“…everyone thought I was smarter
than to be misled…

You’ve heard of trainwrecks in the mountains
Sometimes there’s shipwrecks on the sea…”

–John Phillips

“The ’69 Tate massacre was not Old Hollywood. What
befell the red house on Cielo Drive resembled the
devastation caused by a jet plane crash: the Bad
Ship Lollipop piloted by Uncle Sugar. Charlie
Manson–programmed puppet, deus ex garbage can.”

–Kenneth Anger



  1. umm i think assassin cat is calling peter morgan racist for not rewriting book so that a coup leader who killed as many as 300,000 people isn’t the star.

    Okay, so one thing that was a bit of an irritant at first is that the story is largely not even about the dictator. Whitaker’s character is reduced to almost a supporting role, although he earned a leading actor Oscar. Which annoyed me because it was yet another case of a story essentially about what was happening to black people being told essentially through white eyes.

  2. kidkenoma Says:

    “Every man and every woman is a star”–Aleister Crowley

    “Everybody is a star”–Sly Stone

    “We are stardust, we are golden”–Joni Mitchell

    She came to the city with stars in her eyes
    But she choked on the smog and drowned in the lies

    …So you want to be a big star, then baby c’mon get in the car…

    • Inquiring minds might want to freeze Dirty Sanchez’ “Really Rich Italian Satanist” video above at 1:40-42, and again at 3:31-33, where you will notice a close-up of two people in the frame.

      Being mindful of who collaborates with these guys on their re-mixes, it would behoove us at this point to ask: Who is the personage on the right-hand side of the screen?

  3. Effing evil! :! Where do you FIND this stuff? 😀

    • kidkenoma Says:

      Well, sometimes very late at night, much later than you’d think, George & Marion drop by quite unexpectedly, and are quite keen on playing Name that Tune, and then the synchronicity intensifies as the cards are dealt and the links connect.

      I think it was Rod Stewart who famously said: “Every picture tells a story doughnut”.

      The Sharon Tate movie ‘Eye of the Devil’, was/is also popularly known as ’13’ or ‘Thirteen’, and seems to be her first first film performance, while ‘Thirteen Chairs’, also known as ’12 + 1′, would be the last of her 13 film and TV performances listed in the Wikipedia.

      Also, having a theatrical trailer in which someone seems to shoot what looks like a dove or pigeon with an arrow in the first few seconds, seems kind of like a bad luck enhancer too.

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