Yep, we’ve moved a few things around here at K(REDACTED) blog due to bandwidth irregularities coinciding with shifting Lunar polarities, so if you notice a video or two missing from their accustomed places, that would be why.

We miss the Lou Reed/Metallica vid posted by Ron, so please repost if so inclined, and the Lorraine/Tom Cruise vid posted by Annebirdie is mucho crucial, so if you can repost it, we’d be much obliged, not to mention the relief for a certain bulging email account full of concerned consumers looking for klooz…


17 Responses to “HOW YOU, DARRAH FORD…?”

  1. That’s your idea for a pilot?

    Sounds too much like “Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place”….get the hell out of my office!

    Who let this frumpy, old lady who just got blonde dye all over the back of my chair on to the TVLand production studio grounds?

    SECURITY! Send this New York Press troll back to her cage under the Throgs Neck bridge.

  2. I’ve spent months looked closely at this very important and/or distinguished conservative economist blogger’s avatar’s picture and I still can’t figure out if there is a body attached.

    The conservative @ZapEm collegiate team – which I’m certain has no connection to Neal Rauhauser since it’s at least eight percent more ridiculous than all his beandog socks – which fights crime for @goatsred who was blackmailed by The Smoking Gun should spare someone from their 40 man roster and send them to Hong Kong to see if @DoctorWarbucks – from the very, very, very, very, i’m not kidding, very, very, very witty Ameristroika blog which also features the lead singer from a New Zealand Dave Matthews Band cover band who looks like that dude from office space – knows anything about the notorious Dan Wolfe aka Darrah Ford according to Lee Stranahan who gets all his info and intel from Andrew Breitbart.!/doctorwarbucks/status/119279289236586496

    If there wasn’t a hand holding up the chin I wouldn’t be suspicious….but a bodyless sock from Hong Kong working with Chinese hackers scares the stuffing out of me.

  3. Koam aka wittier aka Ken Danieli has um – for lack of a better word – weird Facebook subscribers

    um fake muslims? wtf…like the kind that make fake newspapers that put out fake death threats against south park….i dunno..just throwing it out there….

    Check out this guy who Studied crazy at University of Crazy People:

    The Philosophy and Favorite Quotations of the very religious Rizkan Sadik are “Islamic Quotations??????????????????????????????????????????????”

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