Well it’s always been my nature
To take chances
My right hand drawing back
While my left hand advances
Where the current is strong
And the monkey dances
To the tune of a concertina

Blood dryin’ in my yellow hair
As I go from shore to shore
I know what it is
That has drawn me to your door
But whatever it could be
Makes you think
You’ve seen me before

Oh Angelina

His eyes were two slits
Make any snake proud
With a face that any painter would paint
As he walked through the crowd
Worshipping a God
With the body of a woman
Well endowed
And the head of a hyena

Do I need your permission
To turn the other cheek?
If you can read my mind
Why must I speak?
No I have heard nothing
About the man you seek

Oh, Oh, Angelina

In the valley of the giants
Where the stars & stripes explode
The peaches were sweet
And the milk & honey flowed
I was only following instructions
When the judge
Sent me down the road
With your subpoena

When you cease to exist
Then who will you blame?
I’ve tried my best to love you
But I cannot play this game
Your best friend
And my worst enemy
Is one and the same

Oh, Oh, Angelina

There’s a black Mercedes rollin’
Through the combat zone
Your servants are half-dead
You’re down to the bone
Tell me, tall man
Where would you like
To be overthrown?
In Jerusalem?
Or Argentina?

She was stolen from her mother
When she was five days old
Now her vengeance has been satisfied
And her possessions have been sold

He’s surrounded by God’s angels
And she‘s wearing a blindfold
But so are you Angelina

Oh, oh, Angelina

I see pieces of men marching
Trying to take heaven by force
I can see the unknown rider
I can see the pale white horse
In God’s truth name
Tell me what you want
And you’ll have it of course
Just step into the arena…

Beat a path of retreat
Up them spiral staircases
Past the tree of smoke
Past the angel with four faces
Begging God for mercy
And weepin’
In unholy places

Oh, oh, Angelina…




  1. LOL best part is when she has to look at the CD at the end because she can’t remember the name of the song.

  2. This goes out to Dan Wolfe:

  3. Missed it! Green comet? Ah yeah, good old Harry Smith…. 🙂 🙂 At a loss for words….

  4. My comments await moderation elsewhere:

    Ron Brynaert September 15, 2011 at 11:43 am

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Is Andrew Breitbart broke? Why can’t he pay?

    I can vouch you work your ass off for him.

    I still don’t understand what he exactly does? He posts videos other people make – that he

    doesn’t really divulge if or how much he funded – and leaks tips to other media outlets. At least

    you had the yowling cat show.

    You should consider more extractions and dentures….it would be much cheaper and you

    could do it on your own or you can wait until Andrew Breitbart is forced by Obamacare to pay

    for his hard working employee’s health.
    Ron Brynaert September 15, 2011 at 11:53 am

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Everybody please retweet for Lee who – YOU ALL KNOW – contributed mightily to the

    Republicans taking back #NY9:!/ronbryn/status/114380535593308161

    By the way, Lee Staranahan, I think you spelled your name wrong in the comments.

    Sounds like a ridiculous hoax but who listens to me?

    Best quote in GawthropGate goes to:

    “Gawthrop also gives Amazon users the benefit of his expertise by posting book reviews.”

    Maybe a CRACK team compiled of journos like Tommy Christopher, Max Blumenthal, Jason Leopold and Spencer Asserman can bring shaky video cameras to the 9th Annual International Counter-Terrorism Officers Association Conference Agenda at the
    Flamingo Las Vegas on October 20 and after “intelligence analyst” William Gawthrop – who I’m told by Neal Rauhauser/StrandedWind (who read about it a note he found in a hobo’s snuff tin) actually works for Project Vigilant – finishes his lectures on Strategic Themes and Drivers in Islamic Law and the Influence of the Shariah on Law Enforcement they can have shouting matches with him so that we can all be distracted by idiocy.

    • We, of course, have already booked our reservations for the 9th
      Annual International Counter-Terrorism Officers Association Conference.

      A package deal, including our sound-proof suite, a Cadillac White Shark, free wi-fi, full-bar & buffet, a topless teen-vampire floorshow, and unlimited sex-slaves, all for a very reasonable family-value bargain!

      We are now in the process of stockpiling supplies to guarantee a stimulating & productive weekend, including:

      –one cheesewheel-sized quantity of prime Afghani bubble-hash
      –two grams of world-class elf-friendly DMT (thanks Phil!)
      –a chunk of opium as big as my fist
      –two scuba-sized tanks of nitrous-oxide
      –a half gallon of distilled 23x salvia divinorum extract
      –two large Aminita Muscaria mushrooms

      All charged to Jeff “Skunk” Baxter’s hacked account. I hope he appreciates the substantial discount that’s not gonna cost him nearly as much as you’d think!

      Sharia rules!

      • …and speaking strictly for my selves, I can think of no finer way to obtain legally dubious substances than to turn my credit info (or Skunk’s) over to an anonymous, untraceable, unaccountable, fly-by-night outfit in Satan-saturated Santa Cruz.

        After all, it’s endorsed by the big “M”, who along with his pal, the big “BM”, have always been most scrupulously ethical in their archiving of IPs, email addresses, Visa & SS#s, and possibly the contents of your iphone.

        Thanks Ty/Phil!

      • I’d tell you the name of this class that William Gawthrop is teaching but then I’d have to kill you:

  5. Why do you need to follow me, Stormpeedo?

    Are you sure Socrates was arrested? Wouldn’t the geniuses at Trendrr (Does Jen Preston own shares there) detect a decrease in tweets?

    Wouldn’t Sunstein raise the threat level to shitbrown?

  6. This was comment that disappeared the other day…

    I assume when you wrote, “She’s obviously the JG from the tickle video that I linked to.” you

    mean Jennifer George not Lisa Weiss.

    That actress used tons of names:

    completely unsafe for work (unless you’re paid to troll, i guess) link:


    you had some link up a few weeks ago…i forget where it was…that seemed to imply that a

    certain Seattle gal was featured in a some kind of foreign sex ad? or did i misunderstand what

    you posted…the link was no longer active…i think it was to a russian dating site or


    Frankly, Meagan Broussard looks more like a porn star or model, too, than ex military single

    mom… And re-reading Breitbart’s blackmail threat to Weiner before he “accidentally” leaked the

    dick photo it reads like he knows there’s a porn connection to Weinergate “victims”..

    “a conjugation of a horned cloven-hooved creature with the color of scarlet/crimson”

    Did you miss my tweets on that around August 20…i can never tell if you clowns deliberately

    ignore shit or miss stuff…copied and pasted below…have fun

    I keep kicking myself for not looking into RedGoat in June because I would have been able to

    figure out a lot of stuff faster….the stuff RedGoat wrote online is completely indefensible and is

    fucking scary shit.

    but in June I assumed all the Weinergate victims were real except for the fake teens…i actually

    got mad at Preston a few times on the phone because i thought she kept sidetracking me to look

    at anyone else but Betty and Veronica.

    The thing about RedGoat though is for all I know the one that returned this spring is a sock….

    But yeah i need to do an article on the whole Mike Stack, Goatsred, RedGoat and John SirLinLIn

    thing….pull it together…

    Adult Talent Managers repped Ginger Lee at one time

    and they rep Amy Fisher….(drew barrymore was the best)

    Stack and Ginger Lee aren’t the only porn connections…of course there’s Darrah Ford and

    Andrew Breitbart’s two buddies: Luke Ford and Paul Barresi.

    Then there’s also @goatsred allegedly trying to get Dan Wolfe to call Andrew Breitbart and Dana

    Loesch to discuss the story they allegedly planned about top @RepWeiner donor pimping girls

    to Democrats but never ran

    (10: 33:29 PM) joe.brooks Did you know what Mike was talking to Breitbart about?
    (10: 33:34 PM) dwp676740 Breitbart should be grateful to me because of that. At the time he was

    a bit annoyed but now I think he sees it was the bestthing to do.
    (10: 33:37 PM) dwp676740 Yeah
    (10: 34:24 PM) dwp676740 Mike said they had lined up some top Democratic Donor of Weiner’s

    that paid young girls to entertain DEMS. They said it was gonna come out this past Tuesday. It

    never did
    (10: 34:28 PM) dwp676740 I wanted no part in that
    (10: 34:48 PM) dwp676740 Mike was the one saying “Come on buddy — let’s finish him off!”
    (10: 34:59 PM) dwp676740 “Don’t leave now! We’er so close”

  7. …by the way, the comment auto-approve thingie seems to have it’s own agenda of random arbitrary selection & approval of comments, so it has to be done manually for every 5th comment or so, but there’s no “moderation” on or anything…

    • Why can’t you hire @Stashiu3 to moderate your comments instead….unless maybe you haven’t revealed that you once were imprisoned at Gitmo and you plan to hunt him down for ratting out your threats to decapitate both his heads.

      On Saturday the Fred Phelps church may gonna picket the White House carrying signs that say “God hates fags and also black presidents who free terrorists who unfairly hate the nice Patterico commenters”

  8. Jump–jump!

  9. Says:

    Are you sure Socrates was arrested?

    Of course he was. And your lunacy about Seth Allen being Stuart Sims was a total fabrication. Police have identified Socrates as Seth L. Allen. He was arrested and held briefly (overnight) yesterday over his cyberstalking in Maryland when he finally went to court over a lawsuit. Look it up online.

    @ron, your mis-identification of Socrates being Stuart Sims was wrong, and you owe Sims a very public apology. Socrates has been booked, fingerprinted and mug-shotted. And he is one UGLY FUGLY. Looks like some crazed loony tune, acts like one too.

    @Kidkenoma, Soc was planning on murdering his nemesis and made certain that people he believed in and or had come to trust (His New Pals) were aware of his plans. At that point Soc was apparently going to kill himself after the evil deed was completed. According to Soc, he is tired of living now that he has been identified and can no longer stalk people anonymously. Before he left Planet Earth he had decided to obtain street justice for himself since all other attempts at legal justice had all but eluded him. Once his new Pals on the right had abandoned him, he decided the only way to make his nemesis pay was to kill him and then off himself in the process.

    • Wow, are you sure, because last night I heard voices underneath my stairs. One voice sounded like Kim Darby another like Larisa Alexandrovna but maybe it’s the mother of a troop killed in action who can’t quite keep her story about how she heard the news straight. They whispered that Socrates definitely didn’t leave Planet Earth yet – is english your second language since you comment is mixed up a few times on tenses – and that trolls with no names that don’t have any evidence or even links should probably stfu.

      • The information I gathered from random notes in hobo snuff-tins would indicate that Socrates is in reality neither Stuart Sims or Seth Allen, but is actually a crude early prototype insult-bot like Dreamsend333, which was the marginal upgrade model with slightly expanded vocabulary capacity, but also deleted due to encryption irregularities resulting in non-productive attitude loops.

        He still should be in jail/mental institution tthough.

  10. Ahhh, but remember that Twitter is a funny place
    Something like a circus or a sewer
    And just remember different people have peculiar tastes

  11. A good definition of pathological accusation follows the above lines. It is false accusation indulged in apart from any obvious purpose. Like the swindling of pathological liars, it appears objectively more pernicious than the lying, but it is an expression of the same tendency. The most striking form of this type of conduct is, of course, self-accusation. Mendacious self- impeachment seems especially convincing of abnormality. Such falsification not infrequently is episodic.

  12. Yep, different strokes for different folks, as they used to say back in my little town.

  13. If Socrates were arrested would the netroots groupies at EFF protect his speech rights? They probably have some kind of Markos rule which says they can’t defend anyone banned from daily kos:

    what’s in the water in maryland? seems to be lots of hackers and trolls in those places….

    How many does @dust92 Ben McIlwain hang out with?

  14. What happened to the Murdoch phone tapping scandal?

    No one reported it for a long long time..then it was bigger than Octomom…

    i suspect fake smokeless tobacco user scared away our intrepid liberal blogosphere/press/obamaadmin like poor Neal Rauhauser:

    Now Liberty Chick doesn’t seem to care about facts – although her tweets about how she fears for her life in Weinergate inbetween bragging about her bewbies cut right to my bone – so i hope kid kenoma – my favorite person/s on the entire net right now that isn’t in metallica – can start a new thread devoted to SkoalGate.

    Dreamsend3 and Phils, your assignment is to penetrate the new Meteor Blades cypher that I just discovered. The bans of me and StrandedWind/NealRauhauser who hacked Patterico has blogged and tweeted the last two months secretly works with me (and Darrah Ford is connected to me, too, he teased but i’m in suspense) were supposed to be temporary but Meteor Blades disappeared into the sunset less than two weeks later before the trial began.

    Let me tell ya, a certain former presidential candidate who i would never reveal the name of but i will hint starred in a TV show with the initials L and O was really disappointed we didn’t go to trial…,-fight-hard-and-prosper?via=blog_639718

    Or did he?

    Mark Corallo called me last night….sorry i haven’t been honest but Stranahan and I have secret cell phones hidden in our cat’s tails…from Jason Leopold’s bachelor party. He got married to that hottie Russian spy or some ginger who plays her in a movie I forget. He sent a link to patriotboy who – in a completely heterosexually but not necessarily manly manner – hid it in his bunghole and sailed across the Hudson River from the West Coast in a secret underground Chunnel funded by Soros and hand delivered it to me this morning.

    i lied again…i made patriotboy take the message out of his bunghole and shout it to me from my doorstep….i mean i’m only so open-minded about stuff…


    the message was a link to a comment by meteor blades left two weeks later at daily kos…..and i do dig the way he didn’t respond to any comments on his farewell diary which said everyone in the world was a meanie for attacking people that work for daily kos and markos is so awesome that god is giving him extra time on earth to help dems keep winning and making america more liberal

    im sorry but i lost my train of thought because i started to worry that jean simmons might send mechanical michael crichton directed spiders after me…casting the guy from kiss to play her in the movie was genius i say

    anyway…there is a libyan connection!!!!!!

    Do we have fembots we can assign to probe or are all the Anonymous 4chan hacker usenet troll bots only trannies? Eddie Murphy is hosting the Oscars and I fear Andrew Breitbart and Wittier might try to sabotage so it’s best if we use real women.

    no offense to larisa or lane lipton intended…

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