“Check this out! I made $310 today!”

Here’s how!

And this! (or was it this?)

Plus this!

As well as a couple of pointers about internet marketing! No extra charge!

Hmmmmm……a pattern develops…denial looms…


3 Responses to “KASSIDY KAYRZ!”

  1. butthurt, Cap’n Kenoma, a whole herd of it. Best to steer a circumspect course around this tempest in a teapot.

    • Heh-heh…she shore made short work of that city feller with all them fancy words ‘n stuff…he still simmerin’ all wrathed-up ’bout them trolls…

      She called him a roll-playing porn gaming WoW playin’ furry sock-puppet stalker, if memory serves…

      That’s just gotta butt-hurt!

      …she kicks ass on a level comensurate to one’s expectations of a research associate of Grand Dragon G.W. Howard, and therefore on a par with the sublime Swiffer!

      I can pay no higher compliment, at least at these prices.

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