TLS ch2 (redux…)


Post Camillo’s after-gig party at Corrina’s on Sherman Canal…
Faces on porch lit by perenial christmas-tree lights & glowing
embers on cigarettes & joints
Sound of Porter’s guitar echoing across the rippling canal waters
Someone’s cooking spicy soup

Now, nearby voices in the fog…

1st VOICE: Anyone seen James?

2nd VOICE: I think he and Sarah Kiddo went up to
Tranquil Valley to see Iris…

1st VOICE: Tranquil Valley?

2nd VOICE: Yeah, It’s out past El Centro, near where
Flynn lives. There was a special about it on channel 51

1st VOICE: All I know is, that they’ve got a surprise
waiting for them when they get back

2ND VOICE: Now what?

1st VOICE: Some batty bugs have set up a hostile hive
in the tree in their front yard over on the other side by
Rachel’s walk. I mean, I’m sorry, I love bees, but this
hassle ain’t worth the honey…

Then Delgado appears out of the gloom, face lit, cheeks
hollowing as she inhales the better part of a zeppelin
shaped joint

DELGADO: So…we need the McGuffin. It’s going to take
some timely persuasion, but we need to find the lost ring…

CINCO: Jeezis, just what I need, another contest worth

DELGADO: Well, we’ve gotta have it. The key is encrypted
in the rare design on the ring. It’s actually a set of micro-heiroglyphs
depicting the primal human myth. It starts out as something
in the sea, and winds up as voices in the static.

CINCO: Like Cinderella said when she visited British Columbia:
“The game is afoot…”



  1. Technically speaking, Cap’n Kenoma Sir, submarines don’t have porches. #JustSayin

  2. Goin’ for a swim in the moon pool, I am. And it’s bikini optional water temps 🙂

  3. What is your ARG awareness index score?

    How many ARGs did you detect in the text of this post?

    1—Anyone Seen James?
    2—Sarah Kiddo
    2—Tranquil Valley
    3—El Centro
    4—Flynn Lives
    5—Channel 51
    6—Rachel’s Walk
    7—I’m Sorry
    8—I Love Bees
    9—Timely Persuasion
    10–The Lost Ring
    11–Another Contest Worth Entering
    12–Something In the Sea
    13–Voices In the Static

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