Hey, is that Ty Brown? (or were you just huffing butt-hash?)

Individual referenced above has given a hole new meaning to the phrase: “Ring around the caller!”


51 Responses to “Hey, is that Ty Brown? (or were you just huffing butt-hash?)”

  1. yuck, dude

    (Rough draft for future blog post….Breitbart has mentioned kitchen island multiple times if you google…so there will be more on the many times he brings it up….)

    “Andrew Breitbart Was At His Kitchen Island. Don’t You Ever Forget”

    Why would anyone care where Andrew Breitbart was in his mansion when he found out about Weinergate. It’s the very definition of TMI unless you’re like the Tim Roth character in Reservoir Dogs trying to get every part exactly right about a fake story/alibi.

    In the very same minute that Andrew Breitbart vowed to his wife that he would stay off Twitter for Memorial weekend, Rep Weiner sent a tweet showing his underwear, which Dana Loesch happened to see live, which a liberal twitter saw as she happened to be searching Weiner’s name on twitter at that moment, which two different Twitterers saw and retweeted immediately, and then Rep Weiner deleted “within twenty seconds” as Dan Wolfe claims.

    But never forget, Breitbart was at the kitchen island…and he had to give up the Memorial Weekend he promised to his wife but he blames the evil media for falsely accusing him of hacking Weiner so he was forced to work all weekend long (never mind he was also working the phones to get naked pictures…just concentrate on how the media ruined Breitbart’s weekend.

    It’s been over three months and it must still be the evil media’s fault and dirty Rep. Weiner that AndrewBreitbart still can’t take the weekend off from the internet to spend time with his wife and must keep retweeting the evil tweets socks send him.

    This article might have the most details about Breitbart’s actions on May 27: Holly Peterson from the Plum Hamptons Magazine outscoops the New York Times and everyone else, apparently http://www.plumhamptonsmagazine.com/issue/35529/209

    “…I was standing next to my wife at our kitchen island, about to pour a glass of wine. I’d just promised her I’d get off the grid – meaning get off the internet for the weekend and spend time with our family. At that exact moment I checked my Twitter feed and saw that someboy had sent me a re-Tweet from Congressman Weiner. I clicked on the URL, and it took me to an image of a gentleman – an aroused gentleman in gray briefs. And I thought, that’s peculiar.”

    (He only thought it was “peculiar” at this moment even though he had gotten a tip ten days ago about Weiner sending nude pics via social network sites and had barely followed it up. And he spent the next two-and-a-half-hours talking to his staff, instead of trying to contact that tipster, too)

    “So I got into a conference call with my staff and we watched the cover-up happen over about a two-and-a-half-hour period, as all the photos came down. And not just the offending photo from his account – we watched as the in Seattle to whom the picture had been sent took down her Facebook and Twitter accounts….”

    Breitbart’s mystery source apparently went camping in the wilderness or something on Memorial Weekend.

    “The second -completely separate-parallel track was that, more than a week before the re-Tweet, on May 18th, we’d gotten a tip from the Breitbart.com tip box from somebody called back on Saturday and said he was two miles from a paved road and not near a computer, and wouldn’t be able to get back to us until Tuesday.”

    “We spent Saturday, Sunday, and Monday being told by very good sources that Weiner’s strategy was going to be allowing Daily Kos and Salon and other left-of center publications to attack me, to make it about Breitbart. And lo and behold, that’s exactly what happened. We were told that the Daily Kos, ever before it did any reporting, said “Go attack Breitbart.” They also had a series of stories that framed me as the hacker. And Salon claimed that I was attacking the girl in Seattle, though we’d retracted her name and done everything we could to remove her from the narrative other than report the fact that a woman from Seattle was sent his image.”

    No one from Breitbart ever even tried to contact her, which is patently ridiculous.

    There’s much more in that article including how Marcia Kramer from CBS alerted Breitbart to the Weiner resignation and how he “nonchalantly walked up the street to the Sheraton four and a half blocks away – and the rest is history….and, especially, on the week he spent trying to get Broussard to come out.

    Why did Andrew Breitbart keep GC in the shadows but not Broussard? Why didn’t he offer her anonymity.

    Breitbart admits he slowly leaked the information he had in order to “put the proper pressure on the Congressman, and we did so on Monday morning, June 6th, with a series of sequential releases first a story saying that a woman had come forward, then the staggered release of a series of photos.”

    The best part might be when he claims Weiner’s photos looked like “aroused, homoerotic Blueboy circa 2005 – I’m not sure that’s what women are looking for.

  2. kidkenoma Says:

    It is indeed heartwarming that Breitfart is intimately familiar enough with the rather specialized aesthetic of “Blueboy” to compare to Weiner shots.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course.

  3. Personal account here, I’ve tried Salvia twice. First time, it was fairly mild, felt like a big wheel rolled across and through me, and my right sleeve got caught, it was pulling me.
    Second time, it was the stronger stuff. After taking the hit and crawling up into a chair, I closed my eyes. There was a whimsical brief encounter with some flying cartoon pencils.
    Then I was swept up into a wave. It intensified to the point where I was certain I was in the cue to die. I was on the shore of a collosal organic machinery with chewing gears, being drawn into the maw of eternal chew-up. I remember thinking, oh SHIT, wait! I didn’t sign up for this, did I? Well, this is it. Here we go! Somehow I began to realize I was still alive after all, still in my chair, unmoving yet slightly shaken…
    The ( still legal )containers of Salvia are here still somewhere… not sure when I will be inclined to embark upon that endeavor again though…

    • kidkenoma Says:

      Heh-heh…yep, kinda like rolling yer consciousness into a little ball and handing it off to 3 or 4 verrry playful dolphins who are going to play “keep-away” for 3-5 minutes.

      A dramatic difference can be manifested by three procedures that might not be a big deal normally, but make a HUGE difference on salvia:

      1–keeping your eyes open staring at a fixed point, preferably the center of a mandala or native-american sand painting, or in my case for a while, a tack stuck into a cork-bodied lamp, not moving or closing your eyes–just staring at a fixed spot while:

      2–chanting–doesn’t matter what the actual verbal semantic meaning of the chant is–just the musical tones emanating from one’s chest cavity, and you’ll know which tones, ’cause they’ll feel GOOD. Thus the shaman’s song was born…

      3–usage of sigils (too complex to explain here, but well worth looking up and have a massive impact on the salvia experience)

      Salvia loves to project on abstract surfaces like cork, foam-drip ceilings, and the covers of those cheap “top flight” composition books available at your local hive-mart.

      Also a predilection for two-dimensional surfaces, including a bizarre interaction with movies & paintings wherein you may enter the narrative universe of a film and experience it as absolute reality for the duration of the trip.

      Of course, one would want to be very selective about the film into which one downloads oneself. Most don’t, and most get their noses rubbed in it real good and just wanta forget about the whole thing and never try this evil shit again!

      If any piece of film was ever designed for such purpose, it would be Harry Smith’s ‘Abstractions’ pt4, or the incongruously titled video “Genocide” by the French psychedelic band Dickens, both conveniently available at this very blog.

      (a local dope-dealer on piss-test parole asked me about salvia since it’s legal and probably not easily testable, so I left him a hit which he ill-advisably consumed while standing in front of his enormously wide flat-screened TV playing some lame Vietnam war movie, and was sucked into the screen and into the cockpit of a helicoptor taking mucho flak over hostile jungle, all the time convinced it was really happening. He hasn’t asked for any more since then.)

      Oh well, there’s always “krokodil” & “jenkem”.

      Thus, having successfully utilized these 3 techniques itemized above, you’re ready to talk to the elves.

      They insist.

  4. Sounds good… yeah, I’m sure you have seen the many poorly-thought out, to say the least!…salvia trippers on Youtube, in rooms full of idiots, dogs running around, really shitty music or TV blaring, and these so called friends smirking and giggling as they writhe in terrified agony and crash on the floor in an unhappy stupor, laughing, crying, and unable to talk… “Hey dude, try a big hit of this stuff, hee hee, wait let me get my beer dude”…

  5. Didn’t know about krokodil… looked it up…. Oh, URP….. Gack!!! :-/

  6. As for the Jenkum thing…. come on. You gotta be shitting me.

    • kidkenoma Says:

      Although people in Africa may, or may not have huffed poop-fumes, the use of “jenkem” in this country is largely regarded as a hoax.

      Main motive for said hoax in my humble opinion, would be to compell Fox news anchors to use the term: “butt-hash” on the air.

    • kidkenoma Says:

      Hey, is that Ty Brown, or were you just huffing butt-hash?

  7. kidkenoma Says:


    Yeah, absolutely NOT a “recreational” drug. A very serious deal,

    Many folks that I’ve done it with will start laughing hysterically for no good reason that they can remember, and sometimes have a good time that way,

    One of the more interesting, and credible accounts of a salvia healing ceremony is related by Kathleen Harrison, ex-wife of Terrence McKenna, in the book ‘Breaking Open the Head’ by Daniel Pinchbeck, in which she describes a ceremony undertaken on her behalf by indigenous Mexican shamans for a cardiac condition that she had been diagnosed with by doctors in New York, and for which she was awaiting treatment.

    So she chews the leaves, the shaman & his wife pray & pray, having first told Ms. Harrison to NOT laugh no matter what, being as how that scares the benign spirits away, and sure enough, she finds herself as a plant in a garden tended by a giant beautiful woman, who reaches over & touches her ever so lightly with a tingly ZAP! that goes right through her.

    When she gets back to NY for treatment by high-priced specialists for her cardiac condition, they can’t seem to find the damn thing.

    On the other hand, one could go on youtube and do a bong-load and then try to make a peanut butter sandwichwhile tripping on salvia, which is next to impossible, and is a redundant point to make again & again, but some people like that.

    Face it, this is a fratbro/Snooky culture.

    • Yeah, the first time i did it, at a friend’s, we dimmed the lights and turned off the radio and just had a nice fireplace in the backyard. But I sort of talked MY way through, when it was my turn, to the point where they were telling ME “shhh”, but i was trying to figure out how my sleeve got caught on the darn wheel that went through me, and it kept pulling at me. Another somewhat reluctant participant, said he hated it, but this is a guy who drinks an 18 pack every single night and smokes dirtweed so, go figure. Not important. 98% of the population are ill-equipped for introspective things like S and should probably just stay away, or go huff HOAKUM, …er, Jenkem, Butthash, whatever. Which reminds me of someone on Youtube I need to show to you….

  8. Sangrailian1 aka “Treee”

    • kidkenoma Says:

      (L)eggy blonde cracks shell

      • kidkenoma Says:

        So, we really don’t have to worry about the space-lizards so much, it’s the insect beings that she mentions at 12:35 in the vid that we have to worry about.

        Pretty sure she’s talkin’ bed-bugs.

        They rule!

      • kidkenoma Says:

        As one of the preeminent experts in criminal drug analysis in the Western Hemisphere, I tend to habitually scan suspicious activity for signs of substance abuse impairment, this video being no exception, and while I think we can rule out the use of jenkem & krokodil in this case, I’m not so sure that this individual is not totally konked on whoonga.

      • kidkenoma Says:

        Annebirdie, you know, now that I think about it, the lady in this video sorta reminds me of a certain “Kathleen” of our acquaintance, gone horribly wrong, which as far as I can remember, was the direction she was headed the last time we encountered her.

        Haven’t seen or heard from her since that time, but her ex-hubby lives here in the Metropolis/Duckburg tri-city vector, and even jammed with that guitarist from that “illumannoyance” band that used to haunt the cafes back in the Old Country. It was a very short-lived and soon-to-be-acrimonious “musical” collaboration thankfully undocumented & vigorously discontinued.

        Another personage encountered at a major health-food chain store just a couple of weeks ago, was Cynthia from Upstairs, former neighbor of Trish the Machete girl, who if you recall, held the Guinness book world record for unecessary lawn watering.

        Cynthia seemed to be doing fine, and sort of implied that Trish might have joined a cult down in Mexico or something, which would be just the place where folks might appreciate a good machete swing.

        As Trish used to exclaim with machete poised over the chicken:

        “Our god Jehovah is a VENGEFUL god!!” *WHACK!!*

      • Yes, Treee is a meth-head, for many years now, and is convinced that just about everyone was raised by illuminaughty sex slave child porn producing satanic sacrificing torture murder snuff film makers, except herself, surprisingly. She was a hooker however, and regularly talks to Queen Elisabeth, Draco, Pindar and other well known reptilian dragons.
        And wow, Kathleen what ever became of her. Never forget the time she cracked eggs on Mr. B’s windsheild…. And Trigh… ha ha, the water, we must water away the sins! I kind of remember Cynthia… but what about Krysta from Tower? Ahh the memories.

  9. Can someone fill me in on who the fuck ever even heard of Theresa’s blog?

    Who linked to it? Who heard of her? I sure never did.

    • I didn’t but have enjoyed reading not just it, (specifically her perfume posts, religion and fashion ) but all the surrounding speculations about it and them, and further, on into Scientology, and most recently, the whole WTF experience of Desomorphine, shudder€€€€€ … but for comic relief, I enjoy reading Kid’s blog post titles, and literally “laughing out loud” 🙂

  10. kidkenoma Says:

    Well, Nikki Bower, for one…

  11. kidkenoma Says:

    I wonder where the Milowent?

  12. kidkenoma Says:

    In the interest of full disclosure, for whatever incremental significance might be gleaned thereby, we must note that there is no connection between Kidkenoma & any of the following meme-jacking entities:


    –@TheLastStatue twitter account


    Now, the three listed above seemed benign, amusing, and informative, but the same cannot be said for the malevolent dumb-ass attempted game-jacking by:

    –the @kidkenoma twitter account

    And you know, citizens stop me on the streets all the time, and say: “Kid, what’s up with this jenkem thing anyway? I mean what kind of crazy delusional shithead ideas would be the byproduct of ingesting this vile swill?”

    So I sez, look no further than this, perhaps the ultimate anti-Kidkenoma/LastStatue hate-blog yet. Check out the illustration at the top of the page…here. Given this perspective, the “content” is completely self explanatory…

    Milowent is also a jenkem fan…

    • kidkenoma Says:

      Oh, and thanx Milowent, for reminding me about “2 girls 1 cup”.

      I had almost mercifully forgotten.

      I shan’t post it here, but it’s all over youtube. So to speak.

      Correction: ‘2 girls 1 cup’ is actually banned on youtube, but is readily available from many alternate sources.

      Lucky us.

      Hey, is that Ty Brown, or did you just share 1 cup with 2 girls???

  13. http://milowent.blogspot.com/2005/07/milowent-likes-to-comment-in-other.html

    milowent likes to comment in other blogs.

    i’m not a republican or a democrat. i’m simply a BS detector.

  14. hmmmm

    i’m not sure he’s any other sock but himself….he’s a wikipedia editor though and heck even created a page for the loathsome andrea peyser

    and he runs this forum, too i see:


    his youtube account says he’s from albania….i don’t know if that’s true…but i would guess he’s from outside US since he created many articles about foreign places…and americans don’t even care about canada or mexico 🙂


  15. kidkenoma Says:

    Albania? Well, wag my dog…

    From the wiki:

    “When an unnamed president of the United States is caught in a closed room making advances on an underage “Firefly Girl” (the fictional equivalent of a Girl Scout) less than two weeks before re-election, Conrad Brean (DeNiro) is brought in to try to take public attention away from the scandal. He decides to fake a war with Albania, hoping the media will concentrate on this instead. In order to come up with his “war”, he contacts a Hollywood producer named Stanley Motss (Hoffman), who brings in a series of specialists who help construct a theme song, bulid up interest, and fake some footage of an orphan in Albania.”

    Ever see ‘The Kid Stays in the Picture’? At the end, as the credits roll, Dustin Hoffman does a series of impersonations of his good pal Robert Evans (aka “Cokie McSnortfuck”), which served him well in portraying Stanley Motss.

  16. kidkenoma Says:

    And yes, Dreamsend333 is still out there, dreaming of his Great Vengeance & the ultimate indictment of moi…

    He still manages to uh, squeeze out a couple of tweets a week, which are ignored & shunned even by social engineering spam-bots like @!unthink. Poor guy, just dying for attention. So sad.

    He also has expressed some digust with this blog in general, and the excreable content of this very thread in particular.

    I feel just awful about having let the conversation here slip to such degrading & crapulous depths, and so I’ve decided to upgrade the tone of this discussion by introducing more literary content for a more uplifting dialogue.

    So, here you go Ty, perhaps this clip of Mr. Thomas Pynchon’s niece Tristan Taormino, will help you widen your horizons…

  17. Did my second favorite fake lawyer have a sex change?

    I love how she’s talking to Keder today, too. This is the woman lawyer who made the Born Free Crew cry because she’s so awesome, all the Neal Rauhauser beandog socks raved about in June.

    She probably got her high school diploma though, as opposed to Assassin Cat.

  18. kidkenoma Says:

    So why is @Patterico talking to Keder?

    For that matter, why is ANYONE talking to Keder?

    Looks like Jared Laughner part 2 to me.

  19. kidkenoma Says:


    No shit Sherlock

  20. kidkenoma Says:

    Mental health advice from @Dreamsend333?


    @!Unthinkable! 🙂

  21. kidkenoma Says:

    Hopefully, Dreamsend333 will stop obsessing about me, and maybe just go and enrich his spirit by enjoying some fine poetry, like Johnathan Swift, for instance.

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