Well they blew the horns
And the walls came down
They’d all been warned
And the walls came down
They just stood there laughing
They’re not laughing anymore
The walls came down
Sanctuary fades
The congregation splits
It’s a song of assasssins
Ringin’ in your ears
We got terrorist thinking
Playing on fears
Well they blew the horns
And the walls came down
They’d all been warned
But the walls came down
I don’t think there are any Russians
And there ain’t no Yanks
Just corporate criminals
Playing with tanks

–Michael Been (1983)


30 Responses to “AND THE WALLS CAME DOWN”

  1. wow, great song, great album, forgot about those guys

    “I Still Believe” is The Call’s best song.

    love “everywhere i go” too

    sorry….i’m not feeding dumb trolls on twitter anymore…but if you write something that makes half sense maybe i’ll respond here…

    i almost commented the other day when you lied about me moving on from Weinergate…it’s kind of fucking obvious you trolls are trying to distract me from covering the special election….but hey that’s your job or hobby or obsession i guess

  2. “…write something that makes half sense…”

    What? On THIS blog? (LOL)

    Actually, we were trying to distract you from covering the special Olympics, not the special election, although yes, the difference is marginal at this point.

    Just following Joe’s orders. 🙂

    Glad to hear that you haven’t abandoned Weinergate, yet all of the socks ‘n puppets at Patterico’s have. All of a sudden like.

    Dropped like a hot potato by all concerned, and yet you seem to have no comment on this unlikely, yet highly significant turn of events…


    Are you the real Ron Brynaert, or the fake Ron Brynaert?

    Were you hacked?

    Did ZOG get to you? How about ZARDOZ? What about ZOTZ? Zoogz Rift?

    Have you met Ty Brown yet? (I hear he’s a beandog & a big MC Hammer fan)

  3. Fake Ron Brynaert? As Malone said to Ness in Mamet’s “The Untouchables” script, “Who would claim to be that who was not?”

    I have no comment on those events? Are you the real Kid Kenoma who started this blog, the fake Kid Kenoma who may have recently hijacked it or an unreal or unfake Kid Kenoma to be named later?

    Let me refresh your memory/ies

    “And Ron Brynaert does seem to be right about one thing: The Patterico Weinergate forums are heavily infested with trolls & socks,
    who all of a sudden, in the last few days, have all ceased commenting almost as if on scripted cue–now on standby.


    I found it interesting that Wittier didn’t seem to get the memo at first but other than that I got tired of the Ben McIlwain/Cyde Weys sock show. I know that’s who Dustin is, for sure…and prove it….everyone else is just guessing….I assume he’s many socks.

    Now they just argue with the same stupid socks and have pretend arguments underneath really partisan posts. Kind of boring.

    Frankly, I’m most intrigued as to why I can’t find one picture of a certain blogger or one media article that quotes him on the job. That shit is like the last episode of Breaking Bad. Perhaps he is from Chile and changed his name, and is really a meth dealer. I hope he’s real LOL because everyone else in the blogosphere sucks….but it’s going on three months now if I’m right about him….and he was suckered like i was suckered, too.

    As for your buddy, Ty or Dreamsend or whatever? 2 Legit 2 Quit always makes me think of Deion Sanders but yeah i much prefer Graceland and Velvet Underground to MC Hammer, so you have my music vote.

    But there were two things “interesting” about his latest post:
    I had Nancy Joe Sales on my mind lately because there’s a 9/11 related story i tried assigning at Raw Story to a few people and recently I was thinking that her story was bogus…like so many others. And even stranger is that the relationship between Sales and her St Marks church lover was similar to Larisa Alexandrovna and her truther partner Kyle Hence…and um gannon/goesch and that 9/11 story are both stories I discussed in the past with both Kyle and Larisa…so double hmmmm on that

    And I never read that weird Miami Herald story about the Saudis connections to hijackers…..but i read lots of weird stories surrounding Sarasota and have no clue what is true and what isn’t. Sure was an interesting read.

    Finally, re ny9…..Special Olympics is unPC but, yeah, this election is certainly special. I’m only interested in the media/blog coverage and dirty tricks and Weinergate connections and don’t really care who wins.

    i have no idea who you are or how you’re related but I’m fairly certain you’re the one sending me emails with Neal Rauhauser name attached, buddy boy or girl.

    How about trading me a few answers…or at least write something about Seixon. He’s interesting. What’s his connection to that weird Christian blog?

    • Have to get back to this in more detail after I sleep off this seemingly endless Chateau Marmont lunch, but if it be settin’ yer mind at ease, for whatever it’s worth, believe it or not, I haven’t sent emails, gmails, or in fact, any kind of communication to you, in Rauhauser’s name or any other.

      Have you tried asking Neal if it was him? Might narrow it down from there.

      I think I read a Liberty_Chick tweet from the last 48 hours saying she received “threatening” emails from NR, or somebody purporting to be such.

      In either case, or in any case, old sport, not from me.

      Sanctuary fades
      The congregation splits…

      Ah yes, the Nancy Jo thing. The reason Dreamsend is on that story like
      Diptera Nematocera on excrement, has to do with NJS’s “scoop” on a certain deceased art couple.

      Some thought it in extreme bad taste, not to mention very dubious ethics, that the writer of the prestigious centerpiece article on the subject should be the ex something-or-other of Frank Morales, who was the landlord of the deceased under investigation, only after taking the writing assignment over from John Connolly who, as it turns out, was covertly on the payroll of the Church of Scientology who, coincidentally, were the very party (or at least one of) that the deceased subjects of said article claimed were harrassing & stalking them.

      And from there it gets exponentially more bizarre, complex, nasty, and absurd; a sharp-edged whirlpool of a seemingly bottomless rabbit hole, which in so far as I can tell, seems to be the desired results of the efforts of all parties concerned.

      So, aside from tracking down Pynchon to invade his privacy, Nancy Jo connects a lot of dots that lead back to the fatal bad-vibe quagmire that is St.
      Mark’s Place and more, while the woman that Father Frank is legally married to, Lisa Walker, posed as tiara wearing Princess Antoinette Millard, a supposed member of, yes that’s right, the Saudi royal family.

      Don’t you just love coincidences?

      • “Don’t you just love coincidences?”

        Like Eric Finch, I’m skeptical about coincidences. I believe in a coincidence, because it can happen. But coincidenceS are extremely unlikely. And there’s far too many of them in Weinergate.

        “…believe it or not, I haven’t sent emails….”

        LOL y’all are wacker than the West Coast All Stars:

        (the humpty hump rap is cool, though…and that video made it obvious it was shock g socking since they weren’t on screen together)

        There is no I in ARG. You’re all on the same goofball team – just lots of you probably don’t realize it – obviously the Andrew Breitbart/James O’Keefe links aren’t known to many on the left. Don’t think for a second that I am fooled at all by the games trolls, hackers and political operatives are playing.

        I know that Neal isn’t sending me those emails…but i assume he probably helps write them. And you, Zapem, Dreamsend, Phil loser wannabe, Larisa, Neal, Beth Becker, AB, Veritas douches….doesn’t matter who i’m talking to….you’re all working together so who is playing which sock doesn’t really matter.

        You might have more credibility if you didn’t joke with Neal’s beandogs in the comments every day.

        Isn’t the biggest coincidence who the producer of the imaginary Theresa Duncan movie was and what other movies he made? Synendoche, New York is a masterpiece in particular.

        That TD/JB story bugs me. It’s obviously bullshit and yet like a million other fake stories no one in the media probes it.

        heh the freaking nypost probably did the most truthful article:;jsessionid=C83DB98288DD8A35D4690E8643566BFF

        You’re all more than a little bit obsessed with it, too, when practically no one even remembers the details or cares.

        Anthony Bregman’s resume reminds me of Stranahan’s. Is it just a coincidence that every movie the former makes is mixture of real life and fiction…and the latter worked on almost nothing but conspiracy and/or prank/trick ending movies?

        And um then theirs Rockstar Games connection….best thing about Grand Theft Auto is the fake radio stations and the fake liberal leaning parody fake tv shows…..

        Also, how is a aliceinwonderlandrelated movie about girls who kidnap a rock star a film that would be marketed to pre-teen girls? Wouldnt the audience be um…….teenage to young of the main fucking box office draws? anyone who wants to waste their time reading theresa duncan.blake articles can find tons of things that don’t add up.

        If the whole thing wasn’t made up to promote Rockstar and Bregman productions then it certainly didn’t hurt them….plus they dragged down a Scientology star – Beck (i don’t give a shit what cult tom cruise or john travolta belong to…but all the “journos” who smear them with gaybaiting stories and crap are fucking jealous losers).

        Isn’t it “interesting” that people that hate Scientology seem to be far crazier than anyone who practices it? What is up with that unnatural obsession with so many people? And like The New York Press, it seems to pop up weirdly in every corner of Weinergate. Stranahan interviewing Anonymous leader about Scientology protests…Hollywood Interrupted by Andrew Breitbart and his writing partner Mark Ebner etc (ebner is “interesting” ..he wrote at Salon….makes you wonder if Ebner, Breitbart ,Joan Walsh and Ann Coulter all secretly hang out together…)

        Kyle Hence was actively involved in pushing that 9/11 ballot question in New York a few years ago…and i would assume he probably had lots of dealings with the St Marks Church….

        Every time i think of that church i think of Richard Foreman who used to do all his plays there. When I worked at Kim’s Video in 90s he was a customer – he rented three movies every afternoon usually classics….it took a while for him to talk to me since he was notorious for his silent interactions with the staff but we ended up having some very cool convos. I saw Panic! (How To Be Happy!) his 9/11 influenced play at St. Marks Church in 2003.

  4. Oh yeah and can I get your professional troll opinion on another direction your blog pointed me to….

    Any chance this might be Lisa Weiss or not?

    • In Ms. George’s line of endeavor, where there is much encouragement to sculpt one’s personal appearence to conform to certain generic archetypal ideals, and factoring in the likeliehood of extensive cosmetic sugery, and the quirks of lighting and airbrushing, it could be LW, but it’s difficult to be positive from the soft-core sources available. She’s obviously the JG from the tickle video that I linked to.

      Now, if I were looking for connections between right-wing dirty-tricks, obsession with Weiner, and women in the “adult entertainment” industry whose identities were spoofed, or who might have been recruited to participate in certain nefarious anti-Dem hi-jinx, I would ponder these puzzling game clues: a conjugation of a horned cloven-hooved creature with the color of scarlet/crimson…

  5. Also, is there a reason why most of @Liberty_Chick’s tweets don’t show up here:!/wittier/reids

    Some tweets by Tommy Christopher and Jen Preston don’t show up there, either…. triple hmmm

  6. hmmm i dont see my last comment….which was ultra long….i backed it up if it somehow vanished and will copy and paste later

    here’s an email that Neal Rauhauser allegedly emailed me on September 2nd

    all his emails to me are like all the fake Direct Messages i get….they always claim they don’t follow my twitter or are confused and they don’t tell me anything new….full of misinfo…..and why the fuck would Neal write me when i dis him every day and he never responds to any thing….never answers any questions….and always seems to email me when i tweet something related to markos or larisa or breitbart…..

    neal email:

    See you on twitter when I search my name. Lots of people clowning
    around on KidKenoma’s wordpress now – can’t tell exactly who it is,
    people keep pointing it out to me. They seem to know about stuff
    before it happens. Is less confusing than Patterico’s site – can’t
    just make up a name, gotta sign in with twitter.

    Beandogs were kids from – they no longer wear
    beanie avatars, but still around. Some also from, but it
    got attacked and shut down.

    I think if you watch many of them will attack swiftread + his
    people soon. Genderconstruct is back – this is not a director –
    doesn’t order the others around, but it is very aggressive + will
    attack for months at a time. The rest of them will notice it and
    follow along if it gets active, has been back a week.

    I don’t run attack socks, my stuff is all campaigns + service stuff,
    very public, but I did give older version of my system to both the
    beanies + one other guy. Beanies weren’t organized, they couldn’t keep
    theirs running. Other guy is good. He not tell me what he does but I
    think @joenoodle might be one.

    Sent from my mobile device

  7. Someone should make a video or something about all the wild-eyed nutcases in the blogosphere like Max Blumenthal, Markos Zuniga, Andrew Breitbart, Neal Rauhauser, Jason Leopold etc.

    They all have identical crazy eyes…

    And what’s with all the schizophrenia and asperger’s and other weird ailments in the political blogosphere?

    And I’m the crazy one?

    Do they fake it or is it for real?

  8. Why doesn’t anyone else want what i want?

    Journalism based on truth and not partisan poltiics.

    Are there any journos who care more about truth than left or right…i sure as hell don’t know of any….the closest i can think of is probably Jake Tapper or Howard Kurtz (i think tapper leans a little right and kurtz leans to the left but both get attacked by both sides all the time) but after this summer i’ve come to the conclusion that the only journos/bloggers i trust are a few at WaPo and – if they’re hacked – patterico, filmladd and emptywheel. Everyone else sucks. Everyone else.

    I mean the only people that ever claim to be fair are the biggest clowns of all: Fox News, Stranahan, Andrea Peyser, Bill O’Reilly, Bernard Goldberg.

    I don’t pretend to be the greatest journalist…i am an awesome researcher though…..and it’s bullshit that i’m out of work…..and it’s bullshit that i’ve worked longer and harder over the last eight years then anyone else – even when im unemployed – but i have zero friends in the industry and zero fans.

    And yet, how many times do you hear me bitch? My anger and passion this summer and spring was devoted to protecting – what i thought were – besieged sources (i still don’t know for sure if the Boston JG, Dan Wolfe, EmptyWheel and Patterico were playing me or not….but since i took massive heat for three months they’re all assholes for completely leaving me out in the cold)

    And yet I’ve read countless fucking crybaby tweets and diaries by Stranahan, Liberty Chick, Rauhauser and other assholes who don’t deserve to make a dime since they all spread lies.

    I feel guilty when I don’t work….even if no one is reading me….i have no life because i feel compelled to report on stuff like Pakistan that nobody else does… I’ve gotten thousands of hits at my blog but for all i know it’s all socks playing the kid kenoma game.

    I guess i probably won’t ever get paid to work in journalism again…but I probably couldn’t stop blogging and tweeting for free even if i wanted to….

    Praise and recognition is nice….but the feeling I get when I find something that nobody else found is irreplaceable.

    Sometimes I wish I kissed Markos and Atrios ass and just acted like a good little journolist hack….other times i wish i could stop caring about the news all together (i almost wrote politics but the truth is i don’t really care about politics..i care about news)….but i really don’t care about getting accepted by people i fucking hate and don’t respect….

    If I have to do manual labor the rest of my life and settle for blogging to an invisible audience then that’s the only thing i can do. it’s just too bad that that’s the way it is…every industry is about who you know instead of what you can do.

  9. small ny press world i guess:

    “She [Theresa Duncan] hired him [Jeremy Blake] as her illustrator and art director at Nicholson New York, a new-media company with offices in the Puck Building.”

    The [New York] Press moves into the former offices of Spy magazine in the Puck Building at Houston and Lafayette streets.


    He has various platonic “letter-writing relationships” with young women, “when they read out as serious and substantial.” His youngest correspondent is an 11-year-old girl, whose letter was precocious in the extreme, Allen says. “I wrote her back, ‘If you’re really the age you say you are, it’s phenomenal. But if you’re not, don’t write to me again and waste my time.’ Finally, I met her whole family. They all came to see me, including her mother. She’s a nice, intelligent girl. She’s 11.”

    Woody and Me

  11. “He has various platonic ‘letter writing relationships’ with young women, ‘when they read out as serious and substantial”

    Who doesn’t?

    My only regret here, is that they didn’t have Twitter back then.

    *sigh* No Woody-gate.

    That Nancy Jo was a precocious lil’ thing though, eh?

    A regular Jon Benet.

    • Jon Benet was familiar with Thomas Mann and could quote lines from Antigone?

      There is a story here….but who will care?

      Either Woody Allen lied about Nancy Jo Sales’ age, making her younger, perhaps because his new movie was about a relationship with a young girl or Nancy Jo Sales isn’t really his penpal or she lied in her story.

      In 1993, Nancy Jo Sales wrote, “Woody and Me,” a piece about her epistolary relationship as a young girl with the auteur. She was an aspiring journalist. “Because of this story, I became a journalist for real,” she said.

      Woody Allen allegedly told Nancy Gittelson in New York Times magazine in article published April 0f 1979 right when Manhattan opened that his penpal was 11.

      Nancy Jo Sales:

      “THE YEAR I WAS 13, MY ONLY friend was a famous man who lived far away and wrote me letters in plain brown envelopes that I told my mother were from “a girl from camp.`

      A few weeks later I received his reply:

      Dear Nancy,

      Hard to believe you`re 13! When I was 13 I couldn`t dress myself, and here you write about one of life`s deepest philosophical problems, i.e., existential boredom. I guess it`s hard for me to imagine a 13-year-old quoting anything but Batman — but T. Mann?”

      Nancy doesn’t include anything in her story about Woody Allen being disbelieving of her age as he told the New York Times mag.


      Would Woody Allen really tell a girl he wasn’t sure of her age the name of his next movie scheduled for the following year? He’s notoriously secretive about his scripts…also would he really “suggest that you read some books by S.J. Perelman and some essays by Robert Benchley” to an 11 or 13 year old?


      “Did you tell me you like jazz music? If so, I`ll recommend some records….”


      That makes no sense….did he lose her letter? she only wrote him one….how would he not remember if she liked jazz music?


      “I`m blue because the Knicks lost and the basketball season is virtually over.”


      That doesn’t seem to make any sense at all, the Knicks made the NBA playoffs in April of 1978 and advanced to the semi-finals. Woody Allen writes as if the Knicks didn’t make the playoffs…Also was he really completely done with Interiors in March of 1978? The movie didn’t open until August….and he reportedly spent a lot of time and energy on it….


      “I MET WOODY ONLY ONCE. I WAS visiting Manhattan with two older companions on a cold, clammy day, and I had left a note at his building.”


      “Finally, I met her whole family. They all came to see me, including her mother. She’s a nice, intelligent girl. She’s 11.”

      um is it older companion or mother?


      The most important thing to note about Sales story is that it was published during the height of Soon-YiGate….and Sales claims Woody was “trying to catch my eye.”


      Often discounted in the recent hysteria surrounding adult/child relations are the very real romantic fancies entertained by developing girls. Perhaps sometimes girls make too much of them; I think Woody saw that in me the day we met.

      Our visit was brief, and when it was time to go I looked into his eyes. “Goodbye,“ they said sadly.


      um okay….and also don’t miss the part in the story where she claims Woody Allen may have based a character on her.

      “I never heard from him again.”

      Why, Nancy, why did you never hear from Woody again? I guess that will remain a forever mystery like why Vanity Fair would publish something as ridiculous as “It’s safe to say that, if it were a theatrical release, Loose Change would be one of the most popular—and incendiary—movies in the country right now.”

      • Perhaps you’ve perused Luke Ford‘s litany of further Nancy Jo pecadillos…

        (Ford? Related to Henry Ford of the Dearborn Independent? Must be an
        anti-semite. In any case, I’m sure Luke comes with his own baggage. I have a feeling that you can probably elaborate on that.)

        Nancy Jo vs Caroline Kennedy

        Nancy Jo vs Edward James Olmos

        Nancy Jo vs Leonardo di Caprio

        Nancy Jo vs James Toback

        Nancy Jo vs Socks the cat

        Nancy Jo vs Kramer (sadly, not the Kramer from ‘Seinfeld’) ‘When Boy Beats Girl’

        Also, her random, open source insemination project sounds like an episode of ‘Jersey Shore’ gone horribly wrong.

        Uh, oh. Dreamsend333 is jealous, and would seek to lure you away with promises of tweeting & links from his site.

        The Big Time beckons.

        He got nobody to talk to over there, so if you must, do try to pretend to take him seriously. He so needs the validation. Badly.

  12. Dreamsend333 doesn’t let guests post comments or i would have but i’m not using twitter to respond…is he banned from commenting here (or do you pretend that you are banned from writing as him here…anything’s possible…but if i was a betting man i’d bet you aren’t foes) ?

    But you do have better taste in music and you really haven’t been that insulting to me even though I insulted you

    You remind me of Koam or wittier or ken in that regard….but the only troll/hacker/sock/anon/whatever that I’m 99 percent positive I outed was Ben McIlwain aka Dustin from Everybody Draws Mohammed blog aka Wikipedia editor Cide Weys

    Anyone is free to reuse anything i report on Twitter or on comments on blogs…and they don’t have to link to me or give me credit… I have said that countless times since last November (that doesn’t mean I might not complain if I’m not credited lol but all i care about is the truth getting out or my attempts to get to the truth i guess).

    Just don’t plagiarize me….you could use anything I find but please use quotes or put in your own words.

    Sales and Alexandrovna have many similarities….i never actually met larisa in real life but we spoke on phone many, many times….i don’t personally recognize Sales but I’m sure we must have crossed paths since I worked and managed multiple video and record stores in the east village and west village in the 90s… small world

    “Perhaps you’ve perused Luke Ford‘s litany of further Nancy Jo pecadillos…”

    ye gods no..i got a headache trying to read it now….and it’s all probably one sock…


    One thing though I can say from working with the MSM is they don’t always credit everyone who reports on articles. In both the articles I worked on this year for Mother Jones and The New York Times – without specifically revealing names – other reporters at both publications were involved in the reporting process but weren’t credited in the final versions: David Corn credited me as a “blogger” while Jen Preston didn’t even give me a head’s up before the story hit the net (and her story WAS MISSING SOMETHING CRUCIAL – details on the other fake teen’s tweets to show that she was created to establish starchild’s id in cali as high school girl etc – and I told her a few errors such as when the account began that were never fixed).

    • “Dreamsend333…is he banned from commenting here(or do you pretend that you are banned from writing as him here…anything’s possible…but if i was a betting man i’d bet you aren’t foes)?”

      (LOL ) Well, we do have to stay in character to maintain some sense of theatrical craft here. When we started working up the “Dreamsend” sock series, mach 1, 2, and 3(33), Phil was of the opinion that the “Ty” character (named after Tyler Durden, but that account was taken) was a little…dull, so we built up an arch-nemesis of “Ty’s” to be the antagonist Matheny, to maintain the ritual dynamic for our strategy of tension.

      “Matheny” would be a composite of Professor Moriarity, Windom Earle, Dr. Evil, Moby Dick, and the anti-Christ, while “Ty”, an unsuspecting Dale Cooper goody two-shoes, would expose ‘The Last Statue’ as some kind of interdimensional doorway buit by Egg-traveling reptillian overlords.

      Yeah, pretty corny, I know, but LonelyGirl15 was killing us in the stats, and we needed something to put asses in the seats, and continue the flow of fat paychecks signed by Mr. Sunstein.

      So, that said, we’ve made it easier for you to log-in over at DE333 now, that is, if you don’t mnd conversing with a fictional character. Sorta like Disneyland, which many people think is “fun”. Bon appetit!

      • Well something happened on the way to ARG paradise because that clown reminds me more of a clone of a clone of a clone like in multiplicity….

        His tweets are getting stupider and stupider tonight…will he self-destruct?

        I’ll wait for the Kinect version of DE333.

  13. It’s a small New York Press world:

    Congrats @samsifton on your new gig as @nytimes national editor. Hope you will continue to write though.

    Before joining Talk he held a number of positions at the New York Press from 1990 to 1998, including managing editor, media critic, senior editor, contributing editor and restaurant critic.

    hmmm i never saw his pic before:

    An ex-gf of mine went out with him on a date once…

  14. Yeah, dreamsend333, I’m gonna go enter my twitter password to leave comments at your blog. That’s totally gonna happen. I’ll do that right after I email you my laser cat housekey and tweet my social security number.

    • Well, if you suspect you might have been hacked, but just weren’t really…sure, this would be one way to make SURE you were definitelly hacked.

      No question about it.

      Ty’s kinda compulsive like that. Restaurant ashtrays, hotel towels, bar shotglasses, IPs, pin-codes, and Twitter passwords; he collects them all. Just can’t help himself.

      Caveat Lector…

      • When the Andrew Breitfart socks showed me on July 3rd that Twitter DMs can be hacked everyone said I was crazy.

        Since then, Fox News, NBC, countless celebs got hacked in many different ways. It’s not just by phishing…. It’s by hooking up different social networks and email accounts together….and Andrew Breitfart was able to slow down DMS i sent and change their order and he even deleted a public tweet i made.

        There are exploits in Tweetdeck and other apps that allow hackers to get into your twitter account even if you change your password, as well.

        Anyway….dreamsend333 is an idiot…what expert am i gonna consult regarding hacking Twitter when it’s barely been reported…and why in god’s name – it’s an expression, sorry scientology hating athiests – does he keep saying that everyone should trust who he is because that’s who he says he is….it’s as stupid as when the patterico twitter account said i was wrong not to answer the phone since i should be able to recognize his voice….

  15. Traffic at my blog stopped yesterday after I got hits somehow from

    Is that me being paranoid? Or is that another hacker trick?

  16. heh this is an interesting way to talk to a psycho troll i wouldn’t trust to watch the moon

    I don’t think dreamsend333 believes that I have a laser cat house key but either he obsessively clicks reload on this comment section or gets an email when I leave a comment here.

    Either way I don’t care. His tweets are insulting, illogical and boring. And his taste in music sucks. He can go back to insulting me like other morons i ignore like that cretin Dmatthewstewart.

  17. Not feeding the trolls on Twitter is really tough because needling @az5thdstrct is really fun. He’s an idiot and is easily rattled.

    ohhh the fun i had with that moron

  18. @dreamsend3 Awesome collage Phil!
    Kudos! I think you’re right, this IS the best DMT we’ve had yet!
    Better reorder while it’s still in stock. Thanks Phil!

  19. My email account isn’t hacked in the sense that someone got my password. I have no idea what the technical term to call what happened is….or how exactly it’s done….but hackers have somehow found a way to intercept my ingoing and outgoing emails.

    When I email something they sometimes delete lines or add stuff I didn’t write….and they stop emails from reaching me and vice versa. But no one has my password.

    On twitter….the two times i thought i was hacked ended up being bugs that the twitter status blog even reported on….

    I emailed tips to myself that i never got in my email…..and I did indeed fill out the FBI complaint page like i said i did but i never heard from them.

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