there on the 10th)

Oct. 12 is the birthday of Aleister Crowley, on which at various times in the past, vicious and very suspicious murders–particularly of women–have occurred.

Those who might have read kidkenoma blog on the 10th of October at the ‘Occupy Milan’ thread, will notice that a Lunar Librarian full-moon celebration was rescheduled from the 12th, to the 11th, the 12th being, as I said at the time, “more fit for candle-light vigils for Mary Eno Pinchot Meyer, and Arliss Perry”.

Around 3:00 am PST on 10/12/11, I posted a couple of Charles
Manson related videos on the “Wit and Wisdom of Liberty_Chick”
thread, which is (at least to me) kinda interesting, because
although the final body count was probably much higher, there
were nine Manson Family-related murders for which there were convictions.

9-Shorty Shea

Which, while maybe not exact, is real close to the casualty stats at Salon Meritage.

Then there are Mr. DeKraai’s professed political affiliations.

Aside from the “” license frame on what appers to be Mr. DeKraai’s truck, he would seem to have contributed $300 to
a Tea-Bagger organization called “Stop the Insanity” on August 9th

August 9th incidently, is the anniversary of the Tate/Folger/Sebring/ Parent/Frykowski murders, while October 12th, besides being Crowley’s birthday, is the day in 1969 that Charles Manson would finally be arrested on.

Kinda symmetrical don’t you think?

Like Breitbart sez:

“We have the guns!”

p.s. Nice try Choronzon333, but we’re still here, and your days are numbered.

If you don’t believe me, just go look at the calender…



  1. I’m quite happy the conversation never dipped to that realm to sully our meeting, too. At least, I heard nary a whisper surely not on our agenda, nor amongst the 12 Dutch Masters nor the Master Plan, and white owl knows but not Prince Albert. It was MORE than disconcerting to look back on your warning here and recall how that whole avoidance of that day did avert SOMEthing, although, being in Malibu and NOT in Seal Beach that day might have been even safer, so…. well, we all made it home safely, landing strip or not 🙂

  2. Don’t forget Jane Doe #59….
    “JANE DOE #59 Case File 358UFCA
    Unidentified White Female
    The victim was discovered on Nov. 16, 1969 in Los Angeles, CA
    Estimated date of death: Nov. 14, 1969
    Stabbed to death

    Case History

    The victim was located on Mulholland Drive and Skyline Drive, Los Angeles, CA. She was found down an embankment alongside of Mulholland Drive, near Laurel Canyon, by a hiker.
    She had been stabbed to death, and there is evidence of a “rage” or overkill.
    Because of the labels in her clothing, detectives suspect she may have come from Canada or the east coast, possibly Europe.
    A witness remembered seeing the girl with the Manson Family at Spahn’s Ranch, and thought her name was “Sherry”.

    • kidkenoma Says:

      Yeah, Jane Doe #59 was found a few yards down Mulholland from where the remains of Marina Habe were found back on New Year’s day 1969.

      Manson is documented as having been in town for a New Year’s Eve party at John Phillips’, and then scuttling back to the Barker Ranch the next day.

      Marina’s father Hans, was an interesting guy who, during the Third Reich had pissed off Hitler personally, by outing (or “doxing” as the kids say these days) der Fuher as Schicklegruber, which was his “real” name.

      Might have been payback time, or maybe Marina just partied with the wrong people.

      There was no conviction, and probably not even any arrests for the murders of either Jane Doe#59 or Marina Habe.

      There is a brief reference to these events in ‘The Last Statue’, chapter #3 if memory serves, and a site called “” has a post entitled Marina Habe–Manson or Zodiac? Google entry sez: “New theory, links to Marina and Process Church”, which sounds intriguing, but when I arrive at the site, all of the text is on left side in one long unbroken line. Almost as if someone didn’t want you to read it, but who knows, eh?


      And yes, I was trying to be low key about my specific apprehensions concerning 10/12/11 at the last Moonlight Summit on 10/11/11. Being medicated helped. Didn’t want to bum anybody out, or promote undue paranoia.

      The White Owl knows, but the owls are not what they seem.

      And so having taken evasive manuevers to separate our get-together at least chronologically, if not physically, (Venice, Santa Monica, and Malibu all seemed more likely) from what ever “IT” was going to be, the whole thing is delivered, if not quite to my doorstep, well within easy walking distance, on a path I often travel.

      So yeah, I feel less tense, lightning having struck, should be a while… no need to worry for now…lessee…a couple birthdays coming up this month…Neil Young on the 12th…and uh…ah, well…Charlie Manson on the 12th as well…

      Alright. Just fer the heck of it, fellow Lunar Librarians, we’re gonna go with the 11/11/11* thing, so plenty of notice this time, sorry ’bout the last one, but you know, better safe than sorry.

      *(11/11/11–these fucking digital clocks are drivin’ me nutz!)

      • Here’s another possible:
        A much colder case began five years before Barbara Stroud was murdered. No one is working on it. Most of the people who remember it remember it only in the bizarre context of the Manson Family because it’s mentioned in the books on Manson, and it’s mentioned in these books because the Manson Family lived in the Anderson Valley at the time.

        On the rainy morning of October 14th, 1968, six miles south of Ukiah, a seven-year-old boy ran out of his trailer home and found his mother dead on the wet ground outside the front door. The boy ran for his grandmother’s trailer nearby. She was dead too, garroted like the boy’s mother with a pair of long leather boot laces.

        The dead women were Nancy Warren, 64, and her granddaughter, Clyda Jean Dulaney, 24, wife of CHP officer, Don Delaney.

        Clyda was eight months pregnant.

        The seven-year-old was Johnny Ussery whose younger brothers Lane, 5, and Brett, 4, were still asleep. The three boys were from Clyda’s first marriage to a logger named John Ussery of Eugene, Oregon. Clyda had left Ussery for Don Dulaney, a Ukiah-based CHP officer twice her age. She was pregnant with Dulaney’s child when she was murdered.

        Clyda’s former husband was quickly eliminated as a suspect when it was verified that he’d been in Medford, Oregon, at the time of the murders.

        Finding his mother and his grandmother dead, Johnny had calmly returned to his trailer to get his younger brothers dressed, then, his two little brothers in tow, the three boys trudged south to the home of Don Torell where Johnny told Mr. and Mrs. Torell that “Mommy and Grandma are dead.”

        A swarm of deputies led by Sheriff Reno Bartolomie was soon on the scene.” etc…………………..

      • kidkenoma Says:

        There is some dispute on the date of the Warren/Dulaney murders, for instance here:

        …where they roll it back to Oct 13th, which, if the murders occured sometime the night before, would bring us back to, you know when…

        …and when the roll is called up yonder for women who were murdered under conditions described by Peter Levenda as “satanic ritual” (and Levenda, if anybody, should know), we would also have to include:
        –Doreen Levesque on 10/12/79
        –Patricia Ann Cantero on 10/12/88

        Then there’s probable “Zodiac Killer” victim Paul Stine, a male cab-driver who was killed in San Francisco on 10/11/69. Some sources indicate that Stine had once lived on Cole St, allegedly in close proximity to Process headquarters along with other possible links to same, but sources start to get mighty fuzzy after a certain point…

  3. kidkenoma Says:

    Meanwhile, out in Utah, things are getting weird, well they’ve been weird for a while…

    This is from one of my favorite films, I’d recommend it to anyone

    It has The Secret of The Bees!

    Stuff you need to know!

    • Looks inspiring… like they are doing the secret honey-locating dance of bees, perhaps to tell of honey within the walls of your very home! None of my beezwax I suppose, hee hee. The 11th sounds good, I’ll bring the Eau Illumee…

      • kidkenoma Says:

        So, to re-cap, for those who have followed the trail of bread-crumbs through this blog, and might be weaving the intertwining threads in the back of their mind to express this very simple formula:

        Language of the Birds + The Secret of the Bees = The Key to the Lox…

  4. kidkenoma Says:

    The Eau Illuminee sounds wonderful!

    Like uber-guru Baba Ram Dross sez: “Bee Here Now!” So we might also see the arrival of these fragrant possibilities, ’cause like I always say: “I Love Bees!” 🙂

    Very sweet fragrances, some with a bit of a sting…

    My favorite? Tokyo Milk’s “Honey & Moon”. I’ll have some for everybody to try on the 11th, so we can see what all of the buzz is about.

    The formula is top-secret though…

  5. What about Doreen Gaul & James Sharp?

    • Gruesome in the extreme, that one. Probably Manson related, but like some others, we have to wonder if it was really Charles in Charge.

      This one reeks of Bruce Davis, and has an MO almost identical to Jane Doe#59, Marina Habe etc in terms of sheer controlled hateful psychotic overkill.

      Not nearly enough is known about Bruce Davis. He seems to be the likely Manson link to The Process, as well as Scientology.

      Recent cult revisionism seeks to portray the Process as innocent spiritual seekers who have been unfairly maligned by paranoid “satanic panic” religious kooks, along with Ed Sanders & Maury Terry, who they claim just made this stuff up later to sell books.

      In actual point of fact, within a week or two after the Sharp/Gaul killings, the LAPD considered first the Church of Scientology (Sharp & Gaul were CoS members) and then, very soon after that, started investigating The Process who be looking mighty suspicious…

      But you know how it is.

      You’re sitting at your desk sipping bad coffee, stubbing a cig into the ashtray when the phone rings, and it’s the Captain, who got a call from the Commander, who got a call from the D.A., who got a call from the Commissioner, who got a call from the Mayor, who got a call from the Attorney General, who got a call from the Governor, who got a call from the Secretary of State, who got a call from the President, who got a call from an unseen voice in the shadows at the top of a pyramid that if you’ve lived right you don’t know nothin’ about, and if you want to live long, will stay ignorant of, and that unseen voice sez:


      Business as usual.

      • It was November 21, 1969, that the bodies of Doreen Gaul & James Sharp were found, which was coincidentally the same day that Manson was arraigned in Independence Ca.

        Lt. Deemer was quoted at the time as saying that it was believed that “Miss Gaul is a relative of John Malone, former special agent in charge of the Los Angeles FBI office and now special agent in charge in New York City.” Which is kind of interesting in the context of Sharon Tate being the daughter of a high-ranking military intelligence agent, and Marina Habe the daughter of a very important OSS operative.

        Sharp & Gaul lived not far from CoS headquarters, which was, conveniently enough, right across the street from the LAPD Ramparts Division station.

        It’s a small world dontcha know…

        Check out the development of the initial investigation in local (pre-revision) newspapers. Fourth article down, by Dec 13th the investigation starts to shift from Co$ to the Process:

        At the bottom of that page are several links to autopsy pix from Sharp/Gaul and several others for comparison. VERY grotesque.

        CAUTION: Not to be viewed on a full stomach if at all!

  6. kidkenoma Says:

    Whew! After all of that disturbing stuff, let’s just check out the lives of decent normal all-American Libertarian solid-citizen society for a refreshing change of pace, shall we?


    Oh yeah…

  7. Feel free to move this comment but Assassin Cat has been laying low and has come back to bring us more merriment.

    “On the corporate insurance level, I have been involved with companies where there was strong evidence that the claim was entirely fraudulent and where a single subpoena of the right person would have revealed the fraud, if it existed. But the insurance company didn’t bother to do even that much, and paid off the plaintiff.”

    Assassin Cat note to self: When inventing shit for future “assuming” blog posts please remember consistency counts. When pretending that something happened multiple times, don’t ruin the deception by forgetting within the same paragraph and concluding with a sentence that indicates it really (really! really?) happened only once.

  8. kidkenoma Says:

    Sheer poppycock & balderdash, I say!

    Liberty Chick vouches for Aaron, and by Jove, that’s good enough for me.

    After all, the man is an attorney, and as an Officer
    of The Court, would certainly be above such deceptive
    chicanery, I daresay.

    Just like any judge or DA, he knows what’s right for us.

  9. Does this fall under wit or wisdom?

  10. A source made my jaw drop when i was told one of the dudes behind PornWikiLeaks claims to be the reincarnation of Mr. Crowley…!/aleisterwonder

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