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  1. #OccupyTubbytronicSuperdome

    • Treee attempts a transmission while undergoing mitosis

      • Jeez, that mitosis looks painful, and is apparently quite detrimental to one’s audio fidelity.

      • Yes, her audio varies from complete silence (which doesn’t stop her, she just keeps posting ’em, sound or not) to WAY over deeving and then she’ll grab the camera and scrabble it around until your brain itches. I am strangely compelled and repelled all at the same time. She seems to tap in to the deepest darkest most paranoid universal sufferings… not a complete window-licker yet but, give it time….

    • kidkenoma Says:

      Attention Lunar Librarians:

      Repairs have (finally) been completed on our beloved clubhouse. We have moved our Moonlight Summit up one day to the 11th, so as not to be confused with certain other celebrations on the day after, which is somebody else’s idea of a good time.

      So, be there, or be squared.

      You know when:

      And you know where too…

      Don’t you?

      • Moonlight rendevous? Sounds enlightening! Please elaborate, if you can, or will. I realize the TD connection, or origin? Or, ore, or gin? Ore o’er, a jin?

  2. kidkenoma Says:

    Oh, it’s not that elaborate…

    Yes, Tina Delgado will most certainly be there promoting that new Christopher Marlowe movie, while jinn & tonix are served, and inscrutable foreign films will be screened while improvised multi-layered soundtracks blare through speakers suspended from ceilings and hidden in trees, while guests enjoy hats ‘n hooters and snow cones & lollipops.

    Later, breakfast at the Winkie’s on PCH, or Eleanor Bull’s in Topanga, depending on who’s picking up the check. ;-0

    Sorry about the screwed-up invitations, but there was some question as to whether the clubhouse would be repaired in time or not, and then we opted for the 11th as opposed to, you know, the next day, which is more fitting I think, for quiet candle-light vigils for Arliss Perry & Mary Eno Pinchot Meyer.

    Before the repairs, which had been pending since the Ventura typhoon, we had been operating out of an abandoned gluten warehouse in Santa Monica, which would be kind of a letdown after a lengthy drive or flight from Santa Fe, but we’re back in business at The Same Old Place. So if you’re up for it, send gmail for map-point & pin code.

    • Well, that was quite a trip, what a drive! And who knew that in addition to a lovely moon we’d be treated to Jupiter and Jupiter’s 4 moons all lined up in a row, veiwable with mere binoculars no less! I especially enjoyed sharing my samples of Mechant Loup with everyone, and the Grand Marnier made Marnie giddy… it was grand, thank you. Now exhausted from my trip, although so happy to see the Pacific again, I shall be listening to the howling Mojave winds and waiting for the next Desert Tortoise to park by my front door…

      • kidkenoma Says:


      • kidkenoma Says:


        Yeah, thanx for the Loup, we’re all still reekin’ and lovin’ it!

        Only downside, at least to me, was afterwards, when those soccer hooligans were having that projectile-vomiting contest out in back of Winkie’s, which is not what you need while trying to digest an ortega omelette on top of San Pedro cactus extract. Although I couldn’t muster very much vocal enthusiasm for their rather…spirited competition, I did leave a personal token of my appreciation on the hood of that one guy’s Hummer.

        I think he won the contest too. Lucky schmuck.

        Otherwise, a great time had by everyone I’ve talked to, and looking forward to Next Month.

        Some folks booking a small chartered flight out of Albuqurque next time if you want to save some tire-tread. Did they ever finish that “private” landing-strip out by your place?

        Be mighty convenient…

      • Did a bunch of hoosiers build that air strip out of sage brush? Beware of falling marijuana and don’t get caught with guns including poison bullets.

        That Texas caper cost Brett Kimberlin four years…..a year for the pot and one for each poison bullet….but I’m not sure if William Bowman got away with that crime, too.

        The Indy Star did four stories on Brett Kimberlin between 1978 and 1981, three out of four said there was never a motive, the difference was.

        “After Kimberlin was convicted, investigators revealed to The Star more details on certain aspects of the case that had not yet come to light. Reporter Joe Gelarden, who had covered the case throughout, compiled a detailed narrative of the investigation based on information and documents provided by the investigators.”


        Also, if you read all four stories, you find out that Brett Kimberlin’s alibi for the bombings was his girlfriend who was the daughter of Mrs. Scyphers. Mrs. Scyphers was having a garage sale but she was for some reason hanging out in the living room with her two granddaughters who she kidnapped from her daughter because she thought BK was getting fresh with one of them…but then got murdered by assassin who pulled gun out of a briefcase – even though no one saw the actual murder the investigators told Joe Gelarden this and he wrote it up dutifully.

        Unfortunately, “correspondence” by that same daughter who was adopted by another family who claim they found bombs on their yard that Brett Kimberlin was trying to frame them for….won over the alibi provided by her mom in the Brett Kimberlin trial.

        BK was convicted mostly on the words of a witness who claimed he saw him drop something in a garbage pail before a bomb went off….that guy didn’t testify in the first hearing..no word on where he came frm…but BK sued him.

      • Actually, it wasn’t hoosiers, but hosers that were building the strip, and sage doesn’t grow in that part of the desert, and there is no one there to buy, sell, or barter marijuana, and things out that far in the sprawl fall up, not down.

        Sorta like the “Zone de Silencio” in the Sonoran desert down Durango way…

        The place you’re probably thinking of is the Vincent Foster Memorial Air Facility in New Mexico on the 60 between Omega & Pie Town.
        The one to which I refer, just south of the Haiwee reservoir on the 395 right above Dunmovin’, is on some ranch supposedly owned by the Koch bros, according to the local(s).

        Was Kimberlin’s alibi girlfriend the one who was seriously underage, or do I have her confused with somebody else on my scorecard?

        Those Scyphers are a cypher to me. Whenever any part of the Kimberlin case starts to make sense, I just repeat the mantra: No archer, no arrow, no Bowman…

  3. kidkenoma Says:

    “Fire-wheel burnin’ in the air…”

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