LARISA & THE MADAM (halftime score)


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  1. Preface:

    I’m publishing these because they have a sort of historical value…at least to conspiracy theorists and people who aren’t afraid to be labelled that for asking questions.

    (i’ve lost track of details in this case so i have no clue if these emails or others i have add much….personally i’m more interested in what’s a hoax then what’s real in the conspiracy….)

    Larisa Alexandrovna is a hoaxer but I believe these emails are legit….it took a lot of probing for us to get the email address…but Larisa ended up getting into bizarre arguments with Palfrey and never finished this article. She was mad that the madam was passing info to a blogger called Matt Janovic.

    I have no idea where Laria is now, who she really is, or what her deal is, but I’m fairly certain she’s behind a Weinergate sock or two.

    One thing I’ve never publicly mentioned is that Larisa Alexandrovna started calling me late nights after I took over as Executive Editor of Raw Story in January 2007. I knew she had been trying to get me fired because I had bashed Jason Leopold and because I had critical articles of Markos and the Netroots at my old blog, and she was afraid RS would get blacklisted and I didn’t trust her.

    She would call and flirt with me and get into weird arguments and she was our “star” reporter at the time – although I favored Michael Roston – so I put up with her almost-stalking for a few weeks before I finally told the owner John to tell her to stop bugging me….which she did…

    She did do some good work…but I’m not sure anything she ever wrote is trustworthy.

    I don’t use unnamed sources…..I’m not sure I’ve kept a source quiet ever in any article i wrote…so we do sort of have a fundamental difference in the kinds of reporting we do.

    I prefer finding my own stories….

    Also, Jeane Palfrey’s lawyer was a wackadoo. And he represented hoaxers. Was not because he’s dead but because he was suspended.

    This is just a sample of emails i have…i’ll post the rest at a later date at my site….

    From: Larisa Alexandrovna []
    Sent: Friday, June 22, 2007 10:15 PM
    Subject: Re: JEANE PALFREY (Update #1)…

    As I said it would happen, ABC sold you out. I will publish the names on the phone records if you send them over and I strongly suspect some of those names are media folks. You know how to reach me of course.:) L


    Jeane Palfrey wrote:

    Larisa… I am not looking to publish the phone records, but to investigate them for what I statistically estimate to be a few dozen to a hundred or so inviduals – of the approximate 10,000 member client base – who violated the public trust, similar to Mr. Tobias. The remaining 9,900 customers along with the women, I hope to keep their identities from being revealed. Please watch “Geraldo” this evening, if you can. I have only a few conditions which I hope the recipients will abide by here and the wholesale disruption of thousands of people’s lives is one of them. On another subject, I have become more familiar with RawStory, since your initial email to me a few months, ago. RS indeed is a progressive blog. In fact, Update #2 I believe will be your recent piece on the Bush wire transfer spying program, which was reported (this past week?) in federal district court in Chicago. This is exactly what was done to me, as well and the rationale for Mr. Sibley’s (civil forfeiture attorney) litigation – temporarily injuncted (the Feds have me stonewalled everywhere) – against Wells Fargo Bank and Charles Schwab & Company. –Sincerely, Jeane Palfrey


    Date: Sat, 23 Jun 2007 12:29:34 -0700
    From: Jeane Palfrey
    CC: ‘Montgomery Sibley’

    Larisa… in the craziness of the roller coaster build-up to the 20/20 piece and the subsequent shocking let-down, along with my inexperience dealing with the press/media/blogs (and understanding the differences thereof), I believe I lost tremendous opportunities to get the real story out, last month. Of course, my foolish promise to ABC for exclusivity cost me almost two months of valuable time as well, from mid-March to May 4th. I can see from reading your response to this morning’s email that you are a serious journalist and will tell it like it is unlike the Disney folk. >From my perspective (and that of Mr. Sibley, cc’ed above), you have said all the right things, here. We definitely are simpatico. You can have the first interview. I would suggest ASAP, either later today or tomorrow, by phone. I would prefer that you tape and take notes. I have more to say than you can imagine. The few interviews I have done since being released from my agreement – albeit a gentleman’s one – with ABC have all lasted 2 to 3 hours in duration. My situation frankly could not be concocted by even the most ingenious and creative of Hollywood’s writers and has to be heard to be believed. I need to run a few errands this afternoon. I will return however, around 4pm PDT / 7pm EDT. You can call me if you wish to set up a time for an interview later or we actually could do the interview at this time. –Sincerely, Jeane


  2. hmm i thought larisa completely disappeared since march…..

    and um look who she’s friends with now….

    matt janovic!!!!!!!!!!

    Jeane: your indie blogger friend posted information about my investigation into this case and specifics that only you, your attorney, and my editor know. He discussed things that you and I went off the record on during our conversation even. I do not wish to communicate with him, because anyone who is stupid enough to post information about an investigation that reporters are trying to do, thereby putting their work at risk (things can easily be scrubbed, sources threatened, etc., before I ever get to them if people know what I am working on), is either not smart enough to dress themselves in the morning or could not care less about the case in question.

    she’s also friends with P2ers shoq, gotta laff and um EMPTYWHEEL?

    • kidkenoma Says:

      And what response do suppose LA might have to this scathing indictment?

      While we at the Kidkenoma breakin’ news desk generally shun modern cutting-edge communication methods that could potentially backfire on one later on (twitter, facebook, skype…heh-heh), we have persuaded the KK remote viewing staff to telepathically reach out to Ms. Alexandrovna or representitives thereof to respond to these scurrilous calumnies.


    • Yes Ron, I sought Larisa out to discover what the hell transpired between us and Jeane. Palfrey was pitting us against each other for reasons I don’t entirely understand, but I think it came down to her not trusting Larisa for reasons that probably have to do with Bill Bastone illegally leaking the unsigned warrant-affidavit back in October 9, 2006, ostensibly to pressure Palfrey into a plea and to keep her quiet until the midterms had passed. Damage control for the GOP? Maybe. By the way, I have never and now make no claims at being a journalist, I’m a writer and researcher.

      Anyway, I sought her out on Facebook initially to discover what the hell happened. I won’t go into the full details, but we and others were played by Jeane who leaked me information about the pointless Norris investigation that had nothing to do with the “genesis” of her case–it was USPS Inspector Gary Hines at Thurgood Marshal international in Aug. 2001.

      Anyway, we aren’t “friends,” and perhaps I was treated similarly to you, perhaps not. I find her marriage to Scott Horton bizarre, but so be it, maybe love is love, no idea there. The rest I have no idea, I know almost nothing about her life. I was told that she got divorced, had health issues and had to leave Manhattan.

      Jason Leopold: He had a mole in the defense (I was a researcher for Jeane and am affiliated with no one) named Monique Rawlings, so I find the comment about Leopold interesting. Palfrey sent us a Cc’d email where she made a clearly suicidal comment, it’s at my blog, from Feb. 28, 2008, just three days after Vitter’s lawyers hit her with a motion that threatened to stick her with legal costs in the aftermath of the trial. This was a bluff, but I think it pushed her over the edge, another story for another time.

      I’ve posted more than a few emails from the case and will be publishing more in the future. I’m glad you posted these. This is all very interesting.

  3. Ron Brynaert is a lunatic who was fired from Raw Story because he is a lunatic and a conspiracy theorist. One only need to read his tweets from the past six months to arrive at that conclusion. No one will ever hire Ron to work for any news organization EVER.

  4. Ron Brynaert used to work at Kim’s Video in Manhattan and was caught in the bathroom smoking crack and masturbating. He was fired from there too. He’s actually one of the shittiest “reporters” out there.There’s a reason he doesn’t have friends.

    • kidkenoma Says:

      Uh, you don’t happen to have any surveillence footage of this alleged incident do you?

      We could use a bump in stats about now…

      • Tosh.0 would probably play a video of a “reporter” getting busted while smoking crack, masturbating and taking a shit at the same time.

        I’ve definitely done two out of three, but Jason Leopold did the trifecta – and actually got fired by Raw Story FOR smoking the crack pipe – and wrote a book about it.

        If only someone could actually challenge me with facts? But that’s asking too much in these silly times I guess. Even though I’m honest and I use facts and links and don’t cherry-pick…my temper is used against me….even though that’s all anyone else does: rave like a lunatic and say nothing.

        I don’t think there’s another “reporter” that came from the web that has gotten as many links as i have from both the right and the left and the fringe over the years, and I never hid the fact that I like to explore conspiracies….but it’s usually to knock down the myths. Anyway, I’m a researcher and editor, not a reporter, coward defiling the Banshees (though i have a few guesses who that is….pretty inarticulate).

      • I am not joking. There’s a reason Ron does not step foot in Kim’s or walks around St. Marks. Guy is a laughingstock. And a raging prick. You will not meet a bigger asshole than Ron Brynaert.

      • kidkenoma Says:

        “bigger asshole than Ron Brynaert”?

        I just thought it was a New York thing and let it go at that.

        And while I’m in no position to dispute the veracity of your claims, I think I can safely ascertain that you have never met Ty Brown, Andrew Breitbart, or Pol Pot.

        Last person I knew to take a walk around St. Marks got mugged.

        Another got dead.

        Or so I hear…

      • um kim’s closed all its video rental stores a few years ago, for one…they have one sale store left but no one i know still works there…

        and um i used to hang out in all the stores after i stopped working there….and um even got jobs for friends at two of them after i left kims….

        …but hey keep spinning the fairytales…person who may know me from real life (maybe it’s one of the fat chrises i’ve known)

        (but um i never even worked at the kims on st marks…and that one closed up years ago…..and um im fairly certain no one is drinking beers and laughing at me in the village…and um i still hang out there but i usually prefer williamsburg)

        I am definitely not a raging prick…but when i’m mad there’s no bigger asshole than me..anyone can tell that by looking at my tweets 🙂


    The fact that former MMfA Director of External Affairs Xochitl Hinojosa now works for the Dept. of Justice…is a very good find….and worthy of writing it up.

    Tying it to wacky black panther story dilutes it.

    Claiming collusion with no evidence dilutes it.

    Ignoring the fact that her job is to work with the press dilutes it.

    Opening with “resulting in almost 8,000 MMfA site specific Google hits” made it so no one at Media Matters or Daily kos etc had to read past paragraph one.

    Bad editing or….

  6. Kid,

    That 8/24 tweet you complain about at Q’s really doesn’t have anything to do with you…i can’t say anything more about it though other than to say if you don’t know the answer it means you’re not connected to Neal who does know the answer.

  7. kidkenoma Says:

    Ron old sport, if it doesn’t have anything to do with me, THEN WHY THE FUCK DOES IT SAY KIDKENOMA?

    I usually don’t go all nuts with the caps like that, but just in case anyone had cognitive challenges in gleaning the text, I thought I’d make it easier.

    Do I see anything about Neal in that tweet?

    Noooooooooo, I don’t fucking think so…

    So, with all of the hand-wringing & sniveling about people being “smeared”, this is supposed to be just some “test”, and that’s totally acceptable?

    And why can’t she answer for her own words, at the same time she’s demanding that others be accountable for what they say?

  8. kidkenoma Says:

    So you’re like what?

    Mandy’s spin doctor?


    Maybe Ms. Palin will give you a cabinet position, if you know what I mean…

  9. i hold the copyright on calling Weinergate players Iagos…

    sorry I can’t be more specific but since neal answered that question you asked LC in a menacing email he wrote me…he’ll probably fill in the details at qritiq when he’s done polishing his guns.

    i could have said nothing to you…but i wanted to tell you that even though it mentioned you it’s not really about you….you’ll find out soon…sorry if that make you think i’m iago.

    and im glad you’re in the dark..since it means you’re definitely not connected to neal…i don’t care who you really are as long as it’s not anyone connected to Wgate.


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