7 Responses to “HOW YOU’D, AIR A FJORD…?”

  1. I would dare a Bjork to tear air toward a fair, a lord…. Pair a sword, a mare, a Ford, a pear, an Accord, …

  2. kidkenoma Says:

    Little Bjork could ill-afford to be poured into a Ford Accord pointed toward Fort Ord crossing the tracks where the engineer was bored with tryin’ to find where the G-chord wuz stored by the Lunar Librarian who said she was floored by a plumed arrow that the perfumist had scored that pointed to a peculiar sign in the sidewalk that roared: “ARAMCHEK

    Sadassa Salvia sings!

  3. Bjork and Matthew Barney used to rent videos from store i managed ten years ago in the village..they shared accounts and i actually knew they were together before it got in the tabloids…

    same for paul thomas anderson and fiona apple (felt silly when i asked her for ID not realizing who she was)

    robert pastorelli came to store one christmas eve and said he needed a gift….i recommended martin scorsese documentaries on italian cinema… after xmas i said did your friend like it…he said “she sure did”..and freaking glenn close turned around…

  4. Ha ha, human behaviour… then there was Tower Video…. then the Tower came down. Then the Towers came down….

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