31 Responses to “CLIENT-9 AT YOUR CERVIX”

  1. ouch won’t be that pretty all if this is really the levitating bomber’s attorney:

  2. Let’s shine the spotlight on another protected troll sock at Patterico.

    The despicable DohBiden – who I guess is only “joking” when he leaves racist and homophobic jokes at the sewer troll sock site.

    You see, it’s all context. We’re supposed to be in on the joke by reading DohBiden’s comments for years to know he’s kidding. Just like Patterico putting Tehran on his Twitter. If you’re not in the know, they mock you….like 3rd grade.

    Anyway….someone else can waste time looking for DohBiden’s racist, sexist, homophobic, and hateful attempts at

    um i guess parody

    “Obama and Deion Sanders should get married.”

    “Just like the muslims……….who worship a different god than us.”

    (haha so funny isn’t he…. douchebag patterico can you at least do the world a favor and delete all nonjokes by troll socks? Because it’s quite confusing when DohBiden and other troll socks say stuff that makes conservatives look bad – and act like they are 13 year old kids who just learned their first dirty jokes – but then get all serious either.

    How about new rule: Sock trolls can do your unfunny hateful schtick…But actual political opinions and insults should include a name.

    ( half of his nasty comments are nasty jokes that aren’t funny…and the others are claims that the radical left is unfair to call him a bigot: )

    Aaron Worthing probably doesn’t think Obama hates all Jews, he’s just kidding and we should know that instinctively.

    Your blog is a sewer, Mr. DA. Clean it.

    Jennifer fucking Preston and Mr. Troll sock defender complaining about socks…..yeah right…why don’t you go through your twitter feeds and stop following them….you both used and exploited socks and until you actually do something about both of you should STFU.

  3. The future of journalism:

  4. Kudos to @GregWBlowhard for directing our attention to the tweets of the enchanting “FMF Lejune“, a delightful backwar–er, backwoods poet (and I mean waaay back–think ‘Deliverence’–“squeal like a piggy” etc), who in the space of three tweets, sums up with devastating accuracy, the ambience of Neo-Palin America with these heartwarming & succinct bon mots:

    “Morgan freeman says whites and teapartys racist,hell blacks r the most racist SOBs n the country! UnitCorpsGodCountry”

    “Kill a mule buy another kill a nigger hire another one! UnitCorpsGodsCountry”

    “if ur a nigger or a nigger sympathizer stay off my pg or u will be blocked !”

    Semper Fi dude.

    Meanwhile, I gotta go–be back later after masturbating to Liberty_Chick’s rodent-like charms, and “bewbies” & lupus tweets. HOT!!

  5. Dear Patterico,

    I sure hope you are hacked…and again it changes nothing about me eventually writing a letter to your “bosses” because leaving me out in the cold if someone is tormenting me using your name is wrong.

    I think I have a pile of evidence – showing you smearing me on the net and in private communications – and that blog of your wife shooting is the main attraction.

    Since that post was all about your wife shooting either me, neal or stormpeedo I presume (and you’ve linked us all together so you have to be insane if you think you can get away with making a menacing threat like that) I plan to file complaints (not BS ones like Brett kimberlins) to California SC about two District Attorneys.

    But I’ll wait to see how this plays out…and hope that was trolls hacking you trying to scare me…

  6. Response to probably one of 30 socks that Qritiq is writing herself since this is a much cooler blog and is more deserving of a 150 comment plus blog….and you’re not an “invited reader” who links to a blog called owned by George Hotz aka geohot (who i dont understand why isn’t in jail)

    dear gumshoe,

    that ain’t gumshoeing, ive blogged it and tweeted countless times about all that.

    Media Matter ended up crediting me. Atrios ended up linking to me and calling me good friend

    All Americablog did was run nasty photos and stories based on tips from Susan G and Daily Kos people and (wait for it – me – yep…he got tips from me during gannongate too…everyone gets tips from me…even dan riehl got a shitload.)

    i worked with them for months before i got hired at raw story….

    Do i still have a chip on my shoulder about having to fight my way to get heard? And about how stupidity about gosch, White house visits (work of raw story before i went there….dumb….bobby eberle had White House connections…gannon was just a dude they hired), gay sex ads and white house plame leak

    distracted from my very real reporting on propaganda, plagiarism and grassroots activism mixed with blogs and “journalism.” which of course they didn’t want anyone to hear…

    better to make it a silly sex story….so the media wouldn’t look at it…only kurtz did a story…everyone else pretty much ignored gannongate

  7. Kid Kenoma’s post mocking the notorious legend of Brett Kimberlin is hysterical:

    Fuck qritiq, just read it here:

    You are hearing nothing but the even…and slightly monotonous sound…of my voice…as your eyelids are getting heavier…just can’t keep them open anymore… …very relaxed…yes…relaxed…

    …now, when you hear me say “Afghanistan Bananastand”…you will awaken with no specific recollection of the use of hypnosis by police investigators…and soon to forget about William Bowman… yes…no Bowman…no archer…no target…no arrow…


    i added to my takedown of the silly Indy Star articles that i left on a commenter here first…

    turns out indiana police do use hypnotism…and i gotta add a Fox News link which – unless it’s a mistake which it probably is – that says it was used on a few witnesses for the bombing too (although technically the schypers hypnotism HAS TO BE attached to bombing probe since that was the reason they allegedly fingered him based on hypnotized ID).

    Even if he is a mad bomber he shouldn’t have served a day in jail because of all that hypnotism bullshit….

    i sure hope la district attorneys don’t agree that hypnotism should be used to get warrants etc

    maybe kimberlin made up shit after because of what happened to him

    its either a bullshit story or he was set up and framed sounds like…

    since case was sealed i bet he’s telling the truth and the latter…maybe he had a newspaper in the seventies that went after bad cops…who knows….

    patterico was wrong to write this

    then say

    “I ask you to specify anything in my post that you claim is false. ” when he knows Kimberlin can’t talk…its like the cheap trick stranahan played on patterico.

    but hey…at least he didn’t plagiarize like liberty chick ….he just added tons of color and excitement

    he should probably relook into kimberlin if he’s real….i hope patterico is..and i hope he’s not with the breitbart gang….

  8. I don’t think that’s bulldog…and it looks exactly like one in the picture on dreamsend silly blog

    i think last week’s episode of community was similar to how i fell for that….

    doesn’t look anything like gannon

    but – heck – if someone has audio – i would love to hear her voice to see if i recognize it as larisa’s

  9. My favorite movie is Videodrome by David Cronenberg

    James Woods gets caught in this conspiracy and he has trouble what’s real while an Iago tries to make him think he’s going crazy.

    There are no good guys….he’s the sleazebag owner of a porn tv site and he gets turned on by violence against women…though he’s very chickenshit and has to be taught by the bottom Debbie Harrie.

    There are two different groups trying to manipulate him. Liberals who own missionaries that show television 24-7 for homeless and is lead by a guy who died and only lives on videotape and scary conservatives who hate porn and sell eyeglasses.

    The liberals put subliminals in his porn and he makes loves to TV essentially and he think he’s killed Blondie..then the conservatives stick a videocassette in his chest and make him an assassin to kill his partners….but the good guys reprogram him….and finished leave him to a bitter final end in an abandoned vessel…and even his death isn’t private and real…its still part of the hallucination…

    sound familiar?

    siskel liked it…ebert hated it..heh i tweeted him a.few times to rewatch…cronenberg wasn’t considered at all by anyone until martin scorsese championed his work after dead ringers

  10. Sorry, KId, but Qritiq is still too much of a margin player for my blog!/L***L*****/status/106546645340131328

    @liberallisa Hey Liberal Lisa! I’ve been doing some research, and will be doing some writing on the whole aftermath of the AW thing and I wanted to ask you about something. When I reread your original Radar interview, some of the quotes sounded funny to me. Like “I discovered that Anthony is a bad man… and a liar.”, and talking about AW’s “blatant lies”

    Since I’ve listened to you speak, heard your apology to Huma, and read your tweets, when I re-read that, it just didn’t “sound” like you. You seem so up-beat; devoted to causes, sincere – so those liar/bad-man quotes kind of jumped out as different. So I was wondering if maybe a spokesperson or a friend wrote those quotes (that Radar attributed to you) *for* you perhaps, and was wondering if you could tell me who? Or did you just write it yourself, because that’s the way you felt in that moment.

    Of course, I don’t want to repeat the RadarOnline quotes in my work if it’s not *really* you.
    Would so appreciate it if you could get back to me…
    Thanx!! –L***

  11. 9.06.09
    By Qritiq

    I will gladly uphold this ban.

    Read More:

    heck, the DA believed me on that one:
    Patterico: Why is L*** L***** so catty? @qritiq

    Jen Preston follows L*** on twitter, too…wonder what they chat about…

    20 people follow L*** L***** including liberty chick and stranahan and colby hall on google plus

    She’s friends with Daniel Lipton who is fuzzy

    • Email from the grave contest…

      Is one of them Nancy Jo?

      John Connolly?

      A female writer for Salon & Rolling Stone?

      Is one of them somebody I know who got so high that they forgot they were dead and blogged on two hollidays subsequent to their long goodbye?

      • Nope to all your guesses.

        ( far as I know…the names on the emails don’t say those names……)

        The person who died was pretty fucking famous for a few minutes.

      • Heath Ledger?

        Sid Vicious?

        River Phoenix?

        Johnny Thunders?

        Jack Ruby?

        Charles Valentine?

        Laura Palmer?


        J. T. LeRoy?

      • wrong to all of them….

        hint: it’s a gate story

        this story can be plugged into all the other scandals

        but if you guess right i might lie just to keep up the mystery….and give you credit at jets halftime

  12. Look-A-Likes Says:

    Everyone’s know who she is forever.

    • Nice name…you gotta be old school. Milowent Noodles someone that’s been around for a while.

      Did Lee Stranahan kill a comment by Joe Smith on Qritiq?

      Joe Smith July 2, 2011 at 4:05 am


      I have a post stuck awaiting moderation that will put a better focus on the face of Qritiq.



        Prudence has problems posting at Patterico

        I tried to post much of this information as a comment on a post over at Patterico’s Pontifications, but unfortunately, it kept getting caught in their spam filter. As a result, my lucky readers get a new Weinergate post to wet their whistles.

        Early, two mornings ago, a reader sent me and another blogger a link to something I hadn’t seen before: an internet cached page showing the state of Starchld111′s Twitter account on April 6, 2011.


        My amateur-sleuth reader also noted that the initial tweets to both Ginger Lee and Ethel follow very similar language [reprinted here with my emphasis: bold for language, italics for tweet purpose]:


        As a commenter, Koam, at Patterico notes, it’s rather odd that someone would take an established account (either of her own or one taken over from someone else) and then delete benign tweets that would otherwise help show the account as one in active and long-standing existence. Why not leave all the tweets, unless there is something to hide?

        That comment called my attention to the first Starchild111 cache above. I note the first six out of seven tweets are to up-and-coming Latina actress Natalie Martinez (who I suspect, but don’t know for sure, went by the Twitter name of @Goldnd12, which is now defunct, until her TV series Detroit 187 came out last September and she switched to her current Twitter name of @NatMartinez_) and a fan site for Latina actress/singer Jennifer Lopez, @LovelyLopezNet.

        22 comments to For Weinergate Addicts Only

        Lee Stranahan
        29 June 2011 at 7:56 pm · Reply

        This is a good piece — except it fails to tie it in to the REAL PERSON behind it.

        So it’s all floaty and doesn’t help connect it to the real, flesh and blood menace that it out there right now.
        30 June 2011 at 11:06 am · Reply

        Oops, Lee. I apparently submitted my super-long reply to you last night at a bad moment while my internet was porpoising, and it never got posted. (Or maybe my own site is putting my comments in the spam filter!) Sorry…I didn’t mean to ignore you at all. It will take a while to recreate my whole comment, so let me just first address the “real person” part.

        I know you believe you know who created and used the Starchild111 account, but unfortunately, I can only report here on things where I have some concrete, tangible, verifiable evidence or corroborating witnesses.

        While this analysis here may be floaty, I hope that it will help provide details that could confirm or disprove everyone’s various theories and suspects.

        Didn’t this account start around the time that all the sock puppets were popping up last summer and fall, and during all the “Twittergate” mayhem? (Lefties in an organized effort to bait the Tea Party into saying racist/dumb stuff.)

        Unlikely that’s relevant, but I decided it’s worth noting.
        30 June 2011 at 2:54 am · Reply

        It *is* worth noting. I didn’t recall that. (Only have a vague recollection of it now!) The Other McCain ran a post on it last October that has many tweet screencaps from August and September. (The video has been removed from YouTube at TOM’s link, but you can click through to Greg Howard’s site to view it there.)

        The video says that the ringleader account was set up on August 31 (two weeks after our first known Starchild111 tweet on 8/14). However, the affiliated website TeaPartyTracker was set up two weeks earlier on August 16. So Starchild precedes them by at least a couple days. But…the video has Twittergate tweets included from as early as July 12 and August 4.
        koam (@wittier)

        koam (@wittier)
        2 July 2011 at 9:19 am · Reply

        Pru, can you please take a look at this blog post that Lee posted earlier today?

        I don’t know yet how he came across it.

        The top photo is a match for a [JG], Boston facebook profile
        [redacted link]

        While the 2nd and 3rd are Nikki Reed the actress (it says) and J-Lo, both of whom have rich histories with @starchild111.

        The home page for the qritiq blog has a weather widget with ZIP *****, ******, NY (a suburb of NYC on Long Island). Other stories in the blog are related to NYC and Long Island.

        The page notes: “Look-alikes?” (sic) “Is it just me or do these ladies look somewhat similar?” (for Jennifer George, Boston and Nikki Reed, actress) and “Maybe more like this:” for Jennifer Lopez.

        This is dated June 30, 2010 and filed under “politics.”

        How darn odd is all that?


      • Look-A-Likes Says:

        Nice catch on the name, Ron.

        Moderation is usually automated. So it could be for swearing…but in Joe’s case it was, no doubt, due to too many links in the post.

        And dumbass Stranahan never went to clear it out of automatic moderation.

      • A post at patterico that’s auto filtered (“spam filter” / “moderation”) because of too many links (Pru’s problem as well) will go to a mod and eventually be cleared or acknowledged (same here at KK and at Qritiq). Not so at stranahan, because he evidently never checks the filter and doesn’t have a team of mods.

        Oh I just realized….who teaches others how to blog (for a fee?) Stranahan and L*****….something else they have in common.

        Crumbs Bakery, indeed.

  13. wtf

    this is most ridiculous tweet of the year

    what happened, jay?

  14. How many people leaving comments on this blog were working with Lee Stranahan on a documentary about Little Green Footballs?

    I bet at least 2. Why don’t you use your other troll sock names?

    Why did Patterico delete all references to Kid Kenoma blog? Of course, he’s fucking hacked. That isn’t rational.

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