“I would think that whoever could coalesce the
entire Duncan/Blake/Morales/DE/ARG/internet
conspiracy discussion board narrative into a
cohesive multi-perspectived novel could possibly
write the 21st century equivalent of Gravity’s
Rainbow, or at least the exegesis of the Valis
trilogy as rewritten in contemporary slang…”




  1. um no it’s stupid and sucks…and only really fat internet trolls care

  2. Is 5’8″, 250 lbs really fat?

    • What??? You don’t like it?

      Awright Brynaert, you come out to L.A. and meet me out behind Winkie’s Diner at the corner of Sunset & Gower next Saturday at 11:30 pm PST, and you will surely get your ass kicked into the next millenium.

      Sunset & Cower is more like it pal.

      Sunset & cringe & cower, cause you’re goin’ down in a way not seen since Sandra Bernhard stomped David Lowery in that Cracker video for ‘Low’, and then I’m gonna feed all 250 lbs of the remains of your bloated festering carcass to the soot-covered troll that lives in the dumpster back there, although I did promise your head to Mrs. P for target pracice.

      I hope you don’t chickenshit out like Dreamsend333 always does.

    • 50 pounds over the obese category for your height according to BMI is really fat, and since I’ve had weight problems i generally wouldn’t mock….but trolls don’t like to be called fat I’ve learned…

      • According to BMI? But what about ASCAP?

        Who the fuck are you talking about?

        And what are your sources?

        Or is this another “Stuart Sims” type deal?

    • um those dimensions are for seth allen aka socrates according to montgomery county courthouse filing….not sure why kid kenoma is flipping out…

      • Flipping out?

        Far from it, old sport. Au contraire.

        Slight incongruity of said corpulent trolls being the only ones who “care”, when in point of fact, although it may shock you to know, Mr. Seth Allen Stuart Socrates Sims is, alas, not one of my biggest fans, preferring (like Dreamsend333) to play 15 hour blocks of World of Warcraft, shooting “krokodil”, and huffing “jenkem”, rather than cultivating an appreciation for Fine Literature.

        Hence the confusion.

        Serious about Winkie’s on Saturday though.

        Somebody out in back of the place sez they just dyin’ to meet you…

        Meanwhile, over at qritiq’s, “No One Says” or “Ramen” or “noodles” or whoever, has uncovered my checkered past.

        Screenshots of “my” tweets–the whole deal!

        I guess it’s all over…I’m totally going to jail now…just sitting here despondent…waiting for the SWAT team to come scuttling across the roof…

        …well, I’m not going quietly…I didn’t take all these years of fencing lessons for nothing…I’ve got foils, epees, sabres, and this machete–


        What was that?

        WTF? Who left this window unlatched? And what’s that–GAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!

  3. Qrtiiq is selectively approving comments without disclosure. Bad form.

  4. Silencio after I pull out an ace I’ve been hiding for two months since I figured it out:

    Surely, Bradblog, Brett Kimberlin and NealRauhauser will jump right on that, right?

    Or do they only care about crimes O’Keefe didn’t commit?

    • Fer gawd’s sake, how many time do I gotta say it?

      O’Keefe = Wolfe

      • Say it a million times. That’s dumb. He wouldn’t leave a trail showing him talking to Dan Wolfe…and um why would he need to follow Dan Wolfe…if he is Dan Wolfe.


        Dan Wolfe complained about close to 10 conservative bloggers who all harassed him on Andrew Breitbart’s behalf trying to entrap him to call or click on sites.

        I’ll be adding more DMs from Dan Wolfe to my O’Keefe post later today…and more about the PV boys involvement….which no one in the left-leaning media or blogosphere cares about apparently.

        Just like all of RedGoat articles at two conservative blogs completely disappearing….I’m the only one who notices or cares about this shit getting scrubbed

      • i thought that comment said o’keefe equals Wolfe…..

        No, Redgoat and DAn Wolfe DM’d me at the same time…and i tried other tests.

        Besides, there is no ONE hacker of Dan Wolfe just like there is no ONE hacker of Rep Weiner.

        Different kiddie hackers take turns tweeting on the accounts….

    • James O’Keefe is not on parole, he is on probation. Parole is post prison, he’s not been locked up yet. Given the way he roles I imagine it’s just a matter of time. Wire taps in Maryland, the stuff with Boudreau, the antics with NPR – these are all things that make a judge go “Hrrmmmmmm”.

      • I’m aware of that…I just mix up the terms on twitter and comments sometimes…seems like most people use parole instead of probation on the net so that doesn’t help.

        But hey, me saying parole is less of a mistake than the entire netroots and liberal media continuing to say he was busted for wiretapping or trying to wiretap.

  5. All the comments left here under my name are by me, unlike a certain other website:


    I’m still crossing my fingers that Patterico, FilmLadd and Emptywheel are all hacked and all on my side. It seems extraordinarily unlikely…but so does everything else.

    Three coolest days all summer were when NY Times published story I worked on, Metallica at Yankee Stadium and trading tweets with FilmLadd and our first call in the first week of July, then he wrote weird post about lying about phone calls then deleted it. He was already the target of hackers….and his tweets today seem kind of mean for him.

    Smart, funny guy who I don’t think pranked me.

  6. A digital murder
    Programmed by mathematical terrorists
    Outside of mortal bounds
    Silently hacking
    A binary plague
    Serving information
    This is the time of the hacker
    This is the code of the hacker
    This is the hacker
    An algebra of fear
    Within the language of machines
    Uninfringed my human emotions
    Within global systems
    Silently moving
    A digital maze
    Cutting information
    This is the way of the hacker
    This is the extremity of the hacker
    This is the hacker
    Protect now or be erased forever
    A binary virus
    Unleashed by subversive programmers
    Inside corporate systems
    Silently eating
    The endemic wave
    Erasing information
    This is the sign of the hacker
    This is the genius of the hacker
    This is the hacker
    Learn now
    Or be cut down forever

  7. ☠▲✐✉✂☎✎✈❙✈❙☁☂☀➲☞☜☝☟☛☚☹

  8. diseased?

  9. Bye, Bye, Wackadoo Says:

    Qritiq boycott? I’m in!

  10. Yeah, I don’t wanna speculate beyond the data here, or jump to any foregone conclusions, but I’m almost beginning to think that RB isn’t very fond of qritiq.

    Does this mean that he’s Dustin? (LOL)

  11. Too many socks at Kid Kenoma.

    If silly people want me to still post here…then clowns using multiple sock handles to post here probably should refrain.

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