5 Responses to “HOW YOU, DARE A FORD…?”

  1. I’m…waiting…for the…

    Master of puppets…

    @KKlausser came from FLA
    On May 27, happened to be following Rep Weiner, a real college girl and a fake high school teen…plus joked around with a porn actress turned model named Ginger Lee….happened to be searching Rep Weiner name right when he sent the underwear tweet….took lots of pictures that went to Daily Kos,

    “Oh wow…haha. Not sure how I got so involved here, I just saw things as they happened Friday night and it doesn’t seem many people did,” Klausser wrote at Gawker.

    (perhaps Andrew Breitbart and almost definitely The Smoking Gun)
    Then the liberal spent most of the next month working nicely with Andrew Breitbart trolls to get to the bottom of Weinergate
    She also spread a lot of lies about Dan Wolfe and is tied to Neal Rauhauser buddies in #P2 “movement”

    And the socks at go doo do doo, doo do doo, doo do doo

    Ms. Klausser took a screenshot of the wonderful day that Rep. Weiner retweeted one of her tweets and put it on her blog…strangely…after Weinergate….that Rep Weiner retweet vanished

    You can see proof RepWeiner retweeted KKlausser on March 17 here:

    More info on my blog about the Fonz and Weinergate which isn’t sexy enough for anyone to mention or link to:

    Ms Klausser says, “I would never have seen the picture but I searched “anthony weiner” because I was looking for a link I had seen earlier (an article in which Meghan McCain says Weiner is her favorite Dem because of his hot wife actually) and saw his tweet about it. From what I’ve seen it was tweeted just a few minutes before his tweets about his tivo.”

    • What do we need?

      We need a New York Times reporter that can prove he was in NY.

      We need a New York Times editor or someone who has real power there.

      We need writers at all the New York dailies or we need to give tips to them so they take what we give them and report instead of looking further.

      We need a liberal who saw the tweet, too, and took screenshots.

      We need a journalist who was there when it happened just in case we need to use her more.

      We need one Weiner girl that can explain things on blogs, if needed.

      We need to send the message that everyone was harassed in Weinergate so that no one looks too closely.

      We need to have other girls in place and leak them one at a time, until he finally resigns.

      We need to have a crappy media filled with partisan clowns like Joan Walsh and everyone at the Disney network but Jake Tapper.

      We need to have howard stern clowns and other pranksters so that if any journos start to look they won’t know who’s punking them and will easily give up.


  2. kidkenoma Says:

    We need some hi-def vid footage of Huma & Hillary going for “a walk around the track together…”, if you know what I mean…

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