The projector here is overthrown,
but I have now a project of my own
–Ben Jonson

Art has an enemy called ignorance…



  1. Checkin’ his stash by the trash at St. Mark’s place

  2. Please, someone, anyone,

    Convince me Aaron Worthing isn’t extremely racist.

    (I’m not saying he is, convince me he’s not)

    “Of course the elephant in the room here is his race. Electing our first black President has not led us to some color-blind Shangri-la, but rather we have had three years of hyper-racialized politics, where every mere policy disagreement with the President was cast as a front for racism. Never mind that in fact this was almost objectively untrue. For instance, in 1994 a white Southern President tried to give us health care reform and it went down in flames; but when a black President proposed it, it passed. But for more reasons than I feel like going over, the left gravitated toward this kind of thinking and argument.”

    WTF does Clinton’s race have to do with anything? His reasoning makes no sense at all….and is it just me or is he trying to avoid saying he doesn’t like Cain when the entire blog seems to be written to suggest that.

    • And, …”Federal prosecutors in California are threatening to shut down medical marijuana dispensaries throughout the state, sending letters to warn landlords to stop sales of the drug within 45 days or face the possibility that their property will be seized and they will be sent to prison. “

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