“You’ll arrive for the link-laden pseudo-profundity, but
you’ll stay for the porn.”–Zapem (aka “Phil”)

“All these bastards are giving me a case of Tourette’s”–TLS

Today we salute our brave comrades-in-arms, those fearless
warriors for Freedom & Justice out there in the trenches
spilling The Tea & stickin’ it to The Man.

First, we present a new arrival to the twittersphere, the sunlight-shunning “@KidMelanoma” operating from his fortified Arctic fortress (like Superman,
Doc Savage, and Assange), who’s out there sockin’ it to The Man even as
we speak.

And leading the charge from inside the Trojan Horse, we have one of the lesson-teaching “invisibles”, deep cover operative @Zapem, whom we thank from the bottom of our hearts for their invaluable assistance in implementing the current massive free babuki/gonzo porn torrent download over at Ty’s dreamsend333. (this is making us a TON of money!) 🙂

We now salute these noble beandogs for their unstinting service to their country over & beyond the call of duty.

Semper Fi, brave beandoggies, Semper Fi…



  1. The search for the real Zevs Cosmo begins.

    • kidkenoma Says:

      Oh, Esyedepeea Aesfyza?

      He works at the Starbucks on Abbot Kinney Boulevard, about 2 blocks from my apartment.

      Seemed like a decent chap, although I didn’t much care for the pubic hairs in my latte.

  2. jennifer kessler Says:

    aesfyze is my dad he has two daugters he never met

    • Jennifer if he is your Dad, for some reason he has over $100,000 in Unclaimed Funds at the Bank of Canada from the Royal Bank in Victoria, BC, in 3 accounts last used 1998, 2000 and 2002. Did he live there? It is such an unusual name.

  3. jennifer kessler Says:

    I would like to meet him….. what country is this starbucks in…Dad if your out there I live in Basin Montana 87 courtz street…My cousins health retreat center is here called Dynamic Changes…. 406-225-4219–I am 32 and your other daughter is three years younger, in California….our mom was Margaret Romerio… she’s died long time ago we were adopted out of the family by the evil DSHS system, CAll me

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