NY Times Bestseller’s Lisp:

Read now ‘Kidkenoma Seth Allen’

Learn how to create, run, and successfully conclude in your
life, in all domains. [?] ‘Kidkenoma Seth Allen’ will show
you tips and tricks to achieve success in all of your projects
at home in everyday life. Take a look now.

I often derive a peculliar satisfaction in conversing with the
ancient and modern dead, -who yet live and speak excellently
in their works…



  1. An all-encompassing, good-for-everybody, non-denominational, one-size-fits anyone and other things-connected-by-hyphens read for EVERYREADER! This looks like the perfect thing for anyboday in any situation, whatEVER the fuck it is. In any case, it looks to suit any case, whether carryon, carrion, suitcase or zombie meat. ? Yes, a big question mark marks my question, hovering over my head this afternoon like so many days before this, as I wander meaninglessly in a blue funk, or more like a grey, washed out, colorless, kittyless fucked up funk…..

  2. Tommy Christopher & Markos collude to scare off people from looking too closely at betty and veronica.

    Gennette Cordova scares off journalists from interviewing by complaining about her privacy being violated.

    Andrew Breitbart scares off Weiner by claiming he’ll release a dick photo….and gives many interviews protecting the women.

    Wack bullshit blogs Mediaite and Andrew Breitbart empires will publish anything under the sun…but they both took pride in keeping Weiner girls private…while working with media outlets who actually published the names.

    Bloggers got threats telling them to keep away.

    I get smeared as crazy so no one will listen.

    Goatsred complained about being menaced…when his hobby is menacing female porn stars.

    No bloggers will publish Ethel’s name.

    DAn Wolfe is scared away by conservatives who talk about FBI going after him and private detectives sent by Stranahan.

    There’s way more…but that’s just off the top of my head.

    • “Aaron Worthing” is defintely the most pompous name ever given to a sock, albeit a sock among lesser socks…

      • Still makes me laugh he made an avatar of a cat with a rifle looking like Lee Harvey Oswald because he misremembered a quote from The Usual Suspects.

        It’s “Oswald was a fag” not a “pussy”, retardo Assassin Cat.

      • We checked the bar in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C. No Aaron Worthing admitted to practice. There are only eight Aaron Worthings we could find in the U.S., none seem to be an attorney.

        This person does seem to be an attorney, isn’t Patterico/Patterica because it covers for Pat when he goes on vacation, but the name isn’t right. I think this mystery will get untangled shortly due to some civil discovery.

  3. I’ve seen others use that same cat with rifle photo. Worthing may have just lifted it from elsewhere.

  4. Thus punted through the goal posts of FAIL by “Little Green Footballs“, Aaron refutes infernal Jew science, and busts The Chinaman for stealing our time.

    • Charles Johnson is a troll like everyone else.

      Markos and all of them just argue and smear and ignore shit….they don’t answer questions and they are nasty about it.

      Liberty Chick turned against Beck, too in that stupidity….yeah i gotta catch up on that nonsense…

      Dustin and Aaron Worthing pull Patterico into everything.

      Count how many Weiner posts patterico did in early june…..AW did close to 20 i think before patterico finally got suckered into running the ethel shit..probably from someone connected to breitbart

      whomever gave him the ethel stories is related to his threateners if they exist…sure ain’t me…

    • o man that was hysterical though….everyone should click on that link…

      aaron worthing is either deeply retardo or clowning Patterico or clowning conservatives with patterico…

  5. Dustin claims to be related to someone Muslim.

    Anyway, that Everybody Draws Mohammed blog had really hateful pictures…and it’s wrong to do that.


    I loved the South Park episode and was sad it was edited….and of course it’s wrong for anyone to threaten death or violence for publishing any kind of cartoon or even word (ive stupidly lost my temper a few times on twitter but it was always in reaction to threats)

    But what about all the Muslims who aren’t sending death threats…why don’t Dustin and Aaron Worthing and JD care about all those people?

    A Muslim child googling needs to see Muhammed on a toilet drawn by Aaron Worthing?


    Stupid stick figure drawing by JD depicting Mohammed committing bestiality?


    Dustin’s avatar was funny when i saw it on TV, but it’s kind of scary seeing it connected to that blog:


    The horrible things people say about all religious beliefs are wrong….and mimicking it like Dustin and Aaron ….i mean this two wrongs make a right shit is tiring.

    Even jon stewart sold out…..i wish someone with that stature would attack both sides again for the clowning and say get serious and work together instead of demonizing the other side…

    Obama isn’t the radical left….he’s hardly even a democrat let alone liberal…..most real liberals agree he sucks….republicans could win with a Romney if they stop distorting about socialism and other nonsense….but especially if they stop doing the same things they decry.

    Both sides should stop acting like children.

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