Female reporter: If you could’ve found out what Rosebud meant, I bet that would have explained everything.

Thompson: No, I don’t think so; no. Mr. Kane was a man who got everything he wanted and then lost it. Maybe Rosebud was something he couldn’t get, or something he lost. Anyway, it wouldn’t have explained anything…I don’t think any word can explain a man’s life. No, I guess Rosebud is just a…piece in a jigsaw puzzle…a missing piece.


Oh, and by the way, ooga-booga!

(the games people play!)

Those possessed by 333 exhibit certain idiosyncratic traits in common


6 Responses to “CITIZEN BROWN”

  1. Yes, a terrible waste.

    So debilitating that Ty, or Leo, or whatever he’s calling himself these days, has cognitive perceptual difficulties working the links above.

    Now, even though you can see the links referencing “333” work perfectly fine, just humor him so he doesn’t have another of his “episodes” like the last time someone contradicted him in public.

  2. To those who’ve slogged this far into this shrill dropped-soap opera, perhaps a little bit of background is in order to explain the epic butthurt that is the Reamsend experience.

    As concisely as I can crunch it down, it is necessary to understand that Ty “Dreamsend” Brown is afflicted with a number of idea fixees inducing self-inflicted quantum butthurt.

    Some of the main IFs include:

    1–The Last Statue is an alternate reality game.

    2–ALL ARGs are evil and out to get him and ruin the lives of untold others.

    3–The alleged TLS ARG is a Joeseph Matheny project, and by extension of that twisted logic, that “I” must therefore be Joseph Matheny.

    4–That Matheny (which in Ty’s Waring blender of a mind means moi), is responsible for the apparent untimely demise of certain blogger/artists whose memory Reamsend desecrates every time he exploits their names to boost traffic to his site with big banner headlines.

    And check out his current desperate-to-generate-some-traffic empty-calorie 9/11 post in which the WTC bombings are relegated to a footnote in his self-important narrative of how Nancy Jo Sales–that ungrateful bitch–snubbed him, and how it wuz them damn Saudi turban-heads responsible for 9/11 and totally NOT Mossad! ISRAEL IS TOTALLY BLAMELESS! DON’T EVEN GO THERE YOU ANTI-SEMITIC BASTARDS!! (as if those two factions would be incapable of coordinating efforts toward a common goal…)

    Ah…well, SOMEbody has to keep that gate, you know?

    [and for those challenged by reading comprehension, lemme reiterate that I am suggesting that Saudi & Zionist interests have many common goals (very possibly 9/11) that most visibly merge in the Bush Dynasty, as well as many more subtle, but powerful connections]

    Anyway, those are the highlights.

    Sometimes, because idea fixees get kind of, you know, b-o-r-i-n-g, he will alternate with imagining that I am “Eve”, or a Scientologist, or from the CIA connected pedo commune, the Finders.

    The inherent contradictions in his accusations, and total lack of proof bother Reamsend not at all–he just KNOWS!

    You see, Ty is dead set against online anonymity–thinks you have no right to it–“Tell me who you are, prove you’re not Matheny!”, and considers the use of online identities to be criminal conduct, even though he has used his own sock-puppets like: Kyria’s Vengeance, B. F. Kade, the Mad Onion etc etc etc…b-but that’s different ’cause Ty is on the side of Freedom & Justice.

    And for that, he demands total transparency from everyone, which would be, I guess, why he posted intimate details of his wife Devi’s dissociative identity disorder online (now deleted–wouldn’t you?) that would in any other case, not be disclosed outside of a therapist’s office for good, well-established reasons.

    I guess he had to post it himself; Dr. Phil & Oprah weren’t buying, so who you gonna pimp to?

    I mean, that’s just how folks treat patients suffering from complex, fragile, destabilizing states of mind. Don’t they?

    Did I mention that Ty is recently d-i-v-o-r-c-e-d?


  3. (LOL) Latest @reamsend tweet:

    @kidkenoma lotta pixels died for that rant. I didn’t see the part where you actually denied being or working with @jmatheny.

    Uh…so Ty, old sport, “when did you stop beating your wife”?

    If you don’t mind my asking, your being such an epic fail and all…


    Am I Matheny?

    As in the first few hundered times that DE made that accusation, NO.

    Definitively no. Not even. As fucking IF.

    It’s not a trick answer.

    Either you have sourced “evidence” of your assertions or you don’t.

    Enough with the “coming soon” bullshit.

    Put up or shut up & crawl back under your rock where you hid after getting your pathetic ass kicked the last few times you started this crap.

    And when did you stop beating your wife? Or did you?

  4. @KidMelanoma


    Why are these mooks from the Virginia Cyber-Police pm-ing me every couple hours asking about “Phil”?

  5. When did you stop beating your wife” ” …reminded me of a particular ham radio guy harrassing another, less “clever” male ham on an infamous 2-meter frequency…. “Have you ever sucked a bad c0ck?”
    …Just wrong…

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