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15 Responses to “#fuckyouwallstreet!”

  1. (for AnnieBird)

    R.I.P. Oscar the cat.

    Gone from our presence…

    But alive in our memories…


    • Thank you. Snif. Still miss Dovey too…



      by: Hilda Doolittle (1886-1961)

      OR skin nor hide nor fleece
      Shall cover you,
      Nor curtain of crimson nor fine
      Shelter of cedar-wood be over you,
      Nor the fir-tree
      Nor the pine.
      Nor sight of whin nor gorse
      Nor river-yew,
      Nor fragrance of flowering bush,
      Nor wailing of reed-bird to waken you,
      Nor of linnet,
      Nor of thrush.

      Nor word nor touch nor sight
      Of lover, you
      Shall long through the night but for this:
      The roll of the full tide to cover you
      Without question,
      Without kiss.

  2. 5 foot 8, 250 pounds would be the dimensions of a troll, if that’s real

    who knows what is real or not? except for nip/tuck plastic surgeons.

  3. Runnin’ wild in the streets, Wall that is.

      • The police officer shown being pushed by the non-yielding “protesters” would disagree that they were peaceful.

        The aim is to make the NYPD look bad – I sure as hell don’t like them – but all the videos I’ve seen show menacing protesters just asking to be arrested.

        The NYPD actions are completely justified. You do not push against barriers held by police officers. There is a baldish protester in black shirt.

        At the 2003 protest, cops hemmed us in and we stood there like peaceful protesters (well until they for no reason ran horses at us and i had to jump on a police car hood to escape…but the point is that these are not peaceful protesters..but instigators who are evidently not protesting but um actually are trying to occupy.

        They all should be arrested. No one asked for a permit to occupy new york for a week…no legal right to do that…thuggery…..kind of similar to union protests…..

        Basically….Dems are mimicking tea parties and religious right….

  4. Big difference with the media fawning over every detail of tea-bagger bumper parties while totally ignoring Wall Street Occupation.

    Yo–if the NYPD be so innocent, why they so muthafuckin’ camera-shy?

    While their MSM pals look the other way…

    So rude of those mean protesters to not play fair like that and upsetting all of those nice Wall Street brokers.

    Boo hoo.

    • yeah the nytimes is completely ignoring the idiocy

      seems to me they claimed a police sgt pushed a photographer and have an article claiming a protester put up a video named RTAmerica..when the video is clearly labeled as RussiaToday and says subscribe me on youtube

      russia today is not a new name….i tweeted about how james gordon meeks who used to be daily news reporter and now works as researcher for Republican Cngnresssman King negotiated an ad deal with raw story with them….and they tried to get me to do interview and they did interview a bunch of our writers and they are weirdos…..about 10 of them followed me…

    • Jeezis yes, these protesters are way out of control menacing decent god-fearing flatfoots with exposed nipples and Grid knows what else.



      Hopefully they will have their skulls crushed & faces stomped flat into the pavement.

      Ungrateful hippie scum.

  5. Like Breitbart sez: “We have the guns.”

    And no better proof of that than over at Patterico’s, where Mrs. P is armed & dangerous.

    Glad I’m not on the SWAT team in that town…

    • yeah that sure is one dumb larisa i mean patterico post…

      first of all, brett kimberlin knows how to levitate and disappear and stupid mrs. p isn’t even aiming for the head

  6. Yeah, Mrs. P is a pretty good shot, but I’m not intimidated.

    My fencing instructor says that I’m deadlier than Tuesday Weld, plus “I am a dead-eye shot, shooting”.

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