zapem: @dreamsend3 “and if ANYTHING else happens, I’ll know who to blame.”

UPDATE: It has come to our attention that serious charges have been tweeted about alleged role-playing porn gamer, “furry”, and World of Warcraft addict, blogger Ty Brown of the Dreamsend333 blog, characterising Mr. Brown as a “Psycho Teacher” whose paranoiac inability to distinguish reality from fiction compells him to rant and rail about “trolls” from alternate reality games, and artists from obscure fringe art movements such as the “Oulipo”, and neoism, who are out to “get” him. That is, if The Brigade of Lunatic Paralegals doesn’t get him first.

Some feel that these psychological distortions make Mr. Brown unfit for contact with young impressionable children. We at Kidkenoma blog feel that unpleasant as Mr. Brown might be, he is probably capable of nothing more violent than perhaps flinging his own poo around the perimeter of the room to mark his territory. At least that’s the impression we get from closely studying his blog. Other than the sanitation concerns, we suspect that he is basically harmless, although we are somewhat troubled by his attempted cyber-bullying of the respectable, patriotic, and always well-sourced, Ms. Zapem.

Be advised that if you should chance to confront Mr. Brown with obvious contradictions in his idea fixee, he will inevitably deny your existence, claiming you to be a “fictional character” with “imaginary” evidence. Such is mental illness. We hope Ty will seek professional help soon.

This cyberstalking and harassment must stop!

You can read the whole sordid exchange here, or at least you could prior to the inevitable & habitual Dreamsend cover-up. The comments referenced above can still be pieced together at the original twitter accounts, here & here, at least until Ty Brown deletes them. Cross-check entries on both timelines for 8/30/11.

“When one lesson just ain’t enough” 🙂



  1. Ekpyrotic multi-mythos collision; crusade in English ought to be rendered as jihad in Arabic, but it means something far different.

    ASSumptions here, doing its usual number on those who wield it thoughtlessly.

    Escher never took to mapping bunny warrens, but if Twitter had been available he’d have certainly given it a go.

  2. Mais ou sont les neiges d’antan?

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