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26 Responses to “KREWYOD HACIJNIKG”

    • Merry Christmas Annebirdie!

      • Xmas, indians, guns, “hand organ”…. Sure! Makes perfect sense to me! 😯

      • 5 minutes in, after the tranny sings, is the puppet show. Still some of the most head-scratchingly bizzare “Christian” Christmas “special” footage I have ever seen… “Special” is right… what were they ON?!?

        Sorry not sure how to embed

      • It’s all totally legit! No lunatic fringe here, just some leather fringe on white jackets perhaps. So American!
        Dr. Orval Lee Jaggers holds the following credentials: Doctor of Science, Doctor of Nuclear Biology, Doctor of Literature, Doctor of Divinity, Ph.D. Professor of Human Genetics in the University of the World Church. Moreover, Dr. Jaggers is a member of the intelligentsia of Life Sciences and Biblical Scholarship. And he tinkles some mean ivories too!

  1. You should look for Uriel & the Space Brothers… remember planet Po? Late night fringe religious freak shows, the seven candlesticks, whatzis name with the Christmas Jesus Donkey Puppet Shows …and “Mamre” Haha, Dr. Gene and the rest… Harry Smith, Kenneth Anger, etc. The rainbow black and white movies on the “special” TV..

  2. ? wree you dunrk wehn you worte frist scrmabled hedaline wtih tpyO

    …even kid kenoma doesn’t fucking put corrections or updates when he/she/they fuck up!!!!

    i lost faith in the blogosphere, the mainstream media and now ARG, too

    what’s left?

    l ron here i come!!!!!!

  3. shoq and shoqq remind me of kid kenoma the most…

  4. going back to weinergate, weinergate?

    “I don’t think so,” comment by [hacked? or fake all along] Patterico β€” 9/17/2011 @ 4:56 pm

    • (……………) ?

      β–²βœ† ✈ ❙ ✈ ❙ ☠ β˜€ ☞☜ ☝☟ β˜›β˜š Ω ?

  5. Where did all the trolls go?

    Or where did the troll go?

    Did someone get arrested or did Dust92 aka Dustin aka Ben McIlwain aka Cyde Weys eat everyone?

    well maybe Dreamsend3 is still around and can answer this mystery he started….

    In March of 2006, larisa alexandrovna wrote me, “[off record everything i am going to tell you]
    waas, sale, and mike allen all said that these guys follow my work closely, that it is “groundbreaking” and that the article of yesterday was noticed… ”

    She never responded to my email which contained a prominent PS:

    “ps Who is Sale?”

    Do y’all think that is Nancy jo? I don’t know of any one named Sale. Why didn’t Larisa respond to my question?

    How many red haired investigative journos with sketchy profiles have relationships with 9/11 conspiracy theorists?

    Are Nancy Jo Sales and Larisa Alexandrovna twins separated at birth or the same fake journo?

    • All the trolls have shuffled off to Trollhalla, now in line for that Great Reward…

      Oh, KidMelanoma, we hardly knew ye. Now hunkered down in the hothouse sphere of “protected tweets”, is KM to go the way of August Myles, the KidKenomaKrewe, Lulzshack, GregWTrollhard, and so many more?

      “Dustin” seems to be fading into partial nonexistence…just can’t hold the conceptual narrative of that character together anymore…too boring…

      ,,,and Dreamsend333, slowin’ waaaay down–barely squeeze out a tweet a day anymore.

      Will he gird his loins and man up to the task and harpoon the great White Whale thus exposing the evil genius Matheny whose malevolent machinations will prove to be the malignant impetus behind just about everything?

      Or is DE333 gonna melt down again before he gets to his completely sensible and impeccably well documented indictment of Kidkenoma, and force us to hire a sentinent machine therapist again, thus becoming the most expensively maintained insult-bot in the business?

      Meanwhile, back in the stocks, Jobs is down, and Sales is up…

  6. PS

    Larisa and Nancy both lived at various time in New York City and Florida.

  7. How come I can’t post Townhouse emails at Ace of Spades HQ?

    —–Original Message—–
    From: [] On Behalf Of Jason Rosenbaum
    Sent: Tuesday, May 27, 2008 4:01 PM
    To: list
    Subject: [townhouse] McCain and Bush photos

    Need photos of McCain and Bush together?

    Progressive Media USA is putting together a repository of McCain and Bush photos so folks will have an easy source if they ever need images for posts.

    So far, we’ve got them running in a slideshow at:

    And up on flickr at:

    We’ll be adding to it when we can. If you come across something we’ve missed, email it to me and I’ll add it in!

    Hope some find this useful.


    (Paid for by Progressive Media USA)

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