@dreamsend3 long dead, great white hunter.

You not find @KidKenoma

Not even we know where to look

Last intervention gives no flesh identity

Look any place

No good–No bueno–

‘Bye then–broken dream and dreamer of the sick lies–

Adios Meester William…


3 Responses to “NO HAY BANDA”

  1. This is muy delicioso, and I’m truly sorry my transient nature has bungholed a link in this fine post.

    Your aim is true, Mr. Kenoma Sir, and they will need more than a winsome Nancy Drew inspired detective to find us. And you, my old friend, they will not find at all.

  2. Oh, thank you, Mr. Kid Kenoma Sir, for that rapid link repair. I shall endeavor to change my name no more than once every month or so.

    • kidkenoma Says:

      Greg/Bruce, old sport, the appellations “Mr.” & “Sir”, would in this case, be somewhat inaccurate with respect to gender distinctions, although said point being almost moot, at least here in East Gomorrah…

      And speaking of moot, to “change my name no more than once every month or so” seems to have been rendered thus, being as how your latest “handle” seems to have gone belly-up in less than 24 hours.

      In the specialized argot of a previous social networking medium:

      “Breaker–breaker one-nine, this is Rubber Duck with a negatori on the smokies playing hip-hop…catch you on the flip-flop…’bout to put the hammer down…10–4 good buddy!”

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