20 Responses to “ANTA…ODELI…UTA…”

    • kidkenoma Says:

      A month ago, while walking the Seal Beach pier, before the recent turmoil, I came back to my car to find a Tony Alamo phamplet on the windshield.


      Had to do some back-tracking to make sure, but old
      Tony is still in the Big House, but apparently has enough of a fanbase organized to harangue on his behalf. Looks like the same old crap: antichrist popes & evil Jewwwwws & splendid decorative jackets in the Nudie suit tradition.

      Uriel certainly fits in with a Mother Goose parade, but with her ubiquitous collared cape would be even more appropriate at a “Little Bo-Peep” parade, but then it occurs to me that somebody already used both “Bo” & “Peep” in a similar, but far more sinister context.

      “Mother Goose” also a pivotal character in PKD’s VALIS.

      • I always knew there was a connection… ufos & birds, …eggs, …
        Tony Alamo pamphlets are one of the universe’s most ubiquitous substances… would not break down in antimatter

  1. kidkenoma Says:

    If only Qritiq were here to join in solidarity with
    us in celebrating these empowered ladies frolicking
    at the Spahn Ranch with a very good friend of the
    late Dennis Hopper.

    Hopper, Russ Tamblyn, and Dean Stockwell, were all part of the same tight-knit scene of extreme fringe Hollywood Young Turks, as well as being part of the Semina art scene centered around Wallace Berman in Topanga.

    Hopper & Stockwell would at one point in the late 50’s or early 60’s be roommates in Malibu with Marjorie Cameron, while one source indicates that Tamblyn once resided near, or on the beach at the mouth of Topanga Canyon, which would by definition, be within easy walking distance to the “Spiral Staircase”.

    Also worth noting, is that Hopper, Stockwell, and Tamblyn would much later all be given choice roles in the most successful David Lynch projects when each of their careers was in serious decline.

    All three would also have roles in their pal Neil Young’s movie “Human Highway”.

    Notice between 2:04 and 2:09 Tamblyn seems to have carved a cross into his forehead with a piece of glass or mirror. Sound like anybody we know?

    Long time Topanga resident Russ Tamblyn again:

    And another “orgy of strange desires” at the good ole Spahn Ranch…

    And if you follow the Santa Susana pass West, you come to the Fountain of the World, an allegedly “harmless” ritual-sex cult whose founder, who claimed to be from the planet Neophrates, was blown to smithereens by his own followers back in the 1950’s, and interestingly, on the hill above the “Fountain” in Box Canyon is an aerospace outfit called Rocketdyne, which according to my friends the Kirbys, is none other than the company “Yoyodyne” depicted in Pynchon’s ‘Crying of Lot 49’.

    Rocketdyne and The Fountain of the World were both founded at roughly the same time, around 1947. Kute koincidence that FOW’s leader claimed to be from another planet, while right up the hill is a facility with a large inventory of imported Nazi V-2 scientists working on space exploration & weapons systems, as well as being the location of numerous UFO sightings, and the site of the world’s first nuclear meltdown back in the 50’s that released more radiation than Three Mile Island, in addition to having a bad habit of spewing massive quantities of carcinogenic toxins with impunity for many many years, probably right up to the present day.

    So yeah, the Santa Susana Pass has a wiggy history…

  2. wow, i didn’t realize they all were buddies..

    did richard beymer hang out with them, too?

  3. kidkenoma Says:

    I haven’t seen any later connections beween Beymer and the other three, but he does connect the dots between West Side Story and Twin Peaks along with Tamblyn.

    From this I suppose we might surmise that Lynch is a fan of WSS & Mod Squad.

    Beymer got the role after Elvis, Brando, Warren Beatty, Hopper, and Tamblyn were considered.

    Musta been old home week for Natalie Wood.

    Some more interesting social connections occur between Nick Adams, who Elvis was obsessed with due to Adam’s close proximity to James Dean, and Adam’s roommate Dennis Hopper, who was also obsessed with James Dean, and Adam’s “close friend” Robert Conrad, and Elvis bodyguard turned actor Red West, and goodfella Michael Spilotro and his wacky brother “Tony”, whose interactions with a certain William “Action” Jackson should give one pause as to just how much one really wants to know of such things.

    Which reminds me, WTF?

    Ron old sport, you haven’t tweeted in well over 48 hours–what the fuck is up with THAT?

    That’s the longest I’ve seen you go with no tweet,


  4. You left out Sal Mineo.

    What the fuck am I gonna tweet that’s better than “The Day Patterico broke the law by menacing me with harassing phone calls”?

    My twitter account is in “check” mode, mate.

    • I have to step in here to take a stand on these irresponsible hooligans who have been calling upon Andrew Breitbart to die.

      It is entirely unacceptable, and morally repugnant for me to hear such talk of wishing death upon Breitbart without also calling for the untimely, and hopefully very painful demise of O’Keefe, Stranahan, Doctorwarbucks, Dust92, Aaron Worthing, Prepostericity, and others on a voluminous litany of losers to be published and distributed via a series of hobo snuff-tins in dumpsters across the country.

      Patterico should get off lightly with just the Constitution stapled to his face, and a fine froth of fetid fecal fromage foisted upon his fervently fickle & frivolously (REDACTED)able, but well-armed spouse.

      And then we’re gonna (REDACTED)

  5. Yeah, Sal succumbed to the “Rebel Curse” like J.D. and Natalie, while Dennis Hopper would live to a ripe old age. Overripe some would say.

    Go figure.

    Sal, like Robert Conrad, would be seen faithfully attending the Manson Family trials, much to some people’s puzzlement, and would later put such a pastime to good use when he played a Manson type cult-leader on what I am almost certain is your absolute favorite show of all time, S.W.A.T.

  6. #ShitOnPattericoWifeGate

    James O’Keefe has recording devices in all your snuff tin cans, and if you laugh at my jokes or try to tell Deputy DA Patterico I’m protected by the 1st Amendment (whereas he isn’t when he made a barrage of menacing phone calls to me when I asked him not to) for using satire then that makes you an accessory to threatening transcontinental defecation.

  7. kidkenoma Says:

    Yeah, I see what you mean about Michelle, but you’re probably gonna have to duke it out with Vin Diesel to get near her.

    Michelle & Vin?

    I try not to think about it, just put it out of my mind…block it out entirely–that’s why we have drugs–although I must say, something about the accounts I’ve read in ‘Curve’ and ‘The Advocate’ of Michelle’s sharing & caring friendship with Kristanna Loken sorta rubs me the right way, which brings to mind the time that (REDACTED) asked me to (REDACTED) her with a (REDACTED) inch (REDACTED) while (REDACTED) my (REDACTED) as I (REDACTED) her cute little–[…jeezis…what was I thinking when I started this whole tangent anyway…shit, I’m gonna be so in trouble with Qrtiq again–yikes! Still, as grim as that may be, I am comforted by the possibility that if the “Big P” decides to swat me, at least maybe it’ll be Michelle comin’ thru that door…or the window–hey what’s that red dot on the windowpane?

    Looks like one of those–GAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Occupy Something probably want you to please call Neal if you need help and so that Patterico can retweet it since Scooby Doo says we’re all involved in the case of the transcontinental defecation satire threat.

  9. kidkenoma Says:

    Yes, defecation of character is no laughing matter.

    However, one of my attorneys, a Ms. Caelia from Swift & Joyce attorneys at flaw, sez we can beat that rap (although in truth, even M.C. Hammer could probably beat that rap), and has forwarded a Small Package of Great Importance from the Poopmaster General in care of our favorite fecal eagle Pooperico or s(p)ouse(s) thereof.

    This would be, in the words of brilliant neo-lib Pinochet/Reagan economist Milton Friedman, the “Trickle Down” economics that everyone be so muthafuckin’ nostalgic about.

    So enjoy!

    But don’t get any on you…

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