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45 Responses to “CASSIE IS WATCHING”

  1. Who gives a flying fuck?

    I don’t care about your games or any of the trolls…

    They are red herrings.

    You just entered the equation to muddle shit up…and you’re all on the left…completely untrustworthy douchebag clowns.

    Cassie can watch or pull whatever strings means nothing to me in terms of what matters: the lying Weinergate girls, the hackers and the media that won’t probe or colluded.

    None of this trolling has anything to do with Andrew Breitbart and Neal Rauhauser and Netroots and bullshit journolisters.

    The Neal Rauhauser/troll/left-leaning theory that Patterico is playing me to get dirt on Brett Kimberlin doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.


    Professor Charles Kingsfield gave Aaron “Assassin Cat” Worthing an F for his insane reasoning that human lives are like commodities and that we’re all just walking living contracts….then smacked him upside the head for claiming with a straight face that the death penalty is the best demonstration that Texas is committed to the civil rights struggle.

    Worthing recently blogged that he was so fucking stupid that they let him squeeze through law school pretending he was like other serious students that had the misfortune to actually be disabled – as opposed to juggalo-disabled so he made it through all the paper chase seasons and is now a real live assclown lawyer:

    • Wow. I hope Aaron gets to represent Socrates.

      The cat assassin photo…hmmmm…

      Does that mean he hates cats like Patterico does?

      Don’t tell aunt /b/.



    But there’s also an even more innocent (from Google and Nitecruzr’s perspective) explanation that Patterico ignores entirely, namely that a known troll, whom he caught red handed spoofing his Gmail address on other web sites, might have attempted to access his real Gmail account as well. That the same hacker-troll may have stalked the other eight (or however many) non-hacker trolls in the same thread and attempted to hijack their accounts makes a hell of a lot more sense to me than P’s goofy theory that Google locked him out of his email account just so they can make obscene phone calls to his cell phone in the middle of the night, but Patterico brushes that theory aside simply because (in his words, not mine) “I had already considered that theory and rejected it.” Well, then.


    Sure. Because for some weird reason, anything that supports Google makes more sense to you than the simplest interpretations of the evidence.


    It was just another Aaron Worthing and Dustin troll game:

  4. Patterico is in the middle of a million troll controversy stories….and seems to fight with every right wing bloggers except for Andrew Breitbart.

    either they all fuck with him…or he’s a troll and always has been….

    i dunno…maybe im wrong….but i don’t see how he can be a real DA and so why do liberals not probe that?

    if i wake up in the morning and reread everything as Patterico secretly being a liberal punking andrew breitbart and everyone else then maybe this story will make more sense…

    but i still lean toward all of you working together…and me and patterico being duped….and him being too fucking stupid to see

  5. Dear Patterico,

    Hypnosis is apparently the investigative tool that helped solve the Scyphers murder or not….

    Excuse my flippancy…but i mean this article is about stuff that happened in 1978…we all know Dustin flips out about these long ago murders…but lets relax and examine this bullshit yellow journalism mixed with hoaxer’s lies

    So…according to this story Liberty Chick cites in her authoritative “this story’s not about Andrew Breitbart” story about the Velvet Revolution ties to a guy who she and Patterico damn well know is notorious for lying but everything in this legend must be true…similar to johnreid9 i guess

    Investigators in Speedway, Indiana investigating a homicide showed photos of nine men arrested with Brett Kimberlin in Texas nabbed for running into the desert to try to catch marijuana falling from the sky and the murder victim’s husband “Scyphers picked out one of the other photos. It was an Ohio man named William Bowman, and based on Scyphers’ ID he was then arrested and charged with the murder. Police still believed Kimberlin was behind it and hoped to get Bowman to reveal the connection as he faced his own trial.”

    Oh i forgot to mention that 68-year-old Mr. Scyphers ID was based on a momentary glimpse of the getaway driver’s face through his windshield as he pulled out of their driveway.

    but shit the case fell apart….

    because when the cops showed pictures of 9 dudes who tried to catch pot falling from the sky in the desert from a plane loaded with primo – i assume – ganja from columbia he must not have recognized any of them…

    so the cops hypnotized the 68 year old man and showed him the pics again….

    im not lying:

    “But Bowman never went to trial for Julia Scyphers’ murder, nor did anyone else. Fred Scyphers had terminal cancer and died on March 14, 1979, about two weeks after Bowman’s arrest. With no witness there was no case and the charges were dropped. Even had he lived, there was no certainty of a conviction. He had barely seen the man who’d come to the door that day and had only been able to provide a positive identification of Bowman after undergoing hypnosis. Bowman’s lawyers, meanwhile, were prepared to bring witnesses putting their client in Ohio on the day of the murder. ”

    sounds like a proper ID to need to alert the innocence project…Liberty Chick claims “Police had immediately suspected Kimberlin in the bombing case” but that’s an out and out lie by the researcher that Shoq calls honest.

    in the indy star story we learn, “Police showed the store clerks several photos and one of them picked out Brett Kimberlin.”

    lets hope all those photos were of men in indianapolis at least and not texas or ohio….aaron worthing can write a blog about how its fair for cops to show pics of random dudes in probes..but this was the 1970s…

    Let’s skip further in this page-turning indy star article….

    “Had his only injury been the loss of his right leg he might have adapted and moved on”

    or maybe not? wtf

    This other indystar article is cited..which claims the mad bomber planned other bombings and political assassinations that i guess the feds never got the goods on and so he escaped justice through music…

    Mrs Cyphers was with her three granddaughters in the living room when the man knocked on her door to ask about stuff in her garage sale…no word on why no one was manning the garage sale….

    We learn that the killer slipped a gun from his black briefcase to kill Mrs. Cyphers but since there were no witnesses to the actual shooting and no trial how the hell would anyone know that?

    Don’t miss this purple lines: “Along the way detectives found maimed bodies, broken families, strange relationships and international drug smugglers”

    “A noise, described as the sound of a falling TV tray, drew the attention of her husband.”

    Page two of the story says something about 4 people killed in a Burger Chef that same night….but no “credible link” was found…but lets report it anyway.

    Liberty chick should investigate those murders too though…i don’t think the statue of limitations passed on brett kimberlin murders and if she doesn’t then Dustin would agree she’s acting as an accessory to MURDER.

    Also, Brett bragged to the cops he learned how to levitate and disappear and would be able to escape from any prison.

    Also, Brett was dating the law clerk for US magistrate Thomas Faulconer and his office is next door to prosecutors and investigators feared Brett got access to sensitive information but “no leak was ever detected.”

    we learn more info about the – i kid you not – Texas “pot bombing”…..they had arsenal of weapons a “futuristic” tasar, rifles, pistols with silencers and poison tipped bullets

    liberty chick find out what kind of poison was on those bullets…i believe this is key evidence….

    the story also claims that kimberlin tried to frame a family working with cops to solve the Scyphers murder by planting a bomb on her property…and informants ratted out Brett….not sure when he was charged with that crime…maybe liberty chick can see if he missed a court date and we can bust him on that

    PS DEAR LIBERTY CHICK… you understand what plagiarism is and how to use quotation marks?

    Mandy “writes” for Breitbart: “When caught during the drug arrest, police confiscated an arsenal of weapons that included a TASAR (brand new technology at that time), pistols with silencers, AR15 rifles, poison tipped bullets, and makeshift security guard uniforms.”

    Indy Star had reported “They confiscated an arsenal of weapons that included a futuristic electronic stun gun called a TASAR , pistols with silencers, AR15 rifles, poison tipped bullets, and makeshift security guard uniforms.”

    Bad, bad, bad, Nagy. I bet I can find lots of plagiarism in your past work…i’m kind of an ace at finding that…google my name.

    okay lets get back to the ID of Kimberlin as the bomber…major holes

    ATF crime lab experts determine a timer was used so they tracked persons who bought them only at a local sales outlet (now why they decided that only the local sales outlet could have sold the timer i don’t know).

    then we learn

    “Kimberlin seemed to be the only one with a possible motive – to distract police attention from the Scyphers murder and delay or halt their quiet investigation of him.”

    yeah that’s completely fucking believable for a motive…..(i’m personally planning on resurrecting Lex Luthor’s Superman 1978 plan to make California sink to the ocean so that the bogus 911 tape evidence will disappear)

    “50 to 100 ATF agents poured into Indianapolis and began a 24-hour surveillance of him, snapping pictures from hidden locations.”

    Patterico, lets just say 75 ATF agents tailed one suspect….(they pretended it was labor day and hid behind a marching band that followed him around town i think) and we still haven’t been told how they tied him to buying the same timer used in bombings.

    oh wait here we get to that now…..they actually hadn’t tied Kimberlin to buying the timers yet…they just suspected he did since he committed a murder that no one witnessed and no one identified him as the killer………and they assumed the bombings were to foil the cops who always drop all smaller cases like murders in those events…even when 75 ATF agents are in town to help….

    “The pictures were mixed with others and shown to sales clerks at the Graham stores to see if they could pick out the man who bought the timers.

    They said Kimberlin looked like the man.”

    No word on whether they showed pics of other people who bought a timer there…or how they would get those pictures….

    also there’s a strange part in the story when we learn that after they got a search warrant from a judge who must have been high on dan quayle pot and search his car and his hideout and arrested bk with the same timer, stolen military drivers licenses he tried to eat, and traces of chemical.

    “About two weeks after he was arrested, Kimberlin was released from jail. The charges were dropped because state and federal prosecutors wanted to dig deeper into his background and decide whetehr he should be charged on state or federal charges.”

    Sounds plausible to me..and it worked…although Patterico blamed the dirty parole system for letting the bomber out too early.

  6. That video you uploaded was stupid, Kid Kenoma.

    But hey i guess now troll hunters have a new account that i assume is tied to you since you had to be uploader since it wasn’t ready when i first cicked on it:…unless that was weird youtube bug…did you have to reupload?

    it just leads to more puzzles and games…not your secret troll identity

    I’m too tired to look now…but you link to this website which is temporarily unavailable

    let me know if that was just a glitch or if the youtube account etc is yours

    nighty night….hope you liked my opus above…i love tearing up fake newz which is why im hated im guessed….oh that and my feet smell

  7. i guess that doesn’t mean you’re behind just cause you linked to it but still it’s interesting….maybe there are “clues” in the videos though….

  8. Proof that @filmladd and @ezradulis and @jamesokeefeIII are part of the conspiracy!!!!

    A video series of the weird ass trollings etc in #Weinergate ville would beat stupid lonely girl. …..because we have porn stars involved.

    someone get to work where’s the 40-50 co-ed @zapem collegiate crew?

    miramax stars are everywhre….can’t we get kevin smith to fit on an airplane now to make this happen?


    (in case neal rauhauser DMer qritiq covers up for porn mod Goatsred

    who calls women the c word, menaces former porn stars by making creepy videos where he flashes their phone numbers on the screen, and makes fake twitter accounts to harass women, and threatens and snarls at anyone at the drop of a hat…and won’t divulge his real ties to the porn industry

    deletes my comment

    Ron Brynaert Says:
    September 23, 2011 at 1:05 pm

    yes, you have lots of picture accounts tied to your email address which is all over the internetz.

    What 20-30 websites do you own?

    Is your friend really a cop, do you have circle jerks together when you watch pornos and curse out all the women you get off to but despise for different reasons? Will he be mad I asked that? When your cop friend goes cruising on the weekend in the squad car, does he act as lookout for his partner or does he rap- (sorry, qritiq, forgot it’s a pg site) croon Bon Jovi songs to women passed out drunk in their own puke?

  10. Of course qritiq has ties to rauhauser and his close followers from kos. That’s been the case for a long time.


    I love comments like that….because it’s definitely a fact that all the soup kitchens in America are manned by conservatives.

  12. Not one thing to say about my Brett Kimberlin comments?

    Did I spoil the bogeyman story?

  13. look here too! I left a comment…

    hidden message: scuk my fat one, you chaep dimestore trolls.

  14. Maybe you trolls are right and Charles Manson and the Blair Witch are the puppetmasters…

    I mean Joe McGuinness is a complete hack that no one believes – not even most liberals – but Dustin knows & warns that this is “how evil prospers”

    Mark Singer and Brett Kimberlin had same relationship as Joe McGuinness and Jeffrey MacDonald

    And the new york times pimped for mcguinness and smeared janet malcolm just like they wrote ridiculous pro-kimberlin stories about his farcical suit about not being able to talk to press about his Dan quayle pot lies…..nbc news and npr both interviewed him before his rights were “violated” and they never released a minute from the interviews because he’s a liar

    • That particular comment at dairyqueen was left by celebrated Duncanbot “Ty Brown”, who was basically a character left over from LG15 but dropped for being too squaresville.

      He’s still out there, hunkered down in his spiderhole, dreaming of skewering the White Whale, planning his next hard-hitting rock-solid slam-dunk cutting-edge expose of those evil immoral gamesters.

      Just biding his time…


  15. Clearly



    Forrest Gump is the puppet master

  16. Director of Adult Education at Glen Cove School District Says:

    C’mon guys, I don’t look that old

  17. Nice of you to drop by Ruggles, old sport.

    I’ve had these questions that I’ve wanted to ask you for all these years and I’m so grateful to have this opportunity.

    So like, what’s your favorite color?

    Any favorites at the Emmys this year?

    Is Adult Education like Adult Entertainment?

    That’s what Tristan said.

  18. Lipton??

    That’s what it said on the bag in my tea.

    Is this a conspiracy?

    • Norma, again? Just a coincidence. Says:

      Loved Peggy on TP.

      TP, again? Just a coincidence.

      Lynch, how apropos.

      • TP? I guess it IS a conspiracy…

        Ah, Peggy…

        She must be an Operating Thetan by now…

        Then there’s Clarence Williams III, who is, as
        far as I can recall, perhaps the only African-American actor with a major, or even a speaking part in any David Lynch movie.

        (Haven’t made it all the way through ‘Dune”yet, so I could be wrong. But I doubt it)

  19. ah, Taft.

  20. I was enjoying a cup of damn fine coffee at the Double R, when Norma reached under the counter–you know, at the far end where she keeps all of the spare E-meter parts–and shoved this report from Agent Hardy in my general direction…

    • Fascinating, but not.

      If somebody put a gun to your baby’s head, would you try and kill them if you could? Huh? Me too. And by selling that stuff, you’re putting a gun to my baby’s head. Let me warn you. I’m like a mad dog after a bone. I’d be all over you like stink on doo-doo. Trust me.

  21. Norma, but which one? Says:

    OMFG, I nearly forgot LL’s a bit of a Lynch aficionado.

    The coincidences keep piling up. Small world.

    • LL & KK have that in common, although I am puzzled by the inevitable monochromatic paleness of the casts in DL’s movies.

      Always look for what’s missing.

      Like Altman’s ‘Short Cuts’ set in 1990’s L.A.

      Where did the Mexicans go, amigo?

      • Uniform, perfunctory diversity terminates in sameness.

        Besides, TP had that Injun…. and DL more than makes up for it in midgets.

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