From @Liberty_Chick today:

“Well, a person KidKenoma blog used to target sent
an email today – he mentions “murdering” someone.
Now see why we can’t just leave it?”

I must step in here to say that we at Kid (REDACTED)
blog are most profoundly dismayed to hear this. We
would most heartily admonish this email-sending person
to abandon this rash, immoral, and completely unnecessary
course of action.

We would furthur hope that “Liberty_Chick” will, in the
future, refrain from her obvious act of complicity in
serving as the conduit for these vicious online threats.

It’s illegal y’know.


9 Responses to “DUMB KIDKENOMA BLOG :-)”

  1. “We at Kid (REDACTED) blog”
    Point taken. I was honestly unaware that I’d included the full blog name; it was completely unintentional and I sincerely apologize.

    I would encourage anyone who may have issues with this blog to please address those in an appropriate manner. Civil discourse and open discussion are always the best solution. Silence only breeds fear and anger. While violence will only lead to more silence – by legislation. No one needs that.

    I vehemently disagree with this blog’s methods, but I do agree with the overall premise (at least, what I think that premise is). I feel we can all stand to learn about how the environment around us and our interaction with it influences not only what becomes “news,” but how that news impacts people, good and bad. Personally, I have learned quite a bit through all this. It’s easy to get caught up in the fervor of social media and blogs, etc. And as much as I wish that this blog would change the way in which it…shall we say…develops its characters, I recognize that there is some changing that we can all do on our part if we genuinely hold the truth in high regard. I include myself in that.


  2. kidkenoma Says:

    Mandy, if you are aware of any untruths or inaccuracies at this blog, please point them out, and we will be happy to change or delete them.

    You know, if I didn’t know any better, it would almost seem like your tweet about the email you received was implying that Kidkenoma “murdered” someone.

    Is that what you meant?

    Kind of a serious accusation, don’t you think? The sort of thing that needs: Who? Where? When? How? Why? Motive, means, opportunity, and evidence, witnesses–that sort of thing.

    Otherwise, it would be practically…libelous. Wouldn’t it?

    If someone has an accusation to make of this severity, let them bring it out into the light, or else just fuck off and slink back into their spider-hole.

    Wouldn’t have been this quack, now would it?


    …whose character & motivations are discussed in quite some accurate detail in the comments section here.

    As in the past, Kidkenoma blog, and the associated meta-fiction narrative experiment, The Last Statue, have been mistaken for an alternate reality game.

    This is a mistake. A mistake also made by “Dreamsend”, who initially despised me for perpetrating not just an ARG, but “the mother of all ARGs”, The Last Statue. Then, as he slowly realized that what I’d been telling him all along was true, he despised me all the more for NOT perpetrating this ultimate ARG, and so does to this day.

    Ahab all dressed up with a top-hat & a new peg-leg, and no White Whale to smite. Boo-hoo.

    Please don’t make that mistake.

    The JFK assassination, the Tate-LaBianca murders, and 911, all contain clues, but no reasonable person would contend that any of them was a “game”.

    On their own modest scale, Kidkenoma blog, and TLS, also examine “clues”, but that does not make them a “game” either, except in seriously deranged minds clamped onto an all-encompassing idee fixe.

    This blog has focused satirical comment on some of the more surreal absurdities, and almost game-like cast of characters hovering in the periphery of the big post-Weinergate wingding.

    We do NOT assert that any of this is a game. We observe that aspects of it are somewhat game-like in a scripted narrative sense, but we do not imply any connection between those observations and Ms. **** *********.

    And Ron Brynaert does seem to be right about one thing: The Patterico Weinergate forums are heavily infested with trolls & socks,
    who all of a sudden, in the last few days, have all ceased commenting almost as if on scripted cue–now on standby.


  3. kidkenoma Says:

    Whispered voices echo down the long dark deserted corridors at Patterico’s Pompifications…

    Is Weinergate finally forgotten?

    Is the Big “P” on vacation?

    Are all the other socks back in their drawer? I hear nary a peep!

    Is Goatsred busy stalking yet another unwitting porn queen?

    Will not even Ron Brynaert gird his loins to oppose this sea of wanton hacktivists?

    Will Jennifer George put all of this into the screenplay?

    Stay tuned…

  4. kidkenoma Says:

    Sorry, I’m all out of Seventies song lyrics, but here’s some more link-laden pseudo profundity–enjoy!


  5. I see what you did here. And I approve.

  6. Oh, that is a delicate bit of criticism there on DanaBusted. Bravo! Encore!

  7. Mandy, you’re a fine girl, what a good wife you would be.

    But my life, my love, and my lady is the sea.

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