It was very late last night
I sat at the radio
Dialing from left to right
Why I do not know…

–Silver Apples ‘Program’

Interesting party…some folks I hadn’t seen in a while dressed as zombies…ghosts…goblins…ghouls …Alice …Judy Garland…Lady Gaga…and on the sidewalk on the way out, on the edge of the sidewalk, a little plastic bag with a bud & a big orange lump that smelled like plastic, but turns out to be…more DMT!




  1. “Patriarchal agent provocateur and nice guy” Brandon Darby writes for Andrew Breitbart that “it is becoming clear that the protests pose special dangers for women.”

    “Cupid by the hour sends Valentines…”

  2. Needless to say, I am deeply touched by Mr. Darby’s sincere and uncompromising concern for the welfare of women.

    Obviously women are not safe on the streets with that unshowered stinkin’ rapacious rabble of troublemakers and hooligans.

    Most of these idiots don’t even have a hedge-fund–if you can imagine!

    Fucking losers.

    Meanwhile, @doctorwarbucks left for lunch on the 19th with a parting “bag o’ bricks ass” jibe at Beth Becker, and hasn’t been heard from since.

    And while all of the data has not been verified as of yet, I am compelled to wonder if perhaps that banishing & binding spell may have worked after all…

    Do you like to take a yoyo for a ride?
    Zombie, I can see you’re qualified…

    And furthermore, in the language of the Byrds…

  3. Dana Loesch stands up for women by mocking alleged physical gestures made at work:

    “Cain has a right to face his accusers and the American public has the right to know the details of a story and not be expected to rush to a judgment predicated on “unnamed sources.”


    Cain knows who his accusers are and the details…that makes no sense at all…and um she went from attacking a story to saying we should know all the details?

    And what are the fucking sources for your Weiner stories, Dana and Andrew?

    Does she put Cain for president bumper stickers on her car like Andrew Breitbart advised conservatives who don’t really support him but just want to make liberals show their “true racist colors” too?

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