Crowleymas comes to Seal Beach (not good)

Right across the county line in Palin Country, another restraining order gone wrong.

Horribly wrong…

Just as it was horrible for Mary Eno Pinchot Meyer.

Just as it was horrible for Arliss Perry.

Some were baffled by the rescheduling of last night’s festivities, possibly assuming that I was paranoid, at least much more than usual.

This is the day that I did not want to mix karma with.

Now you know why.

Hopefully this is the worst of it, but the day ain’t over yet.

So, don’t be paranoid, but please be extra vigilant, kiddies & kiddettes…


8 Responses to “Crowleymas comes to Seal Beach (not good)”

  1. If I hear ONE MORE “bad hair day” joke…. remember that mantra, random senseless violent crime? Pitbulls, padlocks… the unwarranted and unreasonable paranoia of that Teddy Bear known as the Harmonic Convergence? I think about these things, and things that nobody thought I was paying attention to, or had the wrong idea about, bristling as i was in hostility…. these many many years later, and think, it could have ended badly, or much worse… yet we all made it through. And now, these protests rising up, straw roots, er, grass roots, Well, what next?

  2. Criminals are getting SMARTER, right?

  3. Time to candy some eggs and get ready for the Feast…

    Los Yemas!


    • “RN” wrote to us and said:
      Over the years, strange things have happened to me. I have been searching for an answer. So far I have not found it.

      1)    I have heard a voice in my head giving me help when I needed it.
      2)    Once I saw a birch tree light up in the most beautiful purple colour. Even the crow was just light.
      3)    Then a cylinder came into view floating in the air next to me. It was hollow.
      4)    Then a big cube appeared: 1 x 1x 1 m.
      5)    Some milky white round “thing ” was floating over me while I was asleep. My daughter saw this.
      6)    All the objects were perfect in shape, as if a master of the trade cut them, and they were all milky white.

      Also on another occasion, I was suddenly in the middle of this strange light, looking like the silver decorations on Christmas trees. It was moving in the air.

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