10/8/11 @pdigaudio @MichelleInCal See I just tell mean libs,
“NO YOU CANNOT TOUCH MY BEWBS!” Works every time.

10/8/11 @stephenkruiser Bewbs. Bewbies. Bewbs. Bewbies.
Bewbs. Bewbies. Bewbs. Bewbies. Bewbs. Bewbies. Does
that help?

10/9/11 @DukeMaximum @stephenkruiser What precisely constitutes
a “weird” boner?

10/9/11 @DukeMaximum are you kidding? I’m 40 miles from
NYC. I can smell it from here.

10/9/11 @stephenkruiser BEWBS. BEWBIES. BEWBS. BEWBIES.
BEWBS…Ah, eff it, you get the idea…

10/6/11 @QAblativMeatshid Oh my. All your talk of spooge
stains, cum-stains and spreading…Um, I think I’m getting

10/9/11 @AblativMeatshid Well, if you do, please be sure to tell me
so that I can prevent any disease by dumping your ass…;P

10/10/11 @EvanPokroy That really, really big gun of yours…

10/10/11 @EvanPokroy Grabbing ankles…

10/10/11 @Popehat @AdamKissel ass is the most common unit of measurement in the LC home, next to the sh*t unit of measurement…

10/10/11 @DanRiehl Heh, that was just penetration testing (now, don’t get excited, you…)

[said rodent-like charms on display at avatar here, so you can see what you’re missing]

Feeling deprived yet?


32 Responses to “THE WIT & WISDOM OF LIBERTY_CHICK (we are the 1% !)”

  1. Soooo… I guess you’re saying women shouldn’t joke and/or talk about sex. Yeah – they should just shut the fuck up and do as they’re told.

    • kidkenoma Says:

      I’ll thank you to not try and put words in my mouth, or ascribe spurious irrelevant meanings to what I post, at least on my own blog.

      Seems like you do plenty of that on your own blog. Or so they say…

      Do you see any untruths, inaccuracies, or “smear” here?

      What I see here is LC’s own words. If you have issues with those words, then take it up with her. I could care less.

      I have referenced one particular personage who happens to be a female, and have made no comment whatsoever about “women” in general, and you’ll have to point out the part where anybody was told to “shut the fuck up” on this post.

      Otherwise, best advice I could give you, would be to cut waaay back on the whoonga, or jenkem, or whatever it is that’s making you hallucinate this bullshit.

      I see the same stunted pattern of arrested development as I see in Dustin & any number of smarmy, morally self-righteous Tea-baggers.

      Not my problem.

      It’s not like I tried to indirectly smear somebody as a “murderer”.

      So just what the fuck is your problem anyway?

      • gee I haven’t seen you mock any men for ribald joking. it’s just a coincidence that she’s female? Really? Oh, *I* believe you.

        (who smeared who as a “murderer”? I know in the tweet, LC said you had targeted “someone”, and that that “someone” had mentioned “murder”, and it seemed she felt that mention of murder could possibly be an actual threat that should be looked into rather than glossed over. Or are you referring to the Breitbart bunch thinking that the man Kimberlin maimed, committed suicide due to being in pain and incapacitated from his injuries? or are you referring to something else? )

  2. First of all, to be clear, no, I am in no way referring to Kimberlin in any sense whatsoever, nor can I see how you inferred any of that from either LC’s remarks or my own. WTF?

    When someone that I don’t know, have never met, talked to, corresponded with, referred to, or interacted with in any way, goes out of their way to associate my username with “targeting” someone, and that titillating mention of murder, all in the space of one tweet, with no sources, no proof, no follow-up, no clarification, and no retraction or apology, and completely stonewalls when asked to explain their very publicly tweeted remark, especially when that person works for professional smearmaster slimeball Breitbart, they will be mocked, whatever their gender, gender preference, race, political affilliation, age, or rank standing in the elite 1%.

    Please bring it to my attention if you know of a male who is attacking me on that level, and who, when asked to explain their defamatory remarks, ignores the question while continuing to obsessively tweet about showing or not showing their cock to “libs”, and you just watch what happens.

    So why don’t you start a list Qritiq, of all of the women, besides LC, and besides Lynn Schirmer aka “Project Willow” from Rigorous Intuition, who’ve been mocked, harrassed, or degraded on this blog.

    Schirmer, amusingly, also implied that I had murdered someone.

    Could that be just a “coincidence”?

    Got proof? Hey, go for it. Yeah, bring on the arraignment!

    So, besides LC & LS.

    Name one.

    Even just one. For example.

    One. Out of 432 posts, and 694 comments.

    Or do I conclude that you are just full of shit, and definitely need to step away from the crack-pipe?

    I mean, who the fuck do you think you’re talking to, @Goatsred?

    C’mon Qritiq, name one.


    • kidkenoma Says:

      Just waiting here in the shuddering silence, musing on the irony of how so very chuffed you were to be host to “Perpostericity” on your blog, and your redacting links to “the beakspeaks” blog where several people remember Socrates quite vividly as making many viciously misogynistic remarks, like constantly, everyday for years at Horowitz’s ‘Front Page News’, most of which seem to be deleted from that site, but still exist in the memory of bloggers at ‘beakspeaks’ who also posted at FPN, and his rather charming characterization of Maryscott O’Connor as an “ugly psychotic bitch”, and how you seem to have no problem with that, until he turned on you. My, my.

      Then there’s “Goatsred”, who you’ve been trying to fob off as a “helpful guy”.

      Yeah, right.

      How many women has this human hemroid stalked, harrassed, beaten, denigrated, and used this formulaic catch phrase on: “I hope you get AIDS and die bitch!”.

      Yet you seem not to find this objectionable.


      Nobody else needs this vile scumsucker explained to them, except Patterico, Dustin, and those doing damage control for Stranahan and/or O’Keefe.

      Oh, did I skip Qritiq when compiling that list?

      I think not.

  3. you seem to be saying that you and Prepostericity should be held to the same standards?

    Prepostericity is still welcome to post at qritiq – I want to hear what’s happened with him in his own words. I don’t recall him leaving any sexist comments on my blog. If you look back, you’ll see that I questioned parts of his comments from the get-go.

    “When my public info went up, I didn’t accuse anyone of “it being lies”. I shit my pants because it was something that I have moved on from and changed my life.” -goatsred

    So get over it.

  4. Uhm, that list of women defamed & degraded by my vicious misogynistic attacks?

    Still waiting…

    If there was any merit to your contention of this alleged singling out of women for mockery, which is already ludicrous enough given your amusingly erroneous presumptions about my identity, gender, gender preference, and general philosophical disposition (erroneous presumptions being your specialty it seems, eh wot?), the accusation you make would only possibly have some validity if part of a recognizable pattern of such “misogynistic” remarks.

    So yeah, what are you up to like page 8 of your list of women singled out for sexual mockery on Kidkenoma blog?

    Oh please Qritiq! Show us–c’mon!

    Meanwhile, have fun with your pet troll…

    And I hope you have better luck in getting Goatsred’s pants clean, finally.

    Lord knows you’ve done more than enough scrubbing.

    Still on spin cycle, eh?

    Tell Lee I sez hi!

    • you’re just jealous my troll came back to me after spending a couple of nights at your house.

      I don’t recall having made assumptions re your identity, gender or gender preference. Yes, I have made assumptions on your general philosophical disposition from your writings. If you have been writing as a fake character, then yes you had me fooled – kudos!

      I doubt if you actually believe I’m doing “damage control” for Lee or (haha) O’Keefe, but if you do, it must be more a lack of reading comprehension on your part than jumping to assumptions.

  5. kidkenoma Says:


    You can try and change the subject all you want, and try and weasel out of taking responsibility for the words you speak, just like Dustin, just like Liberty_Chick for that matter, but the question remains…

    Misogyny? Examples?


  6. I didn’t change the subject – I merely responded to *your* accusations.

    I said your comment was sexist. Because I think that comment was sexist.

  7. kidkenoma Says:

    Misogyny? Examples?

    How many in 432 posts & 706 comments?


  8. kidkenoma Says:


    Uh, while we’re waiting for that crucial evidence, howza bout some Lady Gaga?


  9. kidkenoma Says:

    …and as the marathon continues, here’s one going out to @dreamsend

    • Here’s a guy who was irresistable to some ladies, at least a couple dozen that I’ve heard of…

      …so why was he such a chick-magnet?

      Yep, quite a stud back in the salad days…

      Did someone mention “murder”? And cool ranch dressing?

  10. kidkenoma Says:

    Hey, did the PC police go on vacation?

    Mr. Sunstein is not very fond of employees who slack off on the job, Lane.

    Nah, Qritiq is desperate for everyone to take her seriously, since almost no one does, so I’m sure she wouldn’t just bugger off, having made a complete fool of herself by making ridiculous accusations that she couldn’t back up, so I figure she must have crashed her computer by the sheer volume of explicit examples of Kidkenoma’s constant brutal sexual mockery of the fair gender.

    There’s only so much bandwidth out there, what with @Dreamsend333 simultaneously compiling several metric tons of evidence in his scathing & comprehensive indictment outing poor moi as the evil, evil Matheny, it’s a wonder there’s any bandwidth left for the rest of us.

    Sheesh! No wonder…

    Still, I was hoping she would stick around long enough to show us her pussy. ()

    We love cats!

  11. kidkenoma Says:

    Been up all night fapping myself silly to Fox’s Redeye!

    It gets me so hot!!

    It’s SO saucy and spicy, and puts those smelly #OWS libtards in their place!

    I’m SUCH conservapunk!

    Then there’s always the Big Guy…

    Fap fap fap fap fap fap fap!!!!

    • one of the few things faker and stupider than andrew breitbart is DC Douglas and if you listen closely you can definitely hear the guy who allegedly worked for Geico go “fap, fap, fap.”

  12. kidkenoma Says:

    Yeah, DC Douglas sucks.

    Where does he get off telling all those nasty lies about Andrew?


    Uh, when you say “Breitbart”, do you mean:




    And you know who’s faker and stupider and more idioter than D. C. Douglas, is that horrible @SandiBehrns. I think she was the one running that silly Manson game that all of the LG15 kids were playing a couple of years ago. 🙂

    Simply despicable. (LOL)

    Well, I’ll be up fappin’ to Redeye later (I hear there’s $300 Liberty Chick BJs for the high-rollers)…ooooh–gotta go, I think I just saw O’Keefe drive by…!

    • i never said he lied about andrew i wouldn’t know since his videos are so dumb i usually shut them off before the end..

      hmmmm she links to silly dc douglas a lot….

      are you joking about the lonely girl thing?

      the most suspicious thing about dc douglas is all the attention AB bestows upon him….um that and the ridiculous story about how he got fired that i dont believe….

      at least andrew breitbart isn’t a walking caricature…its when he opens his mouth you need to worry about

      never saw that gaybaiting one before…

      heh silly neal emailed me this asking if “she” contacted me too!/search/from%3AWeOccupyAmerica%20KidKenoma

  13. kidkenoma Says:

    Geico lizard = Reptillian Overlords

    It is with the utmost regrets that I shan’t be able to attend lunch with Liberty Chick & Aaron Worthing in DC this week, but I daresay those “flea-infested, bongo-banging, suburban runaways” will probably be clogging up that town too by then. Hopefully have a Navy SEALs unit “nip THAT one in the bud toot sweet”.

    @WeOccupyAmerica: 2nd message at Rockaway…
    hieroglyphs etched on sandy berm: Like Dennis Wilson sez: “C’mon in, the water’s fine!” sincerely, Roger Wade…

    “Dread Cuthulu waits dreaming…”

    • Don’t worry, Kid, I’m going to lunch so I can help Assassin Cat read his menu.

      Passed on your latest clue to @occupysomething

      whoops i meant neal, who would probably say #samefa_

  14. kidkenoma Says:

    Lunch with assassain cat sounds dangerous.

    You’d be a fool not to go armed.

    Personally, I recommend carrying a loaded Baretta…

    • I have a tattoo of a Sparrow on my forehead and I intend to hypnotize Assassin Cat….

      (i think i recognize one of the guys in your videos….i think he killed truman capote a long time ago before color film was invented

      you say beretta i say potato lets call the lunch with assassin cat off just in case the waiter is black and Aaron Worthing starts getting loud about how bill clinton was white so that proves health care opposition wasn’t racist.

  15. FROM:

    neal rauhauser


    Ron Brynaert

    Message flagged
    Thursday, October 20, 2011 4:21 PM

    Mandy tweeted she is come to DC pick up legal docs – I assume this is for Seth Allen case. The occupation is on high alert for them pulling stuff like they try /w O’Keefe + Thomas Ryan at OWS.

    She called in when Seth threaten Kimberlin, now she is only one acting responsibly /w lawsuit. Maybe is best to just let her be?

    You get on my nerves three days out of five, but your only real character fault is excess curiosity – would hate to see you face same troubles Seth has. Chill, wait for her to read docs, then maybe she will throw Patterico under the bus like Allen.

    • kidkenoma Says:

      Dick Swett Dick Trickle Dick Shower Dick Crums with cheese on it…

      Ball-cupping little ass nugget penis tip rake up ass and smelly rim-shot weird boner Spaghettios & cum-stain disease dumping your penetration testing ass touching my BEWBS BEWBIES BEWBS BEWBIES BEWBS BEWBIES BEWBS BEWBIES BEWBS BEWBIES BEWBS BEWBIES BEWBS BEWBIES BEWBS BEWBIES BEWBS

      Or something.

      • lol

        it didn’t say that….but it was completely full of shit

      • kidkenoma Says:

        I had asked a very reasonable question about her tweet, which you will recall said that someone that kidkenoma “used to target” said something about “murdering” someone, and I–poilitely at first–requested to know who was supposed to “murder” or have murdered who, and what that had to do with kidkenoma.

        Obviously the “targeted” person was Seth Allen, but that still leaves the rest of the question:

        –Are they accusing ME of murder?

        –Is somebody thinking of murdering me?

        –If not, then who? Why? Where? When?

        –is it just meaningless bullshit? And if so, why drag me into it, and it better be good.

        –Is her twitter account a vehicle for Seth Allen’s smears?


        Mandy has left comments here on three occasions, two of which are still around I think, but by her third comment without a satisfactory answer to my very reasonable inquery, and that, as they say on my softball team, is “three strikes and YER OUT!!”

        This is not the forum to try the Breitbart doublespeak crap. I simply will not have it.

        We lived through the Bush administration, and have zero tolerance for the old change-the-subject-run-around.

        We’re simply not in the mood.

        I guess they figure to handle it like Reagan–just wave & smile & keep walking toward the helicoptor and pretend that you can’t hear those “unpleasant” questions.

        And there are morons who did, and would still put up with that bullshit.

        Not here pal.

        Some of the Lunar Librarians and I have been doing a little working to facilitate that “gris-gris vibe” toward certain members of the Breitbart Elite.

        Can you guess which ones?

        I doubt any of these ultra-rationalist go-getters will be very concerned, being as how they’ve all read Ayn Rand, and have had everything explained to them on a “scientific” material reductionist basis, so they know better than to be very worried about the superstitious antics of some Lunatic California dope weirdos. (LOL)


      • If only it were just doublespeak crap….more like triple and quadruplespeak crap.

  16. “What can I say, I enjoy dirty humor.”

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